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50 Cent Reportedly Makes $29,000 A Month From Music Royalties

(AllHipHop News) By now, much of 50 Cent’s financial situation has become public knowledge. The “In Da Club” rapper famously filed for bankruptcy last year, but a new report by DJBooth suggests 50 is still bringing in nearly $350,000/year from music royalties.

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Documents from 50’s bankruptcy filing have made their way online, and a paper labeled “individual debtor cash receipts and cash disbursements” show the G-Unit boss made $28,963.23 from royalties in December.

According to the Wall Street Journal, 50 (born Curtis Jackson) sold half of his on-air radio play royalty rights to Kobalt Music Group for $3 million several years ago. He then sold the other half in 2015 for another $3 million.

However, the deal allowed for the Queens native to collect some percentage of the royalties again after Kobalt recoups the $3 million advance. In addition, 50 still owns the rights to sell his albums, only having to pay for distribution.

Forbes estimated 50 Cent’s net worth to be around $155 million in May 2015, but that was before he filed for bankruptcy in July. In December, reports began to circulate that 50 now owes at least $28 million to various debtors.

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  • Markus

    Publishing will never see you go broke if you’re fortunate enough to own yours. Pay your bills and make good music,50.

    • TheAfroRican

      Publishing is the 401K of the music industry.

      • Celz

        Only for a few.. How many hit singles does 50 have? Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more than the average rapper. Cats be laughing at Tyga but has a huge amount of hits for such a small career. Most rappers don’t have any though.

    • Celz

      Two things he hasn’t done in a long time..

      • MrTroyMercy

        You don’t know what he has done with his cake. Stop pocket counting and worry about your own funds and bills. You niggas are peions.

      • Celz

        1. Put ya pom poms down.. No need to cape for another man.

        2. 50 is rich, and my finances are good.

        3. He still doesn’t pay his bills, in case you can’t read.

        4. It’s spelled peon, dummy.

      • Markus


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  • Knickfan4life

    White folks do it all the time

    • Lyrics

      -Tony Yayo

      • Knickfan4life

        I mean come on now it is obvious to everyone with sense what is going on here.

      • Riko7467

        Stop snitching fool

      • MrTroyMercy

        How is he snitching? Some of you clowns try to act so street but be soft as wet cotron candy . You sound so stupid and fake.

    • TheAfroRican

      Of course. The Beatles, especially Paul McCartney still regret selling theirs.

      • Knickfan4life

        I was talking about filing for bankruptcy and hiding the assets.but yeah Paul McCartney is Michael Jackson bit.ccch in life and death. Eminem also

      • TheAfroRican

        Oh my bad. That too. Punk ass Donald Trump filed four times.

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  • Lyrics

    +20 Million in debt…..lol not good…people crazy if you think he got that bread stashed away somewhere.
    U don’t sell your music for 3 million with 100 million put up.

    • In all fairness, that move was set in before all the bs started for him. So I doubt it’s connected.

  • TheAfroRican

    Dang, 50 is getting almost 350K a year from royalties after recouping from selling a large percentage of his publishing. Imagine if he didn’t make that publishing deal….

  • baller187

    dumb nigga stil embarassing after all that poppin off he did

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  • THISIS50

    50 knows what he is doing

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  • Gap Tooth Bruce

    Pocket watching is at a alltime high yall niggas lame as hell

    • MrTroyMercy

      Hell yeah…. I’m glad that someone see this chit.

  • Let’s analyze this mess…. 50 sold half of his publishing for $3 Million. Then turned around and sold the other half for another $3 Million as recently as 2015. Hmmmm….. You don’t have to be a genius to realize that he was looking at the short term payout instead of long term income. Translation: Big money problems. While he collects $350,000 per year from those royalty payouts, he pays $862,000 per year, just on the upkeep of his mansion! 50 is like the David Blaine of this hip hop sh*t. Y’all dumb n*ggas keep believing he has that $100 Million Vitamin deal stashed under a mattress somewhere. Looking at how dumb he was to sign away his publishing, I seriously doubt 50 ever saw anything close to the $100 Million Vitamin deal. Jigga, Diddy, Dr. Dre…. Them n*ggas are probably rolling on the floor dying from laughter at this sh*t. People lie, but numbers…..

