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Martin Shkreli Continues To Taunt Ghostface: I’ll Smack Him On Sight

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(AllHipHop News) There has been an interesting exchange between two unlikely characters. The legendary lyricist, Ghostface Killah, has voiced his opinion about Martin Shkreli. As an established pharmaceutical and financial exec, their paths would become entangled following Shkreli’s $2 M purchase of the Wu-Tang Clan’s, Once Upon A Time In Shaolin.

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Last Thursday (Jan. 28), Shkreli released a satirical video where he insulted Ghostface Killah. When speaking to The Breakfast Club, illuminated his actions for the radio show. He said, “At the end of the day, it definitely felt like the guy was taking shots at me. In the Hip-Hop game, as we all know, it’s hard to be on the receiving end of those types of things…”

After Charlamagne challenged his contention, Martin then remarked, “It’s a man thing…” After being labeled as a “sh*thead” by the world-renowned MC, Shkreli offered, “He’s still a man, he still bleeds the same blood as me and it’s both red and if you want to talk s***, I’m not the one.” To further express his intent Shkreli added, “If he were here right now, I would smack him right in the face.”

“I would never call the police, it’s open season. Come at me, it don’t matter,” he claimed. A smiling Shkreli would then look directly into the camera and blatantly beckoned to Ghostdini and declared, “I wish you would.”

Skip to the 17 minute-mark to get all the details.

  • Nightmare

    Ghost, you need see this dude right about now✌🏾️

  • ebonyhud

    This guy is a true troll lol

  • King Kredible

    This dude was live on the radio in NY bragging that he’ll smack Ghostface. How did this dude make it home from the studio? NY, hold this L!

    • no, ghostface hold that L.

      • Hold a L for not beating someone up and ending up in jail ?

      • Exactly what i thought lol, but ppl just wana be a super thug and then cry like a b**ch when the consequences pop up

      • Papi Peligro

        But you can punk action bronson over a small slight. Sound soft hearted i think hes just waiting.

      • “Street” knowledge and strategic intelligence are 2 different things, dude wouldn’t have to touch Ghost in order to ruin his life. I hope ghost doesn’t take the bait and self destruct.

        That dude is very strategic in what he does. Watch and listen to him even though to some he might come across as a douche bag.

      • Papi Peligro

        i can tell. You saw Charlamagne dig him but he flinched but didnt talk crazy.

      • He’s a very clued up fella in my books. Char usually succeeds in pressing the wrong button with peeps but this dude won him at his own game.

      • I’ve not seen the interview yet bro, but I know what Char is like and that’s what makes him interesting.

      • Yep, managed to learn more about the dude, he out smarted Char in all areas, Char tried to wind him up like he does the Dames and Fredro Starr’s LOL. Dude kept his cool and placed Char on the back burner. Even Char must have felt frustrated for not getting the reaction he wanted from dude.

    • EniggaMA

      What ghost get out of this

    • TruthHurts

      Unfortunately this seems like a realistic statement these days… IF he was in Cali talking that ish on some Cali artists, guarantee some bangers woulda been outside the studio waiting for him.

    • Lol because rap is just tough talk on wax and this ain’t the mid 90’s. Touch him and someone’s family is getting merk’d #facts


        Yeah right, he’s gonna wack somebody while under federal indictment….you guys watch too much tv.

  • Unknown

    Legendary lyricist?!! I’m done

  • Brindle


  • Neighborhood Soup..

    This nigga is a weirdo… And he probably believes his own shit

    • THats what made him rich

      • that’s what makes a lot of jackasses rich. Thankfully, money has never been an indicator of intelligence, or strength.

      • It actually IS an indicator. Just not an absolute one.

  • ZUBU

    This shiittt head don’t want to see Ghost….. SMH…. I know he got bodyguards and he better take them everywhere with him in NYC……… If he’s so bold go to a WU show, and see Ghost or any of the True WU fans…. Clown Ass……..

  • hoeyuno

    He’s trying his best to be likable but nobody gonna fall for that shyt doushface!! I bet this fool is going to try to start a hip hop label or something..Shouts to Charlamagne for nor shaking this fake wannabee spider man villain..

  • Anthony Mason

    This guy’s swagger is off the charts for an Armenian Jew demonic Wallstreet shark who isn’t even hip hop. Watch a rapper make a club song about this guy…..This guy truly entertains me because he is a real life villan….I watched the full interview and he held his ground…

    What he did with the medication price and how he explained it is actually partially true…

    A lot of rappers out here aren’t built like this guy but they somehow view him as soft based on appearance. He has guys (bodyguards ) that will severely hurt you or kill you if you try to hurt him…

    There are no Ghostface goons dumb enough to touch this guy. This guy is tied in with the 1% and is highly cognizant of the elite players and where they are and what they do….

