Diddy Stands Accused Of Paying To Have Tupac Murdered!?!

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In the knowledgeable words of dead prez, “It’s bigger than Hip-Hop.” The lingering unsolved murders of Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G. continue to haunt Hip-Hop. Collectively, the impact of these men’s actions both inside and outside the booth have transcended the genre.

Back in ’96 on Sep. 13, Hip-Hop lost arguably one of its best MCs. An upcoming documentary, which delves into the sordid events leading to and after ‘Pac’s untimely demise, a person is named as the culprit to his murder. It has been alleged that none other than Sean “Diddy” Combs paid a measly $1M to facilitate the murder. The mogul has continually and steadfastly denied any role in the rapper’s death.

Even though 20 years has passed familiar accusations have again surfaced. Retired LAPD officer, Greg Kading, was instrumental in leading the task force which investigated Mr. Shakur’s murder. He contends that Duane Keith “Keffe D” Davis, a former Crip received the cash to kill the legendary lyricist and his manager Suge Knight, this according to Huff Post.

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Eventually, Davis would turn state’s-evidence and give information into the heinous crime. After the snitch session, Davis gave up Orlando “Baby Lane” Anderson — his own nephew — as the person responsible for killing Tupac. Since Suge survived the assassination-attempt, it has been alleged that paid only $13,000 to have Biggie murdered. Wardell “Pooch” Fouse has been named as the person responsible for killing B.I.G.

“If his intention was to just get away with it, so to speak, it would have been very easy for him to not include all the details that he did,” claimed the retired officer. To further bolster his accusations, Kading offered, “”I am very, very confident in the case. I’m confident in the evidence. I have absolute closure in the case already. There is no doubt in my mind that we’ve discovered the truth and we’re presenting the truth. So as far as the murders go, they’re solved.”

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  1. Knickfan4life

    The lapd are 1 of the most corrupt police forces in America besides NYPD yeah I really do not believe anything that comes out this guys mouth.

  2. bigdoe6

    Watch one of Ushers early music videos. Puffy is driving a low rider with Usher sitting on top of it. The guy who owned that low rider name is Keefe D. That’s who was was paid to kill Pac and Suge. Keefe D is a crip and provided security for Puff. Everybody and their momma in LA know how it played out. Pac got affiliated with the gang life and it turned ugly.

      • bigdoe6

        Yea. Baby Lane AKA Orlando Anderson was Keefe nephew. Baby Lane was a crip and he was trained to go. He was the shooter. Baby Lane got killed a while later.

  3. Brindle

    Puff??? I just saw this docu. pretty good… I knew the who and the hows, but I never new Puff directly offered them fools money. Had Pac and them never jumped Orlando, they still probably wouldn’t have gone through with it… Diddy was probably surprised when they did…. whats pitiful is everyone seemed to feel Diddy did it out of fear…

      • Brindle

        Aaaand? Nicca watch the documentary 1st, they let it be known Diddy was scared. Biggie has even done interviews saying he was nervous around them fools at award shows.

      • Brindle

        It’s on reelzchannel, since last week which is why all the Netflix advertisemen like its exclusive is weird

      • JB

        thats not fear, thats being smart when you KNOW dudes are trying to kill you. Fear is not showing up

      • EniggaMA

        lol you know what not showing up is smart. i mean if your showing up somewhere and need a walkie your just trying to prove a point and thats just stupid. not saying don’t go anywhere but sometimes you have to pick you battles.

      • Sean Power

        yes if there ones thing the media has shows us over the year the police never lie ………… special to benefit themselves or cover up something bigger


      I heard the last surviving member says it was gang related. said it’s been known in the street who kill him(years ago). Said it was retaliation from that incident from the casino. How true that is I don’t know, but it kinda makes sense, since it happen right after.

  4. Dark Matters

    If I had to, I’d wager this is misinfo to have Negroes at each other’s necks. I’d also wager further that Negroes will happily take the bait.

  5. Malik

    Puff laid the contract down in an hotel room full of South Side Crips, close to 10 individuals were present in that room when Diddy said that sh1t. Even Keefe D admitted it was reckless of Puff to say such in a room full of so many people.

    As to Biggie’s shooting, Suge’s baby mama, Theresa Swann, who sourced the contract killing cash, got cornered as an accomplice and she served up Pooch – the shooter – on a platter.

    Case solved and closed.


