martin shkreli

Martin Shkreli Explains How He Bought Wu-Tang Album For 2 Million

He increased the price of a crucial drug for HIV/AIDS patients, he has serious beef with Ghostface, he’s gotten Donkey of the Day, he bought the Wu album for 2 million bucks and now he’s telling all. This is a chippy interview with Charlamagne and the team as we get the full background on this saga. “The saga continues Wu Tang Wu Tang” – Check it out below!

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  • hoeyuno

    You know this is what this homo wants. He wants to be mentioned with Jay, Kanye and diddy… I bet a few months from now he will launch a hip hop label.

  • Celz

    He’s an insecure twerp.. He better watch his shyt.. At least in Cali you be seein white boys with wu-tang tats.. They have a hard core FSV base.. Homie could catch a random beat down anywhere in the world..

  • RapItUp

    Lol @ dude sonning Charlagmane. ’36 seasons’, “you mean 36 chambers” ‘NO, I meant seasons’ “oo yea that’s right” lol dude did his homework.. So he’s also aware of the rep., and still telling gfk to bust a move.. Have to see how this plays out. I must say, I was incredibly surprised to see him on breakfast club, but I was glad to hear the clarification on the 5000% increase on the HIV pill.. Even though that hike is still ridiculous

  • He’s a hip hop d*ck rider fo-sho…. But I’m kinda seeing his perspective on why he went at Ghost. Regardless of the game or fame, if a man insults you, you stand up for yourself. On that he’s right. I also didn’t know he was giving the drug away for free to those who couldn’t afford it. That kinda makes everything that was said about him like some political scapegoat sh*t. He’s still a wanna be. But now I understand a lot about his position.

    • Eli Pinilla

      Only people who don’t understand the business think that he raised it too high. There’s mad drugs worth more than that that are more detrimental to the health of a patient. Inscurance’s pay for the majority of the drugs anyways. And it doesn’t raise the premium that much. I work with amputees, and trust when I tell you that the medical field is all business. And the shadiest are the prescription drug companies. To put it in perspective, the dude who Jonah Hill played on wolf of wall street now runs a pharmaceutical company. There’s absolutely no regulation. It’s the best lick in the medical field right now…..oh, and he can give it for free cuz he can write it off through hardship, so it’s not technically free, but they don’t pay for it.