Future Drops Single From EVOL Album “Fly Sh*t Only,”

Future drops a new track from his EVOL album that made headlines this week because it’s a surprise album that is dropping tomorrow. This song is “Fly Sh*t Only” and runs through Future’s drug use and daily life of pouring up and poppin molly pills. This was a Beats One premiere and is making its waves with the Future Hive in full effect for this outro album track. Also check out the tracklist for the album below. What will Young Thug have to say about this?

Future‘s EVOL Tracklist:

1. Ain’t No Time
2. In Her Mouth
3. Maybach
4. Xanny Family
5. Lil Haiti Baby
6. Photo Copied
7. Seven Rings
8. Lie to Me
9. Program
10. Low Life (feat. The Weeknd)
11. Fly S**t Only

  • M.DOT

    Lookin forward to this. He dissapointed me with purple reign though

    • ?????????

      Purple reign was a producer made mixtape, not by future

      • Flip Jones

        U sure dude?

      • ?????????

        I’m positive nigga

      • Loco Zoe

        Im pretty sure he still went hard though, thats his song also so its a win win.

      • ?????????

        It is a bunch of throwaways put together by metro Boomin


      Purple Reign Go Hard. I didn’t like it the 1st Time I heard it, but if you listen he’s talking some Deep Shit.

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  • Michael Blackbillygates Barkle

    Purple Reign was hot imo

    • Myleage

      i skimmed through it. im not a big Future fan but DS2 captured me. PR didnt on first skim through. are there any comparable songs on PR to “Thought it Was A Drought?”

      • Nyga07

        In the mattress, salute.. As far as just hot tracks purple reign and perks calling, all right too.. I was like hot trash after first three tries but when I listened and didn’t pay attention to track titles and joe it start I was good

      • That DS2 was his prime, that RealSisters joint is proper

  • hoeyuno

    Dude sounds like he’s under water.. Why you new generation kids like that auto tune bullshyt so much??

    • Anthony Mason

      They mix the vocals to be drowned out by the beat because everything they are saying is worthless….

      Rappers these days are mostly just good as the beat they are on…..