Bad Touch: Game Lost Sexual Assault Case By Default, Must Pay Millions

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(AllHipHop News) Recently, Game earned more respect for his altruistic acts of kindness. The veteran lyricist teamed up with Avita Water to donate $1M to the help Flint, Michigan’s water crisis. It appears that Game’s finances will become more restricted.  On Monday (Feb. 1), the Documentary 2 MC was ordered to pay $10 million judgment in a sex assault case, this exclusively reported by Bossip.

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Priscilla Rainey was victorious in her pursuit to obtain justice. Given that Game failed to appear in court to contest her allegations, the former She’s Got Game, contestant received a favorable outcome. Rainey met Game when the two filed the popular VH1 reality show.

Adam Horowitz, legal counsel for Ms. Rainey contends that his client “was damaged by the sexual assault.” He went on to provide her perspective and said, ““She’s been in therapy. Now, she’s anxious to tell her story.” She alleged that due to the  emotional, physical, and psychological contact, a host of issues have surfaced. She purported that Game forcefully rubbed her bare buttocks and vagina.

To help assuage the physical and emotional distress Ms. Rainey seeks to secure $10 M from Game. She is challenged to prove to a judge why that amount is fair.

Review the document:

game doc


  • Illegalstick33

    “She purported that Game forcefully rubbed her bare buttocks and vagina.” LMAO!!! How did it get bare?

    • Dubz


    • RAMADAwhite

      I’m saying!!!!

    • Michael Blackbillygates Barkle

      some of these bitches ain’t shit…smh

    • I_AM_Houston


    • Anthony Mason

      She saw the come up. But where is this hoes dna evidence?

      Oh there is none….

      Is this on tape?

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  • Live Well


  • Executive

    $10 million is a fuckin hit! Godamn!!

    • golder1

      That is what she is asking for doesn’t mean that is what he will awarded her. Plus Game can appeal which I bet he will. Tyresse had a default judgement overturned. Isnt that hard if he has a good lawyer

      • Executive

        Oh I see, why was the bitch naked in the first place?

  • stephen

    holly shit…..

  • Executive

    Him and 50 better knock on Dre’s door and put together a joint album.

    • Michael Blackbillygates Barkle


      • Executive


    • I_AM_Houston

      you aint never lied!

  • Michael Blackbillygates Barkle

    when you gettin some riches watch for dumb bitches they’ll have you labeled a rapist before you get to tongue kissin- 2pac

  • water_ur_seeds

    G Unit reunion coming soon???

  • Michael Blackbillygates Barkle

    suddenly that 13 million The Game had in his bank account is now only 3 million

  • Charismatic eNegro Jef Vinson

    “… the former She’s Got Game, contestant..”

    Yeah, she got Game alright. Got him good.

    • Papi Peligro


  • I_AM_Houston

    So how do they prove this happened? And would they really take that much of his total earnings?

  • Anthony Mason

    Well….we will be hearing a lot of Game songs soon. She took that niggas piggy bank at gunpoint and spit in his face…

    He needs to make his money back because if she actually gets the total $10 mill she will be richer than Game after lawyer fees and he won’t be able to pay his bills…

  • WTF is a Vagina? LOL.

    50 cent logs into his IG account whilst he surfs the net looking for a befitting picture of game to add.

  • She won’t get $10 Million. Hell, I seriously doubt she’ll even get $100,000.

    • Controversy Sells

      She gobn get 1 dollar shy of the 40 glocc treatment. . . 2,999 bucks for her settlement

      • Anthony Mason


  • keepitthoro

    This is misleading. No damages were awarded (cash). Only a date to appear to file/motion to hold him in default (Feb 24, 2016). (Basically when you’re not following the rules i.e. not showing up for court dates or responding accordingly as per the rules, to her claims. The court can say fine, f*** you, we’ll give her all she’s asking for). This hasn’t happened, only a date set to start the proceedings to do that; and he, and or his lawyer, will likely show up and comply with the courts to make sure this doesn’t happen).

    Long story short, he still has his $10m. It’s all written in the blurb y’all posted above.

    • Freedom Fighter

      I appreciate you

    • ZUBU

      Exactly, that is pretty much what I read… SMH…. @AHH

    • Golgo 13

      ye i was kinda confused until u cleared it up

    • RealSpit

      I think you know more about the law then the moron that wrote this misleading article!!!

    • Papi Peligro

      Good look.

    • DesignatedH8R

      tell AllHipHop to keep it thoro

  • Maji

    She’s full of shit. #realtalk

  • Markus

    If the girl was naked and didn’t want dude to touch her,shouldn’t he have had some type of marks like scratches or something to at least make it seem like there was a struggle? It’s got to hurt to be accused of something be convicted of it and be punished for it. If all he loses is money,he should consider himself lucky. Can’t make time back up.

  • Mo Cash

    this bitch is disgusting, this is the type of SEXIST shit that makes women seem like the awful succubus scumbag lowdown trifling trick ass bitches that most women are at some point in there life..he didn’t rape you & your asking for $10mill?? i wonder if reggie next door rubbed your ass & vagina would you be in court talking shit about how emotionally & mentally damaged you are knowing that nigga barely got a $100 to his name?? i wonder if claimed rihanna caressed my ass & dick forcibly could i get $100,000 let alone $10mill?? ;)>

    • Anthony Mason

      It is always in the females favor in these cases….

  • Nightmare

    Chuck needs to counter-sue this broad.

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  • Controversy Sells

    She was mad stuck up n shy on the show but talking bout she was around him naked. . . .

  • Nana De Baus

    Im finna wife that bitch after she gets 10 million

  • Wetwork510

    Damn! 10mil for a hand full of ass? Shit is ridiculous.

  • THISIS50

    He retarded for not fighting a sexual assault case

  • ursocalledgod

    this nigga take more selfies than any supposedly ” gangsta rap artist” I know lmao