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      I watched it t work today. I’ve seen some people you wouldnt believe that would smack you up and got bodies vs, your average street ni99a from a borough.

      • Anthony Mason

        Yeah I’ve been around them so I know…. They are intriguing and fun to party with but dangerous….

        I know dudes who have our government workers on payroll and they own hotels, clubs and banks…Armenians and Turks mostly….

    • ZUBU

      Bro I agree with much of what you say, but you know he is not Jewish. He is of Albainian heritage, and yes many of the Eastern Europeans do go hard for real so he may be able to battle. I watched the interview as well, some of it made sense business-wise. Some of the other I think is faux bravado, He said he has had many fights and never lost, that’s bullshit. Everybody takes an L….

      • Anthony Mason

        I researched it already…his family is from Albania and he is of Jewish heritage. It is common knowledge if you know where to look….check again….

        Look up how the hedge fund jew Jim Cramer put him on…. There is even a backstory to it and it even has to do with WWII…. Dig a bit deeper….

      • ZUBU

        “Jim Cramer
        ✔ ‎@jimcramer

        I did not work at Cramer Berkowitz when they hired Shkreli as an analyst. I had left the firm; It kept my name. Didn’t know him. Period”
        Not certain bro, I don’t know all the details. But obviously he was connected to come up that much that quick.
        Yet this ain’t wallstreet, these are the streets and I think Ghost can get him smacked around. If he ends up in prison he will have to pay rent to keep the goons off him… I know he has paper so he can pay but that is the only way.

      • Anthony Mason

        It’s a deep story bruh…keep reading more into….They are connected. Promise you.

        Neither sides are telling the full story and guys like this don’t tell the truth. They present their version of “truth” to the media and burn the rest….

        This hole goes down…and down…. and down….and down…and where it ends up is nowhere you or I will ever be or want to be….

        It is deep. Basically I am telling you at the bottom of this pile of s*** you would find the stuff you hoped was a rumor…..

      • Anthony Mason

        Ghost doesn’t want any parts of this guy. Shkreli will have something happen to his family and make it look like an accident. Think the Joker as played by Heath Ledger….

        He has actual government ties and he is also worth more than 45 million…that is the tip of his iceberg….Ghost has street ties….Not the same leauge….

      • ZUBU

        I feel what you’re saying, but I just think if he was that connected he would not be talking as reckless. He would not bark he would just quietly bite. If anything happens to Ghost everyone knows who did it. I think he is connected enough to know some of those people but he is not one of them.
        He told Charmalgne in the interview that you know the illuminati, if he was involved on that level he would not mention that. Reason why it is a secret society… He would be banished or killed for speaking….

      • Anthony Mason

        Charlemagne runs with “them” (call them what you want). I like to keep it basic because people don’t see how these groups connect and I don’t feel like explaining anymore….

        Martin is with them too…. He should be an actor in all honesty and to a certain extent…..he is a damn good salesman too. I don’t want to see him go to jail. Dude would make a killing as a villan actor in hollywood…

        He is a real wolf in sheep’s clothing and authentic about his brand. He knows what he is, who he knows and what he is capabable of….

      • ZUBU

        I believe he is connected with some powerful people, he is just not one of them. He would not be so blatant in regards to the fact he said he will touch people. Before Ghost he halfway threatened RZA, he made mention of some dude who stole a few mill from him and he had the dudes family watched, followed for six months. So I believe he has the money to hire goons, he is just not far up the ladder or he would move smarter and not expose his moves.
        48 Laws: Don’t tell your enemy your intent…… Once again don’t bark, just bite…

      • Anthony Mason

        Plain sight is how he rolls and he does not give a f***. Again…he knows what he is and also who ACTUALLY “butters his bread”….

        He won’t put his alliances on front street. He acts like he doesn’t know them and vice versa. He is a chess player, a liar and a guy who is in no way afraid of Ghostface because he has people that will apply pressure and release Ghost unharmed but knowing what time it is….

        He does not need to kill anyone to get people to shut up…

      • Anthony Mason

        Nope….The top ranking members are not only allowed to talk about it and parody it… but even star in movies about it and are encouraged to flaunt it. They even wear badges and clothes indicating it sometimes…..

        If you see a famous person wearing pentagrams, goatheads, inverted crosses, eye pyramids etc….They are telling you who they are down with… They don’t wear that stuff as a joke. One of the things in satanism is that they can…and are encouraged to be totally transparent….

