Did Wiz Khalifa Get His Rolex Stolen By A Kanye West Fan?

via wizkhalifa.com

Allegedly Wiz Khalifa had his Rolex watch snatched from his wrist during his concert in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Saycheesetv tweeted the video clip with the caption, “Wiz Khalifa’s $100,000 Gold Rolex Gets Stolen By Grimey Kanye West Fan In Brazil.” We are unsure if the thief was truly a Yeezy fan, but this jewelry snatching is getting ridiculous.

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5 Responses to “Did Wiz Khalifa Get His Rolex Stolen By A Kanye West Fan?”

  1. MidWestFlyest

    Why would y’all even post this? “Grimey yeezy fan”is pure specualtion, if it’s on twitter it must be true, right??

  2. Vinsanity

    Good for them, nice come up. We got starving babies everywhere and he’s walking around with that on his wrist, nobody should be frontin that hard, it’s ridiculous.

  3. Black Jay Supreme

    Y’all n*ggas ever heard of favelas? If you lived there you’d be down to snatch a Rolex at a concert too. Those ghettos are grimy. Although I seriously doubt AHH could use their psychic abilities up in there to weed out Kanye fans. GTFOH!

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