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Red Lobster Failed To Take Advantage Of Beyonce’s New Single “Formation”

Like many times before, Beyonce broke the internet after her latest single “Formation” randomly dropped on the internet yesterday. With the popular video out and already hitting a viral status, several people on social media had their two cents to say about the Beyonce’s song, that’s when restaurant chain Red Lobster unfortunately added their lackluster response via Twitter.

Not only did the tweet disappoint many spectators on the social platform, but it was posted hours after Bey’s video caused chaos. Unfortunately, the internet definitely responded to Red Lobster’s blasphemy.

And like many times before, Meek took another L.

Hey college students, Red Lobster might have to re-up on their employees after this screw-up.

29 Responses to “Red Lobster Failed To Take Advantage Of Beyonce’s New Single “Formation””

  1. Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Oh so Beyonce is black this month? That video i doubt she does any of that in real life.

  2. Dope

    And they call that music these days.. but who care, I just wanna know when did she get those new boobs? The only time they were this big was right after she gave birth. They aren’t usually nowhere that big.

      • Anthony Mason

        Beyonce artificial insemination folding belly system…. $79,539.99 plus tax. Includes the actual fake belly apparatus needed…. around the clock PR and a hospital floor blocked off to let you watch the surrogate mother give birth….

      • Dope

        Yeah, everything is fake and Earth is flat. What reason would she ever have to fake the whole thing? Pregnancy doesn’t permanently destroy a good body, her major asset in the entertainment business. She didn’t go on a tour in the months when she was late in her pregnancy, so she wasn’t earning major money there.. so what reason would she have to fake it all?

      • Anthony Mason

        I’m just responding to what you asked dude but the evidence is in place to show she did not have the child in the way she proclaimed…

        Why not just say it was a surrogate? Was she not pregnant before? Nikki had a kid and aborted it before. Are you paying attention to it? Do you know what abortion does to a womans body? It can make you sterile. Don’t count anything out until you know the facts. We are speculating….merely using instinct and intuition. They are powerful….God given inate tools….

        Human instincts are usually on point when it comes to the birth of children. Picture what it looks like to see a pregnant woman and how the parents act as a result etc….

        I think that she has a surrogate child. This is 2016. Please learn to accept reality if it presents itself. Give ME a reason for her to lie. That is a more pertinent argument/ debate to have…

      • Xxplosive 1

        I remember seeing a paparazzi video showing Beyonce leaving an office and hopping into the backseat of a waiting vehicle…at 9 months pregnant. The video has since then been scrubbed off of the internet. There was a blind item about a super famous celebrity taking prednisone to gain weight because she had a secret surrogate and needed to at least look the part. She would then lose the “baby” weight and look fabulous and amazing. Also that video of her pushing Katie Couric’s hand down was also suspect.

      • Dope

        So many words, and nothing said. I asked for a reason for her to lie, and you go on a completely unrelated rant.

        None of us know Beyonce and Jay personally, we don’t spend time with them. All we see of them is posts in media and if you’re into it you get to see them live at a concert/performance. So to speak about their private business and be sure about it, one needs a pretty good reason, if not proof to back it up. Yet nothing is offered beyond ”Yeah, she faked it. Definitely did, yeah.. she did” With no rhyme or reason to it.

      • Anthony Mason

        Impotency or STD related reasons…. Happy nigga? I feel like you are too grown for me to talk to you like a straighforward and blunt doctor…

        Many things can happen leading to it. Her being infertile or Jay having something up with him could cause it. We 3 years old my nigga?

        They lied for a reason and what that is who knows…. but it is likely what I mentioned. If I am not mistaken….she also had a prior miscarriage. My mom even had one between me and my brother and sister. Stress is a leading cause…..

        It happens but lying about it probably causes more pent up sadness than just telling the truth. But Beyonce is perfect to her army of religious followers and her inability to have kids would make her seem less sexy to you niggas…..Get it now?