    • M.DOT

      U just wrote a whole paragraph about another man’s money

      • Rck

        Not to mention stating what it costs to manage his mansion, which wasn’t even mentioned in the article in question. Who has time for all that investigation?

    • MrTroyMercy

      But do you say this about Trump and any WHITE MAN who has filed for Bankruptcy multiple times? He filed(trump) 4 times and you don’t see anyone ‘ white or black calling him broke. Black people just can’t wait to see another successful black man fail. You sit around and praise these white folks but tear your own kind down. You don’t know how much money that he has and his business decisions are the ones that he makes for a reason. Stop counting people pockets like a male groupy. 50 ISN’T BROKE ad will never be because he knows how to grind and get his and not sit on a hip hop site and count pockets. He has millions so no is far from broke. What do you have? I hate you clown ass sambos who hate on other successful black people. We can’t even stand together for chit. Filing bankruptcy doesn’t mean that a person is broke and making business deals isn’t a sign of being of being broke. Take your pocket counting ass on somewhere. White folks does it all the time and you c00ns say chit like ” he smart . You know he got bread stashed” but when one of our own do it ” we call him “broke” and mock him”. Pocket counting f u c k boys be gone.. You just want to see another black man fail because you ain’t chit. Bum.

      • You’re feeling kinda protective of 50, huh…. That’s okay. Everybody be on that fandom sh*t sometimes. But if your idea of a successful Black person is 50 Cent then someone in your life misled you. When you say successful talk about someone that has uplifted their people as a whole. From his days as a dealer until now, 50 Cent hasn’t been about anything but selling poison to the people for his own personal financial gain. Whether that be through drugs, music or the day to day way he bullies anyone that doesn’t cosign his direction, 50 Cent is the antithesis of a successful Black person. Success is not measured by how much money you have. Success is measured by your awareness, generosity, respect and love for your community. So…. While I respect your decision in who you choose to perceive as a successful Black person, remember that 50 Cent and his family have been digging this hole for him since the day he was born. The real test is going to be if he can break those bad family teachings and set himself on a righteous path to redemption.

      • Savimbi


      • takin over the carter

        keep going dunn!

      • MrTroyMercy

        I’m not feeling protective about shit. I just hate when people type shit and don’t know shit about what they typed about. 50 is a successful black man because made millions, made it out the Hood and made something of himself. What the f u c k have you or any of these hating ass niggas done? Have you did anything to help the people in Flint, Mi? I’m dickriding for staying fact right? Eat a dick. My idea of a successful black man is the person you hate , not including yourself. Anyone who made it out the Hood and is legally living comfortable is successful . I’m not about to sit here and argue with you or any of these f u c k boys on here who only mission is to see a brother fail. Like I said: niggas are going to hate regardless. Especially if the person doing better than them is black. None of us know nothing about what that man bank account look alike but he is far from BROKE. YOU can sit here and hate and argue about this shit all you want but that still won’t change the fact that he is still more successful than you and these Liberace fingers having keyboard kkk ass niggas. You can say that I’m dickriding all you bit the fact is I can give a Fu ck less about what your fufu gossipping ass thinks.

