Did Beyonce Fire Her Entire Team?

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Apparently Beyonce is ready to take her career in a new direction, and she’s cleaning house to do so! According to Page Six, Bey has decided to axe her team and manager replacing them with a completely new group of people.

With this new change, Beyonce will be splitting with her general manager of five years, Lee Anne Callahan-Longo. A source told Page Six,

“Beyoncé basically cleaned house, got rid of her whole team, which included her cousin, and hired a new team. She wants to surround herself with business people who could take her career to an even higher level. She has one album left to deliver before her deal is up with Columbia, plus she wants to make smarter decisions where it comes to touring, sponsorships and acting roles.”

Beyonce’s longtime publicist Yvette Noel-Schure stated,

“Lee Anne Callahan-Longo has worked with Beyoncé for the last 10 years. Their friendship supersedes business, and while she is no longer an employee of Parkwood, she will remain an imperative part of Beyoncé’s life.”

Bey is now working with Steve Pamon (former PMorgan Chase’s head of sports and entertainment marketing). Maybe Pamon will take Beyonce’s career to new heights.

  • Anthony Mason

    This should not surprise anyone….

  • Sgt. H. Jennings

    It’s business. Why would this be a problem or worth trying to call her out on? It’s business.. Simple enough.


      .Killing people jobs is not business. That’s bullsh*t an Employer tells an Employee so he can sleep at night.

      • Sgt. H. Jennings

        So an employer should allow someone to keep his/her job even if you’re not meeting or exceeding the expectations based on your job description? Or better yet, we want to move in a different direction and you’re not adhering to that based on your performance over a certain amount of time, but you should still keep your job? This ninja.. lol


        She even fired her cousin. Smh, people will believe a lie before the believe the truth. This don’t have nothing to do with business and u know this Sgt. Her time running out and she need some more flunkies to save her career, and she’ll do the same thing to the next group. Stop making excuses. Taking food out people mouth is never good.

  • Markus

    Diva move. Has to happen over the course of a career. She tells herself it’s not me,it’s them when a change is needed. At least she waited until after Christmas to give out the bad news.

  • TheAfroRican

    Strictly business

  • rnbmusic

    well geez, what new heights can this new guy do? she’s done pretty well with marketing the last ten years. lol

  • #Mr.Toadman AKA Toastman

    So she needs a new team of writers producers and everything so she can recite what they say?.. she has a great voice but bruh shes nothing special. The most overratted broad


      Great voice is being kind, but i agree with the rest.

  • ebonyhud

    I’ve noticed successful people embrace/encourage change. Yeah it sucks for them, but overall its her career. Hopefully he knows what he’s doing…. Plus if she could fire her dad as her manager…this is no surprise….