      • Dope

        Again you only assert ”facts” that you make up in your mind. You do not have a doctor’s report that say she or Jay are unable to have kids for any reason. You come here claiming knowledge but you pull it straight our of your a$$. As I said previously none of us are their personal friends so there is zero reason to take your claims as having any validity. But you’re the kind of person TMZ will quote saying ”sources close to the couple told us ….”

      • Anthony Mason

        I am not a source of their personal info at all. I just know what it is that creates the issues with child bearing. You are d*** riding them so hard it is a bit disturbing bruh….

        It is called deductive reasoning….That interview with the folding belly and the video of her crying is very indicative of something not going according to plan….

        I am using logic. You would not make a very good military high ranking official or detective or squad leader. All your men would be killed in the time it took you to figure out what was really going on.I know immediately when something is not right…

        Where on earth is your mind bruh? Use logic and it will help you open your eyes. Get it together….

      • Dope

        Yeah, you and logic go together really well. All those demons and blood sacrifices, magic and wizard and what not. And then you, again based on really nothing, claim to know something.

        At least I don’t assume I know something. I don’t, nor am I defending anyone as nobody needs to be defended. All I’ve ever said is that I want to hear a reason why would she lie, and yet neither you, nor the guy I originally responded to have came up with any. You just keep pulling out more ”facts” out of your rectum.

      • Anthony Mason

        Here is a ” joke”:

        What is the difference between Beyonce being pregnant with Blu Ivy and her being a Godly centric woman ?


        The stuff I say is accurate or I would simply not be saying it. Through life experience, observation and other factors, I can tell you that I know what is going on.

        Being ignorant to it does not make you correct. Your perception is your reality and not SEEING is not one of my weaknesses. Observation is my forte and scientists would calculate it as an IQ level. I call it intuition and intelligence….I would go so far as to call it spiritual connection…

      • Dope

        Any psychologist who would get to test your IQ would without a doubt make a very informed conclusion that you are not a completely sane person. And for your info I am actually a psychologist, recently graduated.

        But that’s of no importance here, I will just repeat one more time, in capital letter so you may take a better notice of the words I’m writing:


        But I know you, I know you don’t understand that you could possibly be wrong, that you have spirits you talk to or whatever.. so let’s just stop here. Please don’t respond, or if you do at least keep it confined withing one post, don’t do one of those rants when you come around in 30 minute intervals and add more responses. As far as this post goes I will ignore it anyway as everything that should have been said, has already been said.

      • Xxplosive 1

        Question, Beyoncé is arguably one the most heavily photograph celebrities in the world but yet the only photos of her during her pregnancy are a few red carpet appearances and some home grainy photos. At some point you have to ask yourself I wonder why that is given the fact she famously admits that she loves the camera.

      • Dope

        I do not follow her career so closely, but all I know is she was on a bit of hiatus at that time. So not so many public appearances = not so many photos. And more importantly, if she was faking the whole thing she would simply walk around as much as she usually does, only with an ever increasing fake belly under her clothes. It’s not hard to pull that off, so she would have no reason to hide from cameras. If she was pregnant though, she would have reason to step back a bit and take care of herself and her baby, doing as much as she can to stay away from paparazzi who are not known as the most kind people.

      • Xxplosive 1

        Hmm, I usually wouldn’t give this subject any thought but it was alleged that Beyoncé was petrified of the notion of having kids. Jay was supposedly pressing her out and their relationship was allegedly was in jeopardy, add to that her sales were dipping and all the led to her miscarriage so that’s when an agreement was made to concoct this scheme or scam to find a birth mother. Which led to all of the security regarding the hospital takeover.

      • Anthony Mason

        You have a masters degree with a completed practicum or a doctoral degree in psychology with licensure ? Suuurrree buddy….

        Wherever you set up shop or decide to practice ,let me know so nobody I care about goes there. Nigga you will tell a bipolar person their religion sucks and that they should kill themselves. Oh yeah….real safe… Lmao!!! You should not even be a school counselor….

        I sonned you so take it like a man…

        Wait hold on nigga…. (cupping my ear)…The ancient spirits are telling me you are full of s*** and are defending lies. They won’t say why though….Dammit! Lol!

        They also told me to tell you to stop being a totally dillusional jacka**. But they won’t tell me why… Lmao!!!

