Future Drops EVOL, Internet Goes Nuts

(AllHipHop News) James Brown was deemed “The Hardest Working Man In Show Biz,” but Future may be gunning for the title with the release of his new album EVOL.

The new album comes on the heels of his Purple Reign project, which was met with mixed reviews. However, last year

Future dropped four other project last year.

The album offers 11 new songs from the ATL rapper. The only feature come from The Weeknd.

Production credits have yet to be released a press time.

Click here to buy the album on iTunes.

  • Lyrics

    Smh Ross did the same thing…multiple time in his career. Good for Future.

    • Myleage

      lol Ross just did last year right? hood billionaire, master mind, renzal and black market?

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  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Quality over quantity baby! (jame Brown voice)
    Sip Tea


    This LAME sh*ts out ‘music’ like diarrhea …… instantly forgettable! NO ONE in 10-20 will remember this third stringer, molly mess – FUCTURE!

  • The Wackness Vs Dope

    1 good song on it – Low Life – the rest is like listening to traffic. Quality over Quantity keep trying to tell Curren$y and these types of artists. The only person who pulled this shit off was Pac. And Wayne when he was coming up cos his verses were fire and the songs were good up until carter 3. By the way Kanye pioneered this whole style on 808s and Heart Break when niggas thought he was crazy then Wayne on tracks like Prostitue Fling

  • Frank Yoster

    Bro the only thing future is good at is pickin beats…! Im bettin 95%of u dont understand his lyrics….fuck this joke!

    • disqus_lcLBazVyTd

      Glad im part of the 5 percent

      • The Wackness Vs Dope

        you see where 2 Chainz is now? that’s Future once the hype dies down and people actually realize his music is terrible


        Difference is Future has Real Talent, 2 Chainz is just a Hustler who used Music to come-up.

      • The Wackness Vs Dope

        no they are posses equal talent – i would say 2 Chainz has more talent

      • disqus_lcLBazVyTd

        2 chainz way better than future lyrically … chainz just funny as hell and does not take it seriously anymore

      • Celz

        Glad I’m not..


      You gotta be from down South bruh. I stay laughing at comments like this because I understand every line. He use a lot of slang and catch phrases yall niggas cant even understand.

      • you just pretend you know what he saying doe


        You a clown. I guarantee I’ll go word for word on ANY Future song.

      • you are a clown. you like future. a guy who mumbles wack lyrics. so that means you mumble back mumbled wack lyrics. yikes bro


        Think of it as a different language. You cant understand it because you’re too soft. So since you cant understand it, don’t listen to it smart guy.

      • the lyrics i understand.. the way he says his lyrics is not understandable.. try and keep up lil nigga

  • DrakeDoesn’tWrite

    I don’t get it….some decent beats but he’s barely audible at times. Sounds like Meek on “Wanna Know”(Look at how real I keep it and learn). All slurry and shit but more muffled lol

  • Sean Power

    at what point does your story showing internet going nuts ?

    • Guillaume Pilon


      who went nut for a new future lp ????

      no one

  • Nana De Baus

    allhiphop is falling man what shows that the internet goes nuts? geezzzzzzzzzz

  • Rozay23

    He droppin alot of music but not as much as Gucci

  • Golgo 13

    future is garbage but 1 gd thing i rate about him is his workrate

    • Sinbk Legend

      Is work ethic should be consistent its not like he drops complex shit…he drops simple shit

      • Charlie Boi

        who sales more wale are future?
        if u wanna hear that kind of music them jam only those individuals who make lyrical music

      • Gilligrt

        What does wale have to do with this? Random as hell

      • Sinbk Legend

        So you’re into simple shit huh? You still get hyped when you say your abc’s too?




      Millions of people are going to listen to this CD you salty Ass Nigga where I’m at in FLA you cant go 2 Blocks without hearing a Nigga Jam Future so Keep On Hating Nigga.

      • Anthony Mason

        I would not use FL as an example of normality…or what the majority think. I have been there a ton of times and it is always warm for the most part and gets plenty of sun. It is generally not the struggle like in NY city, Chicago, Philly , Pittsburgh, St.Louis ,Detroit.. etc. Folks are also broke all around FL like anywhere else but also ignorant as f*** to what is going on in the rest of the country….

        People in other parts of the country can not operate off of his type of bulls*** music on a daily basis because it is already depressing and dark there in the winter…. Take a trip to the aforementioned cities in the winter and see how many niggas bump future….


        You cant judge a whole state, based on a few visits. First of all the Weather is irrelevant to what music is Hot and who listens to what. I cant speak for what goes on in NY and other cities, but I know in FLA niggas Living, Dying, and Struggling just like any other place. I’ll give you that its like a Different world compared to up north cities, but that’s because we have our own culture, and up until the last few years we had our own dress code. As long as Future has fans in Texas, Florida, Georgia, and all over the South, he’ll continue to be a Force in the Rap Game.