        There is no “illuminati”. It is various sub sects of the secret societies that all trace their affiliation back to the church of satan….

        You dont wake up worshipping Satan. He will lead you to his people. Charlemagne gets a hard on for this s*** because he can talk crazy to these guys and no harm will come to him because he rolls with the same crew…..

        Once I saw Charlemagne blow up…I knew he paid the full price to bully these niggas. He is with all of the stuff of legend. All of it….

    • EniggaMA

      Its different when your in someone’s face rather than behind a camera and mic.

      • Anthony Mason

        Martin would stand his ground if he had to but he won’t have to… Ghost is not in this dudes leauge when it comes to enforcing his will on people….

        This is a person you look at from a distance unless you have leverage on him. He is not a teddy bear to cuddle with….

        He has a dangerously high IQ and is connected on high levels….

      • EniggaMA

        I hear all that yea he got bread. He’s not ever gonna do anything to Ghost. You sayin all this and that like Ghost some bitch. Ghost aint even thinking about dude. He know just like everyone else he just talking. You might be shook but nobody else is. They will never be in the same place to meet up ever. Ghost aint goin after him and he aint goin after Ghost. You know dudes with the most mouth are cowards. Its like beefing with slim jesus Ghost loses either way.

      • Anthony Mason

        Nothing will go down. That is obvious….

        I was breaking this down and illustrating what you just said in your own damn words…So what you arguing about my nigga?

        Ghost is leaving him alone for the reasons I spoke of my dude….

      • EniggaMA

        No you talkin like this dude punking Ghost. Ghost leaving him alone cause its like preying on the weak. Im replying maybe you arguing but not me my nigga.

      • Anthony Mason

        Ghost is chillin. He knows what not to put his nose in. For what gain?That’s all….

        Dude is probably irrelevant to ghost’s life. Ghost just isn’t feeding into it but Martin wants him to do something based on his actions…

      • I_AM_Houston

        Really though Ghost aint have to come at dude like that PUBLICALLY to begin with. Who wouldnt say something back to Ghost in that situation though? Everybody reading this would have spoke up if it were them Ghost was talkin about. On another note I half trolled C the God on Twitter and got a reply. Then his fans came out the wood works loll


        Could you ride his dick any harder? This Mfer will be in the Fed doing time in a bit.

      • Anthony Mason

        It’s not d*** riding….I’m just stating some things to consider.He is a super interesting dude in my opinion because of how he navigates his terrain….

        Yeah he will probably be in the Fed soon….but if he did the dirt….hell yeah he will pay the cost like all those other guys….

    • Well put bro


      Man this Nigga look too soft to me. Get this Nigga in a room with Ghostface with No Bodyguards and leave em for 5 min. When you open the Door I guarantee Shkreli will be either on his knees begging or crying. Sure he’s fearless when he has 100 Bodyguards with him, but I think you’re confusing it with True Courage. He say he never lost a fight, but it’s most likely because he never been in a fight. Arrogance and Bravery are two different things.

      • Anthony Mason

        My point was that Martin won’t put himself in that situation…. Ghost is like a Titan to him in a fight….we know that….

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  • josh

    He wouldn’t reach ghostface what a moron

  • TruthHurts

    I wish you would lol… still not sure what to make of this. Dude is either a G that has some Eastern Euro muscle behind him because of all his cash, or he knows he’s about to lose everything and doesn’t give a fuk. Either way it is pretty entertaining at this point. I just keep thinking he better hope he doesn’t go to jail or the Fed for his violations. Somebody from the Wu gotta be able to touch him if he does…

    • Anthony Mason

      He has plenty manpower to protect him…. He can walk in downtown NY without a care and slap a nun walking past the church ….Plenty dudes on payroll and his lawyer is extremely elite….extremely elite…

    • He won’t lose his cash, the lawyer he got is one of thee best in the world. Also he’s no dummy, I’m sure he’s got off shore account or money in mama’s bank for rainy day. However, the taunts to ghost are probably being done because he knows what buttons to push.

      • Anthony Mason

        He has offshore accounts. Peep his pause and look at his eyes…. This guy as a real life wolf of Wallstreet dude who is smart enough to keep a low profile and not aquire too many flashy assets that the public can see….

        He balls at parties where you can’t even get cameras into because they check all your s***….

  • Markus

    I’ve said it before and with every new move this dude makes,it becomes more and more clear that this fool is W.E.B.DuBois troll batshit crazy and looking for an insanity plea in court.