      • Let me ask you a question…. Why are you on this website? Really. What is your motivation? Because if you’re reading the stories and making comments, guess what? You’re that same gossiping ass b*tch that you accuse others of being. You a real “G”? Then log the f*ck off and don’t come back. Otherwise, please shut the f*ck up. You’re playing the same social media game that every user here is playing. But I would go a step further and say that your actions are even more b*tch than the next man. Why are you so concerned about my vocabulary? Why do you even feel the need to speak to me? 50 cutting that bodyguard check? No? Then please shut the f*ck up. You’re no different than anybody else. Well…. Maybe you’re more stupid than the average dude…. 😂😂😂

      • MrTroyMercy

        I’m here because I choose to be here lame ass nigga….what is your life mission besides sucking dick and counting niggas pockets. YOU on this very site that I’m on crying about how another man spends his money as if you want him to spend on you or some chit. I can come here as much as I please. I use to rock with this site but now bi tc h ass powder puff pop tarts like you have ruined this site crying about how niggas doing better than spend their bread that they worked hard and earned. Hating ass poptart. I pray that you are exorcised from your faggotry and female traits. Now enjoy the rest of your miserable but slurping day Fu ck boy. I’m done talking about this shit.

      • MrTroyMercy

        And yep I wrote a paragraph.

    • it doesnt say his publishing, it says on air royalty rights , there are a bunch of different publishing deals, dude is in movies and television

      • MrTroyMercy

        Preach….. niggas are so Damn stupid. Keep telling em.

      • Savimbi

        Kidd Kidd this you?

      • MrTroyMercy

        Gtfo, with that lame ass shit…..

      • Savimbi

        You sho is riding for 50 on here. I hope you getting a lifetime supply of Effen fucc boi!!!!

      • MrTroyMercy

        Like your getting a lifetime of throat babies f u c k boy… stay in your lane.

      • Savimbi

        yeah, i got em from dropping jizz all in your momma’s throat!!!!!

      • MrTroyMercy

        Man, GTFOH with them corny ass momma joke.

      • Explain the difference son

      • MrTroyMercy

        There are four (4) different types of royalties, each derived from a separate and distinct copyright. The four potential sources of royalty revenue in the music recording and publishing industry are:

        (1) Mechanical royalties: paid from record companies for record sold based on the exclusive to reproduce and distribute copyrighted works.

        (2) Public performance royalties: paid by music users for songs in the operation of their businesses and broadcasts based on the exclusive right to perform publicly copyrighted works.

        (3) Synchronization fees: paid by music users for synchronizing music with their visual images based on the exclusive right to reproduce and distribute copyrighted works and to prepare derivative works of copyrighted material.

        (4) Print music income: paid by music printers for sheet music and folios based on the exclusive right to distribute copies of copy of music.

        You have to be in the game to know that you can receive royalties for things other than music..He still getting in the club bread. Gotta be in the game to know.

      • You could name a hundred different royalties and it all adds up to this: 50 Cent cannot afford to continue to live his life at this level. His liabilities are more than his income. Translation: He’s bankrupt. Face it….

      • MrTroyMercy

        How do you know what’s in his pockets or bank account? You don’t know what he can’t or can afford. Neither do I. Like I said 50 is broke just like Trump who filed bankruptcy 4 times isn’t broke. You are Concerned about him having rap beefs but that has nothing to do with his fund. He is a Mega star who is still getting paid from touring and other things ect.. He getting movie money, business money and music money. Overall money. He will never go broke like you wish. You don’t chit about anyone’s well being just like I don’t know about yours. People file bankruptcy all of the time bit when a black man does it – he is broke. You can miss me with all that. Also, I’m not defending or dickriding anyone – I’m just letting you know that you sound stupid and is a sucka for counting people pockets like a broad.

      • You know what? We’re playing the same game here homie. 50 Cent didn’t ask you to defend him. So why do you feel the gay ass need to defend a grown ass man that never asked you to? Why are you so quick to read up on a story about another man? Is 50 paying your bills? That n*gga don’t even know you.

        I’m sick of y’all suckas trying to shame n*ggas for talking about another dude’s pockets, when y’all n*ggas are out here acting like y’all gave 50 head last night.

        This is social media dude. What you say about me can easily be said about your gay ass 50 Cent protective nature. What is this, The Bodyguard? 😂😂😂

        We are playing the same commentary game of social media. Deal with it and grow the f*ck up.

