Young Thug

Young Thug And Quavo Drop Visuals to “F*ck Cancer” Song For Boosie

Young Thug continues to make headlines with a looming project that will feature Drake and Kanye West. This track was inspired by Lil Boosie’s bout with cancer and it’s in support of Boosie’s fight with the disease. The disease gets a big F-you for the track title and features Quavo from the Migos.

  • Anthony Mason

    I couldn’t understand any if this…

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  • Nana De Baus

    Catchy hook but young thug needs a few help on rapping

    • Nightmare

      I rather someone help him go away.✌🏾️

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  • The Gary Group

    Y’all know there’s a cure for cancer right?

    • Anthony Mason

      There is. Also…something many may not be aware of is that cancer can not survive in an alkaline environment…

      Google acid vs alkalinity food chart….

      People think citrus creates acid in your body…but it creates PH balance and is on the alkaline side . Crazy huh? Science is wonderful to all those willing to learn it….

      Your body converts these substances. It is pure science. Items that seem to be non acidic convert to acids…

      Buy a bag of lemons and put it in all your water for one week. It will clean anyone out and stop the progression of toxicity….

      Cold water fish and deer are the cleanest meats. Niggas need to hit the fish market up and get their permits and shotguns and rifles out and hit the woods….

      2 healthy deer could get your diet right and get your health in order and keep meat on your table…

      Take those guns and put food on the table. I do. Every year…