    Mike Jack, then Bill Cosby, Now Puff… When u pushing a billy this what they do to us and if this were remotely true trust Puff would have been atleaste question this America they lock up more black men then educate. Think about it… so u snitch on ur own nephew but leave puff out it? No 1 was arrested btw of any of these murders Only 13,000 to kill the biggest rapper ever? This shit got more holes then ny streets but that always been the plan to turn each other against each other. If Puff wasn’t pushing a billy this cop would say someone else but since he needs money and have to promote Netflixs this gotta happen. Let’s ignore the the fact PAC and suge jumped gang members in Vegas the same night he got killed lol which was in Vegas btw smh

  7. Marvel

    This is true!
    Anytime Diddy, came to LA – Suge was tryna find out where Diddy was staying – whom also would bring his whole family
    Then Diddy, ntoi being from the streets – felt provoked by suge and in fear of his fam – put a hit on Suge, at that time Pac had dissed diddy in the vid and he told them to hit pac aswell.
    Obviously Suge didn’t get murked and survived.
    Diddy aint pay them crips the whole 1m, so anderson snithhced before they murked him.
    Suge then put the hit on B.i,g FOR RETALIATION.
    Thats what happened, done and dusted STREET SHIT! The FEDS can’t take a Mogul like diddy to court because he’s too high profile and will take police to court back and shit

    • EniggaMA

      nah fam its not. diddy got real dudes behind him I mean certified dudes. he didn’t want to be involved with this situation at all. believe me or not puff can make things happen. i dont even mess with puff at all. dont like dude period,but he got real dudes behind him and the bread if you don’t believe all what i said. pac got involved with in a sotuation that was way over his head and it cost him his life.

      • ll3acdafukup

        Puff ain’t that gangster tho he didn’t do shit when they smoked his homeboy wolf in ATL. Big Meech and Black Mafia Family went untouchable Puff had no respect that’s why the dude threw money in his face that night he was out with JLo

      • EniggaMA

        Never said he was gangster. He can get dudes touched. Anybody can get it even bmf

      • Pirate7X

        Ha you ain’t gettin’ it. Real gangsters don’t have to pull triggers at a powerful level, they push buttons and bam! Sh-t happens. Nicky Barnes, John Gotti, Bumpy Johnson, etc. pushed buttons when they raised up.

        Puffy ain’t hard-azz thug. He was bron into the life and plays the rules. Wolf was a loose cannon who was loyal to Puff but wild, he was bound to get hit in the street because that’s what he’s about. Dude threw $$$ in Puff’s face and almost took a dirtnap from a non-thug (but paper gangster) like Puff.

        Meech and his brother are locked up…untouchable? The other rule you forgot is that anybody, gangster to politician, can get got.

      • EniggaMA

        i dont totally disagree with this. but i really dont think so. them dudes are official. for some reason i just dont think they were involved with this.

      • JB

        Hatian jack was a PAID fbi informant. His homegirl was the one who claimed 2pac raped her. Them being official is why I think they could pull it off. If you look up this “theory” a bit, I think you will agree. From everything ive been told, those dudes told puff that it was goin down and he just rolled with it. He wasn’t callin shots like that though.

  8. LowCountryBoss

    Man the detective wrote the book Murder Wrap several years ago and said all of this. Why is there an article about it now, on several websites…

    • EniggaMA

      cause the movie or book is coming out now. i guess its a movie. reading the comments im guessing its gonna be on netflix

      • TruthTalk

        Its a documentary and its out already on iTunes and will be on Netflix in the spring

      • EniggaMA

        yeah vladtv interviewed him. i saw it didnt feel like going back to do the research. my bad thats exactly how false info turns to internet gossip. just my laziness .

      • STEPH

        The New York shooting your right, Jimmy/ Haitian Jack was behind that shit. That L.A. shit is on point facts are all over the place….Puff’s hand all in that shit.

      • JB

        It’s waaay bigger than puff. If anything hes a fall guy. Out here in socal, an all out war wen down in LA after 2pac died.

  9. STEPH

    Suge was a blood…It was in Puff’s best interest to go to their enemy, the crips after that shit that happened to Pac in New York (involving Jimmy Henchman) Pac was destroying Puff’s name and his creditability in Hip Hop in interviews, songs, basically any time the nigga had an audience to do so. (smearing the shit out that boy) it had to piss Puff off who chose to remain calm and on the outside appear unfazed, but that nigga had to be sizzling on the inside. When Puff went out to L.A. he hired them niggas, and when the shit happened at the MGM grand…It set everything in motion the nigga who killed B.I.G. (poochie) dead….Orlando Anderson…DEAD. Keefe D got caught up on other shit (snitched) and now you have the word of a gang bangin drug dealer against one of the most powerful man in the music industry….who’s going to try and take that to trial….No one! RIP to 2of Americas most wanted Pac and Big. Suge and Puff single handedly fucked up rap music forever leaving us with this garbage that we listen to this very day smfh.

  10. TheCoder

    Hip Hop took a turn for the worse when Pac and B.I.G. passed. Pac would be winning grammys and Oscars right now. Who knows what Frank White would be doing right now. Sky’s the Limit….

    • EniggaMA

      idk about that. he would be in his 40’s now. i would actually say oscars over grammy’s because he had the talent to do so if he applied himself to acting like will smith. hiphop grammy’s at 40 idk. thats just my opinion tho dont kill me.

      • TheCoder

        Maybe, but I know with his work ethic Pac would have given the world a good 5 more albums. I know you remember that voice. Made you believe every word he ever rapped. Acting was a natural talent for Pac. Seeing that career grow and progress would have been incredible. But yeah he wanted to be in that gangsta life a little too much. Death Row was not the best place for somebody so artistic.