      • MrTroyMercy

        Clown ass nigga I’m just staying facts. This isn’t about 50 . This is about your sucka ass writing a Damn diary on every Damn 50 cent article. I can give a f u c k less about 50 or your sucka ass. Oh wait….. I’m dickriding my bad. Whew! The fact is…… had this article been about a Trump or any other white dudes filing bankruptcy and getting these royalties – your lame ass wouldn’t have said or typed shit, you self hating sambo. Yeah I said it… You’re a slave… you clown ass nigga. They programmed to praise the people who oppress your stupid ass but hate the people who look like you. Like I said, had this been about Trump or another white person. You wouldn’t have typed the bullchit that you typed.

      • Dude…. If you’re not a gossiping ass b*tch, log off and never come back. Otherwise, sit-cho b*tch ass down and shut the f*ck up. Social media is what it is. You can’t half-way participate when the topic doesn’t suit you. Everything you’ve accused me and other people of can be said about your b*tch ass. If you ain’t gossiping, log off n*gga. Otherwise, shut your gossiping ass the f*ck up on the subject. You new n*ggas kill me with your 2nd grade logic.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      • MrTroyMercy

        I’m a gossiping ass bitch but you’re on every 50 article writing a diary and crying crocodile tears about how he spends his money and how much funds he has. Nigga, don’t contradict yourself. You sitting around crying about his business practices and asking ” what about his kids and family”. Shut your f@ggit ass up lmao…like I said, I can giving a flying F U C K about you or 50 cent you lame ass nigga. You’re the one crying and gossipping about another man funds. Like I said you have female traits buddy.

      • doesn’t mean it’s not dumb to sell his on air royalty rights. u didn’t even mention that.

      • Semantics homie. Anyone with half a brain and any true vision for their future wouldn’t have signed any of that away.

    • Rck

      Can we analyze why you are consumed with any negative press about 50? Honest question, no hate.

      • Sure. We absolutely can. It’s not that I hate 50. I don’t even f*cking know him beyond the press and his music. But from what I do see, it’s negative. And please, don’t bring up no sh*t about his show. He doesn’t possess the ability to uplift even his own family. I was down with 50 when he iced Ja Rule’s career. When he did the interview on MTV I was impressed with what 50 said:

        “I don’t like the name Murder Inc. Only a fool who didn’t know anything about the streets would think murder is something to glorify.”

        I was impressed with that. But the more I learned about who he was as a person, the more I realized he was one of the polarizing forces in hip hop and would do more damage to the art than to help it. He’s disrespected his son. F*ck that, he tried to emotionally destroy his son…. He played his homie on the national stage on some crybaby sh*t for the world to hear, he’s been found guilty of literally stealing technology for his business deal, he’s admittedly lied about his net worth, he’s fought with almost every person who has tried to help his career…. Man, I could go on and on.

        But basically, I don’t hate him. I hate his behavior. And it’s really annoying to hear dudes giving him so much love when they know his behavior is sh*t.

      • Rck

        Thank you for elaborating and I respect your opinion. So its clear you don’t enjoy his entertainment practices. I don’t think its fair to say you know him as a person, unless you actually do. I don’t think its fair to judge someone on how he treats his friends or family unless again, you know everything about the situation. And I mean come on man, you basically write a blog bashing him every time AHH puts up an article on the man. It looks like you have made it your passion to convince others not to like him. All of the products he sells now have a charity component attached to it, how come you don’t commend that? and what other artist does. Anyways, all good man. Your entitled to hate at your discretion, I just disagree.

      • MrTroyMercy

        The realest post… more professional and respectful than mine. Salute

      • MadDog

        You hit it on the head my brother. One thing I know…whenever
        they have a post about 50 cent. Black Jay supreme is going to type a novel on why 50’s a no good bum, with no money and why we should dislike him.

