Ab-Soul Wants More Play On TDE

(AllHipHop News) Twitter has seen it’s share of artistic feuds, frustrations and expressions.  Ab-Soul is the latest to let off some steam about his current situation.  It’s been a while since he dropped his last album, These Days, however the Top Dawg Entertainment rapper is patiently waiting for the green light to release new material.

Soul took to Twitter today to express his frustration about watching from the sidelines as his fellow TDE members take off.  “This bench is gettin warm as fucc tho mayne,” he said.  He took the time out to thank his fans for all the support and ensured that he was hard at work on some hot new projects.

Trying to remain optimistic on the matter, Soul acknowledged is respect for his TDE family and their judgement.  “Nonetheless, it’s important to move as a unit. It’s bigger than me. It’s family.

Soul’s venting seemed to do him some good because it wasn’t long before TDE CEO, Dangeroo Kipawaa, responded with some good news. “Tighten up your j’s because I’m about 2 kall your #…. #TDE lets get it my n*gga,” he tweeted.

Looks like 2016 may be the year for the big haired rapper.  Fans can expect from Ab-Soul heat soon.


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4 Responses to “Ab-Soul Wants More Play On TDE”

    • ilexx

      Yeh I kinda agree. I love the west coast vibe, always have but even for the ppl that don’t, if he sticks with a west coast/soulful vibe it will connect because that’s more in his vein. Ab-Soul sounds ill over beats that utilize space well cause he finds these interesting pockets within the beat, usually.

      Within himself, Soul just needs to tighten up and bring his A-game because dude is a spitter and its time for the world to see his potential.

  1. P.I.T.-G

    This nigga need a hit. Bottom line that’s the only way shit gone jump start. On second thought he could just release some hard ass lyrical shit but dumb it down enough for these late 90s babies to relate to it

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