Bad Boy: Look At Loon TODAY!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Loon has been in jail quite a bit of time now. He was put in the bing on drug charged, I am told. Anyway, French Montana recently posted “#FreeLoon” and posted the following picture. Some of the comments were quite ignorant, but it seems like the former Bad Boy is staying true to his spiritual and religious beliefs.

Loon Instagram

Look used to look like this when he was a smooth play boy…I mean, bad boy.

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13 Responses to “Bad Boy: Look At Loon TODAY!”

  1. Mec-One

    Stop posting write ups from your phone …spell check doesn’t catch misplaced words …..smh
    Obie should definitely pardon Loon as his last act as POTUS

    • EDOGZ818

      Not Assata Shakur?
      I doubt Loon will get a pardon but I’ll guess we can settle for “The Top 10 Reasons He Never Did Chet For Black People” though!

      Bernie Sanders said he wouldn’t address the issue of reparations because it’s “Too Divisive.”

      Why should he or any of them look out when we had one of our own…that didn’t?
      Let that marinate for a sec….

      • Mec-One

        Hell, Bush let John Forte out
        …..Obie should be able to let Loon off

        Assata Shakur is different being that she escaped prison and fled the country. Feds have her on most wanted list ….cacs been in they feelings for about 40 yrs now

      • EDOGZ818

        Assata = Female Malcolm X …with GUNS!

        What Black Man would them Bin Laden her if they could prevent it?

        ** COONERY #101 **

    • EniggaMA

      you realize conspiracy is one of the most bs charges. he’s not completely innocent, but come on. like a cop ticketing you for jay walking x’s 100 tho

      • EniggaMA

        Idk about that charge at all. I aint disagreeing with you. Im biased as a black man. I dont want to see brothas get hit for anything. But i feel being violent is another issue that even if i want to, what can i say i cant defend that. Wasnt his close friend , but i know he a good dude. Just think nonviolent crimes dont deserve what he got. You may feel like crime is crime and i really cant argue. But this is just my opinion. BUT i wont budge on conspiracy. Just a way to give alot of time to someone black or white.

  2. ba1500

    get this slut a porkchop/fuck this old salami & bacon eating newyork coon,most american muslims is criminals anyway,google it if ya dont believe me,nigga wasn’t never shit but a mase fill in anyway & thats bad,cause we all no how mase turned out,im sorry pastor,allhiphop they should call yall all flipflop/u whores

  3. SoulFul Epic

    Times change and life gets rearranged. Hope he changed his ways for the good, cause man it bugs me when blessed opportunities are disregarded and unappreciated. ..

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