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Reggie Miller To Drake On Ping Pong Challenge: Don’t Treat Me Like Meek (Video)

Photo Credit: Instagram

(AllHipHop News) This year Toronto, Canada will host the 2016 NBA All-Star Weekend. As Toronto’s celebrated son, Drake will definitely hit-up several All-Star events. The “6 God” was appointed the coach for the Canadian team of NBA All-Star Celebrity game.

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In addition to that duty, Drake will be attending a slew of different parties. Regardless of any previous time constraints, Drizzy has added another obligation to his agenda. Yesterday (Feb. 4), Reggie Miller — the retired Pacers legend — used Twitter and issued a ping pong challenge to Drake. The Canadian-import would accept the invitation.

After a brief debate with Inside The NBA which discussed his ping pong skills, Reggie Miller made a candid appeal to Drizzy, ” I know you can play. So, I’m gonna have my hands full. No trash talking,” said the TNT commentator. “Don’t treat me like Meek Mill. Do not treat me like Meek Mill,” were Mr. Miller’s closing remarks.

  • chosenxeno

    GREAT look for Meek!

  • Rozay23

    It must be a slow news day for AHH. Yall cant put out a article every time someone mentions Meek name smh

  • Markus

    I can’t wait for when Meek drops a new project just to see if he can do numbers anymore. Takes so much punishment from every direction.

    • DrakeDoesn’tWrite

      He’ll do what he usually does. Nothing will change for Meek over this shit. People overreact. He might surprise everybody and do more than his usual. People let their bias run crazy. That tends to galvanize a base. He was never going to do Drake numbers though. Drake is full on pop now. Meek was popular without being “Pop”.

  • Real Talk

    Drake destroyed Meek

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  • Sean Power

    meek has turned to the world punch line

  • WeakSauce

    How much more can WeakMill take?

  • this shit had me rolling when i was watching the game last night lol

  • Anthony Mason

    AHH thinks Meek is the most important rapper of all time….

  • DrakeDoesn’tWrite

    Nothing to see here. Old nigga pretending he’s in the loop.

  • Papi Peligro

    You can’t tell me he didn’t take 1 of the biggest L’s in Hiphop of all time.

  • TWice

    You can tell the rap game has changed when the Fake(Drake) outshines one by telling the public the Truth(Meek), in a battle that was initially designed to expose him not being able to go down as a GOAT due not being original.

    Appropriation at its finest, the media, other entertainers congratulates Drake as some Folk lore and assists him in the downfall of the majority overtaking the blacks culture.

    Wake up people this is real and is happening before our eyes.

    I’ll give Drake credit for his catchy tunes, but who’s to say he really wrote back to back? prove it.

    • Jason Mazur

      Meek is a rapper trying to downplay someone who is essentially a pop artist. They not even in the same lane. If Meek would have said that about and to Chance or Tyler or YG or someone who does not virtually embodies Mainstream entertainment and is a RAPPER then it might have gone somewhere. He picked the wrong fight. No one gives a shit about Drake being a writer.

      • TWice

        I hear you, but this is all about cultural appropriation. Kids will lookup and see Drake as being the new 2PAC going forward. Total BS