Hmmmm…Jay Z Takes The Blueprint Off Spotify?

I got a little tip and it looks to be true.

Jay Z has removed his classic album The Blueprint from Spotify. This is the second classic album he has taken out of the competing brand. You already know, Jay Z is down with TIDAL and so this presents a classic conflict of interest. But, it also deprives fans from getting the album from one of the biggest streaming services in the market. Is this smart? I guess so. I guess not. I am sure he’s not making any money having it there. All good, Jay. I guess its download TIDAL or dig up my old CD.

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18 Responses to “Hmmmm…Jay Z Takes The Blueprint Off Spotify?”

      • @ShlomiRapper

        Stop quoting your mother when she replies to u as you’re talking to yourself as a ventriloquist with your sex dolls. Loser.

      • @ShlomiRapper

        Your existence should make the whole human race reconsider it’s existence. You should’ve been a nut on a porn scene. FOH. I’m a beast, you don’t want it.

    • Celz

      It should be everything or only paid services.. Artists shouldn’t be able to pick and choose.. Spotify is usually free so I can respect that.. Buy all paid services should get equal releases..

      • @ShlomiRapper

        You respect “free” cause you a cheap mofawkka. At the end of the day, artists should chose ANYWHERE they want to put their product, unless they do not OWN it, Jay does.

      • Celz

        No my non reading friend.. I don’t respect free. Artists should be able to take their music off of free sites..

      • @ShlomiRapper

        Spotify is damn near free Celz. Remember that song “I’m The Man” that came out a few back? It was streamed over 100,000,000 times and he receives 3,000 dollars lol. I got you G.

      • Celz

        That’s bullshit.. Might as well bootleg it..

        I fucc with Tidal though.. All those apps have lil issue, Tidal is good enough might as well let Jay get paid.. And no viruses or lawsuits.. Win win to me..

  1. ilexx

    I think it’s a stupid move personally. They also took the Reasonable Doubt off of Google Play. Went to play something from it and the album doesn’t exist.

    I know artist don’t get a great cut of funds from streams but Jay-Z apparently owns his own masters and even before then has always been getting a higher percentage on his sales, so I expect him to get higher percentages on streams than the average artist too. So even streams add up for him. I can’t see why you would be pulling music from other streaming platforms, not allowing your fans to enjoy your music that are not on your platform but also not allowing for new fans to discover your old music on the platform that they are currently using, just doesn’t seem like the smartest move to me.

  2. ebonyhud

    I think artists should take more of a role in royalties for their music. Everybody knows that greater risks can get you greater rewards…however it can have the opposite affect. If you scared to take a chance how the f*ck you gone get rich?

  3. Oh please

    I love my tidal. I like the exclusives and I can find everything out now and everything I ever liked from the past. All hip hop, all jazz, old school r&b. I think Jay Z made the right move. If his music is playing he should get paid. All artist should. Tidal is only $10.00 per month. I spend more than that a week on coffee!

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