      • EniggaMA

        his work ethic was undeniable. thats for us fans musically. if jay aint winning any grammy’s now i dont believe pac would. as far as the oscars, besides poetic justice, pac made garbage movies in thier eyes and me to a point on the oscar level. he just had to put more into it. i have no doubt he could’ve been a great actor if put put in all his effort.

      • ll3acdafukup

        Nah bruh it wasn’t about being gangsta for Pac… He just liked being around real niggas. He would go anywhere and be comfortable in any city even with the wolves. He rolled up in Cleveland no bodyguard just him and his homey most of these rap dudes now to scared to do that. That’s what made him wasn’t no shaking and faking about him.

  11. TimeWillTellu1

    I always thought it was strange how Puff made that “I’ll be missing you” song rather immediately after big died and launched an album and took his place. Like he had the whole script on stand-by.

  12. In Black America Radio

    so we just gonna ignore ALL the evidence pointing to police involvement? yall really going for the narrative that this was gang related? we gonna just forget how key players and witnesses ended up dead? or did gangs do that too. are we gonna forget the FBI was monitoring the movements of our hip hop artist or do you think this hip hop police thing is some new ish.

    • DreamBigLiveLarge

      if there weren’t higher powers (police, fbi, etc.) involved in these murders, there would have been a conviction a long time ago. it’s not a mystery that they wanted these dudes dead. they saw the power and influence they had on a nation and stopped it before it could even start smh

    • TruthTalk

      If you watch the documentary ‘Murder Rap’ they disprove thoroughly police involvement. But what I will say is that the FBI knew what was going on and let it happen.

      • In Black America Radio

        “If you watch the documentary ‘Murder Rap’ they disprove thoroughly police involvement.” there is a cop that is discrediting Murder Rap. Now here is my question, we know NOW that the FEDS was watching Pac and BIG….and we know the jews was extorting or attempting to extort pac. we know it was a busy packed well lit (as opposed to being pitch black) area and every eye witness or people close to the story is dead……………and we think some gang banger did it and NOT police?

    • EniggaMA

      idk fam. i’m a go with the streets on this one. just my opinion, you could be correct i wont disagree. not this puff sent it bs story. he messed with real bangers that was bout it, and they got him. been hearing this street story since the beginning. more often than not the streets know the real. not the internet gossip

      • In Black America Radio

        here’s my issue with that story, now granted I’m from Brooklyn so I cant say what the streets was saying back then on another coast…………but I will say this. if the crips killed Pac…………did the crips kill Kadafi too? and are they responsible with the killing of other people tied into the death of Pac? we watch police kill and cover up they ish all day everyday

      • JB

        Orlando was just a street kid who ended up being the fall guy…You aren’t wrong, IT WAS THE STREETS….But the street side of this was connected with some REAL heavy hitters, some of which were involved with the police and some political figures. I know im just some random dude on the internet, believe what you want, but the shit was bigger than some petty street shit.

  13. Markus

    You hate to buy into speculation and hearsay but dude’s name continues to pop up in every scenario about Pac’s death. And it’s crazy to think of Puffy the dancing singing seemingly harmless don’t put fear in anyone anti-Suge type businessman being behind a murder hit. But I guess he would be counting on that doubt to stay off the radar. God help him if this is real.

    • ZUBU

      Bro Real Talk, Puff is way more gangsta than he appears on the surface. His Daddy was a major hustla back in the Frank Lucas, Nicky Barnes days, he was basically on their level. The Real frank Lucas said it in an interview. So Puff got that gangsta in his veins.
      Having said that I don’t even care for him, but I respect that he is real…

      • Verbal

        But his dad was considered a snitch. Research that. Melvin Combs supposedly got killed cause of that.

      • ZUBU

        Where can I find that info? Not saying you’re right or wrong but I’ve never heard that

      • Pirate7X

        If Lucas said that so be it. But Barnes was at the top and I’ve never heard anyone place “Pretty Melvin” up there. Gene Griffin (former Guy manager and made man of that era) did cosign Puffy because of Mel so that’s it.

  14. EniggaMA

    pac is dead because he wanted to be down and prove to dudes he had no biz being involved with he was a gangsta. he wasn’t. messed with real bangers that’s really bout it, and this was the end result. stop frontin for muhfugaz.

    • Dope

      But it feels good to make it more than it is and build Pac’s legend even more. He is a legend for me, but these theories just need to stop.

      • EniggaMA

        hiphop legend hands down fact. fam i dont even know what else to say. his family might need closure. as fans tho just let him be great and celebrate what he meant to the game.

    • Pirate7X

      Thank you for kicking the truth. I met Pac here in ATL before he blew up and saw him once after. He was humble before but after fame he rolled with whatever crew would make him feel big and thuggish. He was smart, visionary & talented but also a whimsical crew-jumper who rarely ever gave a fair one to anyone.

  15. Ricky Bbg

    Hip hop killed him period nwa was getting back together public enemy was doing number independently and Eazy e had another super group on the raise it was too much black uprising at one time


    His ego couldn’t handle THE ULTIMATE ICON – 2PAC!
    PAC had more talent in a toenail that FLUFFY did in his ENTIRE CAREER!

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