        Damn…What he do to you? Did he take your wife or something? Refuse to give you a record deal?! Lol…SMDH

    • Brand Brand


    • Dope

      Let’s assume his music is actually making 30K a month per moth, that means it would take 200 months to reach $ 6 million. That’s over 16 years worth of money, and assuming the money is constant. But, the thing is, royalties are not a constant. How much you earn on them depends of the use of your music, and 50’s career isn’t on the upwards path, nor will it get back on that track. As years go by his royalties will just drop each month, meaning that $6 mill is far, far away. Taking it now allows him to use the money for another business (whether he did that or not is not a matter of debate here).

      • bluelight74

        Not to start an argument but the article says:

        “However, the deal allowed for the Queens native to collect some
        percentage of the royalties again after Kobalt recoups the $3 million
        advance. ”

        So 50 gets a small percentage of the royalties. His percentage is 30k. Ok, that means his royalties are much larger than 30k AND he only started getting his percentage after Kobalt made their 3 million back. They probably made that back in less than a year after the deal was completed. So this appears to be short-sighted thinking on 50’s part.


      U do know, like any successful businessmen, he got something put away, if u get my meaning. No smart man have all his playing cards showing. Put it like this, he deserve an Oscar. 50 have learn the game, and using social media to prove it.

      • I feel you on that. He definitely has SOMETHING socked away somewhere. But the frustrating thing about 50 for me is that he squandered his big opportunity on petty beefs. His “short” game is tight. I can’t front. But his “long” game absolutely f*cking sucks. Just like this royalty thing. His short game was tight. Take that quick money and move into some investments. But his long game was off. What’s his backup if those investments failed? Why didn’t he get some business insurance to protect himself against a lawsuit or two? What about his kids? What about making sure all of his family has something to eat on forever? What about protecting his family members from the same sh*t that almost killed him? If you want to know the truth, that’s what separates moderately “rich” people from “wealthy” people. Rich people love for the moment and usually end up in Uncle Sam’s grasp. Wealthy people provide opportunity for 4 or 5 generations of their family. It’s cats that are still caked up off of that cotton money and that prohibition money.


        I agree totally.

      • MrTroyMercy

        Bruh, wtf are you worried about his kids and family lmaoooo….. I’m pretty sure that his people are GOOD but why is his family or his moves so f u c k I n g IMPORTANT to YOU? Oh wait I’m a dickrider – let me get that out the way for ya buddy Lol. His business moves are the moves that he makes. You don’t what he can or can’t benefit from his practices. You acting like the dude fucked your girl or something.. oh wait…. I’m a dickrider. There’s another one right for ya buddy. I got that out the way. Thank me later.Deep down you wish that you could have a fraction of the bread that dude has. Miss me with that bullchit -” I’m happy doing me and I don’t need money and the fame” . What the hell is your purpose? I’m just saying that you’re pocket surfing like a motherfukca….. get your own bread and take care of yours.

      • MrTroyMercy

        And yeah I wrote a novel. Got that out the way for ya.

    • bluelight74

      The fact he did this AGAIN as recently as 2015 really explodes the myth that he’s some great businessman.

      • MrTroyMercy

        What are you talking about? Dude he only filed once. Nevermind. I ‘m not about to argue with you niggas all Damn day I got better shit to do.

      • bluelight74

        He sold half of his on air radio play rights several years ago, then sold the other half last year. That’s twice.

      • MrTroyMercy

        Thought that you was talking bankrupcy….my bad..

      • bluelight74

        No prob, was just talking about just his airplay stuff.

      • Richie_Ochoa

        Stop arguing with these stans everybody know you dont sale away your royalties unless you need the money.. In the music biz royalties is everything… 50 even laughed at other rappers who didnt get their royalties because of a bad contract or going broke. 50 is fucked up financially and its about time internet thugs stop making excuses for him.. I use to like 50 but his music fell off and I cant cosign all the hatin he do.. He never was a good business man if you know anything about business you know about people getting lucky with stocks.. Look what happend with AOL years ago.. AOL made a lot of people who new nothing about stocks rich..

    • Nicer Day

      so you would pass on 6 million now for….30K a month per for 200 months…16 years to reach $ 6 million.