    • Papi Peligro

      LOL. DYING.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        you will die as you lived – looking head to toe exactly like Marquies Jackson ugly ass

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      you lying weezil you wont name a troll I ever typed because you know I will show you a liar

  • Papi Peligro

    This dude is too smart but he’s crazy.

  • JerZeBoy

    this dude better roll with goons, because he will be tested



  • I find him amusing & interesting. Definitely a hustler in his own right, ppl acting shook like “ooohh he said he’ll smack Ghost he’s dead…” Lol not even, ppl forget when you’ve got that kind of money and pull, there’s an untouchable feel to yourself because you know if it goes down you’ve got that money to merk a mans whole family & not even be charged.

  • bluelight74

    This guy is an arrogant loudmouth and while somewhat charismatic he’s also a grade-A POS. He raised the price of a crucial anti-parasitic drug called Daraprim by over 5000% when he obtained the rights to it.

    His background, if you do a little research, says he was the son of immigrant janitors. He was evidently a smart kid because he got into Hunter College prep but he didn’t finish. He was investigated by the SEC for insider trading after shorting some biotech stocks but was cleared.

    He founded a company called Retrophin but was dismissed by the board and resigned in 2014, they have lawsuit against him that they filed in 2015

    He started a company called Turin Pharmaceuticals in 2015 and that’s when he became a household name with his price mark up controversy.

    He was arrested in Dec for securities fraud. There are some big people who want him to shut up and go away. His antics have generated unwanted attention on the insane markups the pharmaceutical industry engages in.

    His new lawyer Benjamin Brafman told Shkreli he would only represent him if he would shut his trap and quit doing interviews, keep a low profile and stop posting dumb ish to twitter. Shkreli was in court today where he was quiet and not his normal loud mouth self, and he has to go before a congressional hearing tomorrow to discuss price gouging in the pharmaceutical industry. He’ll probably plead the 5th.

    • Anthony Mason

      What happens to him happens….He will get what he deserves in this life or the next….

      However, this is a guy who for once in a long time is really exhibiting in public exactly who he really is….albeit in a diabolical way….but it goes to show how smart nerdy guys have muscle in mysterious ways….

      They just rarely clash with hip hop culture….

      This is shock value capitalism he is enacting in a voyeuristic litmus testing strip fashion because he know how to push buttons and create reactions in his insulated, pre paid biosphere……

      This guy drinks 1969 merlots….

      • bluelight74

        Lol, you’re spot on. He’s showing his true nature and he’s also ( I’m not sure for whom) engaging in shock testing like mechanical engineers do with air-frames or skyscraper supports, but he’s doing it to the populace instead of inert structures. Interested to see how this’ll play out.

      • Anthony Mason

        Extremely interesting observation….That what you just said is brilliant and very true and kudos…

        He is doing a literal human experiment…

      • bluelight74

        This turd just got through acting like a complete asshat during his congressional hearing. I really wonder is he just a delusional moron, or does he really have some kinda high level secret backing?

      • Anthony Mason

        He is tied in with government. I know a rich turkish guy just like him who has the Feds on payroll and we were at a party for a friend and we randomly ran into him because he owned the bar. He had a drink named after him there. I was there with a new Audi and he scoffed at it. Lol!

        He tried to take my girlfriend with him on a drive in his ferrari. She didn’t do it and thought he was creepy but we went to his club after that and his handler told me….don’t bother with him…he is trouble. They got niggas on payroll . His boy(bodyguard) had a $50,000 diamond rolex on. The bodyguard just chilled with me and we talked music….but he was like don’t get involved with dude. Lmao!

      • bluelight74

        Hilarious but that coulda gone sideways. Well we’ll see what happens with this dude.

      • Anthony Mason

        Hey pray for him. Some know not what they do…

  • Damany G

    He is just getting his “Donald Trump” On…. straight up marketing, funny dude……

  • TheAfroRican

    This guy is the definition of a sociopath and an opportunist.

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      but not businessman … ok lol


    This nigga is talking shit because he knows the feds are watching him. He’s under a federal indictment. The feds don’t charge cases they can’t win.

  • ursocalledgod

    this HAS to be him and Ghost bullshyting us all and my man just soaking up this media attention. AINT NO WAY he would be talking this reckless if it wasn’t. look at his body language while hes sitting there talking about smacking the God Ghost. he is in no way shape or form built for that work lol. smh weve been bamboozled people…

  • Rapfan

    I despise this guy but you have to admit, he has balls. Really stupid balls, but balls none the less.

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      explain how he stupid ……..

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