Uptown, Baby: New Fat Joe & Remy Ma Album Is Done!

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(AllHipHop News) Yesterday (Feb. 3), Fat Joe announced that he’ll be dropping a new album. Between investing time with the Diggin’ In The Crates squad, and with the man entrepreneurial pursuits  — Joey Crack — has teamed up with Remy Ma for an entire LP. “Me and Remy just wrapped up a new album,” this according to HipHopWired.

“Just me and Remy. I’m super excited about that. The album is ridiculous. So we’ve been working musically like crazy,” said Big Pun’s protégé. On their first single, “All The Way Up,” the Bronx MCs  secured fellow BX native, French Montana. Currently there isn’t a concrete release date for the indie album.

Fat Joe would then share more details on the album’s elusive title. “I have the title, but we’re trying to see if we can legally use the title.  Until I hear back from the lawyers…But I gotta see if I can legally use it. I patented it but I’m trying to make sure I can say and use it, but it’s ill,” he explained.

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36 Responses to “Uptown, Baby: New Fat Joe & Remy Ma Album Is Done!”

      • mademan3000

        Right fam, but in the article they speak as if Joe was Pun’s protégé…but they’re supposed to be all hip hop, yeah right!

      • brotha_man

        i knew the answer, but it was written as if joe was puns protege

    • Anthony Mason

      Papoose is dope as an MC just not marketable. He can’t make hits…

      To his credit though…he knows you need to put out some bulls*** out these days to make hits. With that said, I could shake that mans hand and look in his eyes and say I like his lyrics….

      These days you have to rap about clubbing on a Tuesday so people miss work the next day…and lose their jobs….And put Drake on it. Super cool. Lets make a bunch on 20 somethings act a fool and show up to work drunk…

      Or you have to speak on drug use, perversion and other topics that everyone is used to hearing about….

      But remember…that is just the hip hop market…. Every other genre is still selling records about love and taking care of their families…

      Wonder why they let shmurda in now?

      • Brindle

        I like Pap, gotta little too emotional for me with that Kendrick shit, KDot had pap on some Kanye shit and killed him in the cypha diss but I like pap… I just think with all the waiting for Remy to get out and make music, the 1st single with pap was a bad look…

      • Anthony Mason

        Pap isn’t a b****…he is out trying to maintain integrity and not sell out and niggas want to clown him but I see him….Not everyone has a price tag….

        There are some real ones out here and the way he held Remy down regardless he showed a level of loyalty. People out here don’t know the circumstances or exactly why or how this s*** goes down. I’m not condoning her or consigning but sometimes it’s you or them…

      • Brindle

        I think Pap gotta price, he on Love and Hiphop from what I understand… question is why has no one been will to pay that price

      • Anthony Mason

        He is paying bills. Pap and Remy are ride or die…

        It’s rough out here being married to another rapper and that is all your bread….

        That is why I just stick to white people centric business consulting and other ventures outside of music industry s*** .

        I might hit a lick soon and start a label though but I’m still going to have to deal with the bulls*** afterwards . I am a very private individual who cares about my fam first so it is a catch 22…

        I go to church with my girl and we are ride or die types. We dont f*** with lames…

      • Anthony Mason

        Not Stevie J price…Yet though…

        He is a survivor is what he really is. Not everything is as it seems. Remember that bruh….

        Pap really wants to really do this hip hop s*** and dudes want to call him soft because Busta barked at him? He is still here right?

        No? Then busta put on that coked out nigga rapping about all about the coca. Busta fell off but bought publishing and is funding nonsense to pollute the airwaves….

  1. Damany G

    it depends what lane they are going to ride in, is it going to be some BX sh*t, or the typical “Trap” production???… we’ll see……

  2. 7yoyo7

    I’m from the Bronx and I would be more interested in a Chris Rivers project…
    HOWEVER… Drop that DITC album quick!!!

  3. In Black America Radio

    i hope the album shift the genre AWAY from all this batty ish. the funniest thing i see on the news is nagas committing crime with skinny bright a$$ jeans on

  4. Anthony Mason

    Greed and nepotism will be the fall of America as we know it….What is your brand??? ….What do you see….and soak into your minds my people ???? What do you know about your heritage???

    Wake up…

    There is a limited window to make an impact…

  5. Markus

    If they go in trying to sound current which I feel would be out of their lane, this project which already has a lot going against it won’t work.

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