      • TruthHurts

        Normally I agree with your views, but calling FL “generally not the struggle”, and basing musical opinion on weather is crazy. That doesn’t make sense stastically, geographically, or meteorologicaly. Other than about 10-12 towns Florida is dirt poor and like the 3rd world in some areas. It also gets cold in North FL. (Jacksonville, Tampa, Tallahasee etc.). Plus you can’t base your views on a guys comment who acts like everybody in FL bumps Future. You’re more likely to hear some people playing country or some EDM in FL. Future has his lane and I never used to get it. But I took time to listen and it’s good for what it is.

      • Anthony Mason

        When I think of Florida I always think of EDM or country too…

        I was just making an observation…

        Future’s music does just not resonate with people up north like down south or really anywhere…Lmao!!!

        Try getting in your car when it is 6 degrees out listening to that Future mess and you can’t take the ice off your car to see out the window. Lol! Artists reflect regions period. There is a higher density of better artists up north and in the Midwest and out west….Period….

        Florida in my opinion is not reflective of the rest of the country. It is a highly transient area and like you said…broke. I go there on the way to cruises and used to go there to Miami, Panama city or Daytona for spring break. Other than that….I’m cool with staying out of that place. Orlando and Tampa are a damn dump…lol!

        If im that far down I’m headed to PR to see my girls fam or Nassau or DR or Jamaica….

        I love Miami for the EDM scene though. Niggas up north just don’t f*** with future like that and find him rather boring. Nobody I know listens to Future or Young Thug…

      • Anthony Mason

        Gates is so much colder from a technical standpoint and doesn’t have a boring personality like Future. Future is moldy and stale 1 month old bread before he even drops new “projects” every damn week. Nigga drops music that has little to no demand. Future will be doing Arby’s commercials in a year. Lmao! Anything for a damn buck…

        On Luca Brasi 2 Gates rapped his a** off. Listen to “sit down” off that mixtape…

      • Sinbk Legend

        You the type of nigga to have all future and young thug music


        I fuckz with Future, you can keep Young Thug.

      • Sinbk Legend

        No nigga you keep your fav rapper


        Your name says everything we need to know about you!!!!

    • NYComicBookGuy


  • Anthony Mason

    Future is saturating the market which is bad long run but good money wise short term…….Beyonce and Lady Gaga did it and now they are struggling…..

    Supply and demand….I think Eminem and Kanye are some of the best of all time to balance their release dates and reinvent themselves on every project…..

    Future will be mumbling about dirty sprite, weed, drug peddling, hoes, cars,clothes,stacks of money, etc for his entire career and he will never advance from that….

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Are you getting a random video playing at the bottom of each article? scared the fu(k outta me playing some Prince screaming. lol

      • Anthony Mason

        Lol! I didn’t see that


    Too Many Up-North/Out West Niggas in here. I’m sure you don’t like it because you cant Understand it. You gotta be passionate about something. Future is passionate about his music, his crew, and his drugs. Any Real Nigga can Relate to this, but its too many Band-wagon Haters that wont even listen to the CD.

    • Sinbk Legend

      Nigga please shit trash…u south niggaz don’t even support the real south niggaz who is nice. …

    • its because he cant rap

    • Anthony Mason

      Too many up north and out west niggas on here??? That is because we know what is good and live around the better artists. We aren’t a bunch of fruit bag tropical skittle dance craze a** niggas doing a jig for the camera type niggas eating coconuts on the beach collecting welfare and begging for crack money with no shirt on driving a colorful a** car shiny car with white smoke coming out the back….

      You can’t survive with no clothes on up here nigga driving that kind of bullshit! Lol!

      Lmao!!! That s*** I just said was wrong. I’m just f***ing around bruh…or am I? Lmao!!!!


        You live around the better Artists?? Where you from Nigga?? Nigga Atlanta has more successful Artists than ANY city so you don’t know what you talking bout. Then you have Houston, which has been a Force in the Rap game for the Last Decade, even though they have fell off lately. Also Miami, which is also a Force in the Rap game historically. Dont forget about New Orleans, home of Numerous Hip-Hop greats. The way I see it, people in the South have always had different Taste in Music than the Rest of the World, but that doesnt mean we dont know Good Music. I just heard that New EVOL and it go EVEN HARDER than DS2. The South gon always have an Identity, and you Niggas will never Relate to it so continue to play with your Vagina while sitting in your Bubble Bath listening to J-Cole till u fall asleep.

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