    • Malik

      You are way past ridiculous now on this quest of yours, and evidently from the exchanges below, more heads are starting to take note.


  • ancientGOD83

    rap is WWE….full fakery

  • ancientGOD83

    he still filed an order of protection on murder inc..and got paid six figures…hopefully he saved some of that tattle tale money

  • Yo he sold his on air rights??? That is DUMB. Why would u do that??

    • that dude

      Yup. Very dumb. Even though her gets a percentage it was not a smart move. He must have really needed that 3 million. And he sold the first half “several years ago”? Damn homie (y’all know the rest)….That means he been fucked up for years.

  • hoeyuno

    Well the $350,000 probably keeps the pools and hot tubs maintained. All this time I thought fif was rebranding the “Unit”….He just couldn’t offered to get the big G embroidered on those hats!! Just playin Fif I hope you turn this ish around my dude..

  • Golgo 13

    i knew he wasn’t broke

  • Dope

    That may be one month, royalties depend on many factors and can vary widely, depending on what’s going on with the artist.

    • therealest1

      Also based on the quantity of sales too, right?

  • RayStantz

    So everybody’s overlooking the fact that he didn’t sell them outright, its basically a loan. If a percentage of the royalty nets him $350k per year (and I’m sure that’s the short end of the stick) than it would take maybe 2-4 years to pay off the loan and regain his royalties. Maybe he did f*ck up his money and needed a quick pay day but you can’t call anyone who was worth 155 mil eight months ago “broke.” At least the average Joe type broke. There’s always ups and downs in business. Bad investments and business deals will do that to you regardless of how much you’ve made. But i’ll hop out of that man’s pockets and wish him the best on the road to recovery.


    “If you make a G a day your not rich you just ok” -50 Cent-


    That big ass house in Connecticut on the chopping block next. And this nigga owe Rick Ross BM 7 million??….. Dude fucked a lot of money up, sure he’s worth more than everybody on here, but we’re commenting after reading this article….He fucked off some dough…terrible investments.

  • In Black America Radio

    That sound about right

  • Sgt. H. Jennings

    In layman’s terms. He’s broke..

    • how? and don’t give me the “well if you knew anything about finances….” answer.

      • Sgt. H. Jennings

        Sure, not a problem my dude..

        Based on what the article stated regarding 50’s current financial situation, he doesn’t appear to be very smart with his money from a business standpoint as we know it today. The information provided in this article regarding his financial situation alone doesn’t sound like someone who spent, invested and saved his money wisely. To put it all in perspective, 50 appears to be broke by not knowing how to manage his finances in several areas of business or and quite possibly, he simply just lived recklessly when it came to his finances as a whole. Whether or not this article is true or false, it clearly reveals someone who isn’t very business savvy when it comes to his/her finances.

        hence in “layman’s terms.”

        I don’t know if he’s broke or not. My reply was simply based off the article.


  • Nightmare

    Look at all these n!ggas in here counting 50’s pocket so they can justify Officer Ricky’s position in rap. The Cop Squad, I tell ya. lol

  • MrTroyMercy

    Damn, a thread about 50 brings out everyone haters to social media activist and yet niggas say he is broke and irrelevant. I’m no dickrider. 50 is one of the realest left to me. Don’t care about his funds or personal life. I fuckkkks with his music. Why people choose to click on a article to hate on ANYONE is beyond crazy to me. Anyways, miss me with that trolling bullchit. Real talk, eat a dickkkk if you feel some type of way. Worry about your own pockets.

  • Jaymat_

    “Lot of speculation on the money he’s made (above article), honeys he slayed (vivica), how is he for real, is that n really paid? (above article) Hustlers he’s met or dealt with direct (Jimmy Henchmen). Is it true he stayed in beef (JaRule, Irv Gotti, Fat Joe, Rick Ross) and slept with a tech?”

  • ShaStud

    He still in good shape… #GETMONEY

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  • Fat Pocket

    He keep playin his ass gonna be broke