        Call Sallie Mae and make sure you get the longest loan deferment possible. Nigga YOU might need treatment before you try to tell other people they are crazy…

        Get help…

      • Dope

        And again your reading fails you. I never said I completed doctorate, just graduated. Doctorate would be the next step if I decide to do it.

        I also never said I’m a therapist, just a psychologist. To be a therapist I would need to select a therapy school and do at least two and up to five or six more years to become a full therapist, which is not my field of interest. I work as a researcher because I know I would be a bad choice for a therapist, the only thing you got right.

        You see now how easily you make mistakes by just making assumptions without being careful in your interpretation?

      • Anthony Mason

        I know the requirements of the field intimately(first hand) and what allows you to have the title of a psychologist. The degree (bachelor’s or masters) does not qualify you to be or make you a psychologist…

        I am glad you graduated ( if you did indeed do so) with any degree that can further you professionally, but practice in the legal form requires a masters degree with practicum (allowing you to be a therapist) or a doctoral degree where at that point, you have already taken steps in the direction you mentioned…

        A bachelor’s degree in psychology is equal to a bachelor’s degree in communications or history, etc.

        If I am not mistaken, didn’t Kevin Gates get his masters in psych? Does that make him a psychologist? …

        I went to school for business and I am effective in my field based on that and my work experience. If I received an honorary doctoral degree like Puffy it would not mean I can put Dr. On my email signature line…

        I am just letting you know what is valid and what isn’t. I’m not necessarily trying to demean you based on what you have achieved or not achieved or stop your motivation to better yourself…

        I have worked in the postsecondary education industry so I know all the requirements attached to the titles…

        My now fiance has her Juris Doctorate but she is not a lawyer. You are not a psychologist. You have a psychology degree…

        You need to get involved in religious sensitivity training and read some of those dusty old books you relinquish to the depths of nonsense (in your mind)before you come at my neck with your limited world views….

        That was not the goblins or wizards or unicorns talking…that was me…

      • Dope

        I have masters degree in psychology (2 years of study), that’s the next step after bachelor’s (first 3 years of study) here in Europe, and that makes me a psychologist (a total of 5 years of college/faculty). That is what my official profession is in any of my papers.

        It doesn’t make me a therapist though, that much is true and that, as I have already explained, requires additional education in any school of therapy which can be anywhere from 2 to 5-6 years. Without that I’m am just a psychologist, I can work in many places, use general psychological tests (but not specialized tests such as Rorschach test which again require specific education) and do basic assessment and write a recommendation for a proper assessment if I think it’s needed (for example if I were to work in a school or an organization at HR department).

        But I can not give an official diagnosis nor provide professional treatment. That is the job for a therapist. Just because one is a psychologist it doesn’t in any way imply that person must also be a therapist, nor have I ever implied that I am one. I have no desire to be one either. As for those old books, I’ve read them all long time ago, multiple times. I grew up with them, and then realized one day the world simply doesn’t work as they describe it, and that they are as factual as ancient greek myths (which were at one point taken as seriously as bible and quran are today).

      • Anthony Mason

        Well if we are talking about Europe…that changes the game no? That was a pretty vital piece of information…

        Most people in the United States just get their bachelor’s degree in psychology then maybe their masters and don’t go further because of cost reasons and it is a total pain in the nuts to get licensed . They make it so damn hard, time consuming and expensive…

        I’ve always told people that if you get your bachelors in psych , it is a solid idea to do your masters in Organizational Leadership or another functional business area like get their M.B.A…. They pair well together in the corporate world….

        But if they get their masters in psych…I say go the whole way even though it sucks. Just go all out and get it done. It is definitely a fork in the road….

      • EniggaMA

        i cant believe men are actually arguing about this with you.

  3. Anthony Mason

    Red Lobster blows. You can make those biscuits at home. Everything else sucks there. Their lobster tails look like some shrimp..

    If you know how to boil water and use an oven, you can make better food at home in the same time…for a fraction of the price and not have to listen to crying a** babys and wait and hour for your dirty a** food….lmao!!!

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