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Kanye Speaks On Wiz Khalifia Apology, ‘Waves,’ & Talks ‘Baby’ Comment

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(AllHipHop News) Earlier today (Feb. 4), the “man of the hour” Kanye West, dropped by The Neighborhood. A candid  over-the-phone interview was granted to Big Boy.  Exclusive insight into his thoughts on Wiz Khalifa, his pending album, Waves, and much more were revealed.

When speaking about how he was able to quell any animosity with Wiz Khalifa Kanye gave his side. “Well my brother, Malik Yuself, got us on the phone. He’s very close with Wiz. He’s also very close to me. We chopped it up; squashed it,” explained Mr. West. The reflective lyricist would continue to give an accounting into his actions.

“For people who felt a way about the kid’s comment. I ain’t mean it in a harmful way. I just say my wife’s initials and reacted, because that’s my family,” said Kanye. He went on to admit, “I don’t want to act like I’m the toughest n****…” Being a husband and father is serious to respected artist. “I just want to show that I’m a man at the end of the day. I’ma hold my wife down. I’ma hold my family down,” offered the “Stronger” MC.

Listen to the full interview:

  • Live Well

    As if Ye needed to let people know he ain’t the toughest nigga.

    • hoeyuno

      hahaha my thoughts exactly!

    • WeakSauce

      We all know he a Bruce Jenner ass nikka

  • Brindle

    the fool said “I just wanted to SHOW that I’m a man at the end of the day”… “Show I’m a man”? If you aint hiding the fact that you gay, you aint gotta “Show” us anything… Real niccas woulda replaced “show” with “let that nicca know” and “man at the end of the day” with “don’t disrespect my woman”

  • Dox

    Yeah, some “man” you are, going on a twitter rant and attacking Amber Rose and a kid and a rapper who weighs 150lbs soaking wet and has the aggression and hostility of a futon,lol.

    If 50 or Chief Keef or even Meek had said this, Kanye would have been quiet as a mouse. Because it was Wiz he felt he could puff his chest up and talk tough….cornball. I know Donda West raised him better than this.

    “I feel sorry for your mother” *Asian voice*

    • Q.

      “I fear sari fo yo muzza!” <— LOL! But outta pocket…His moms is gone.

      • Dox

        LMFAOOOOO, this made me laugh much harder than I should have.

  • bluelight74

    Kayne = CEO and President of the GCA ( Global Cornball Association)

    • Malik


    • Anthony Mason

      Unfortunately this is a rich dude who would not help a starving child if their clothes weren’t up to par…

      He hates himself and in turn hates us because we are a reflection. He better really make this new album both super hard and not talk about Kim ….

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