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I’m Done: A Defeated Cam Newton Cuts Press Conference (Video)

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“They just played better than us,” a resigned Cam Newton admitted to a room filled with reporters. Last night (Feb. 7), following Cam’s Super Bowl début, he would abruptly end the press conference. After fielding several redundant questions the Carolina Panthers quarterback would curtly explain his thoughts then leave.

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“I don’t know what you want me to say,” continued Cam. “They made more plays than us and that’s what it comes down to,” said Newton. He would later explain, “We had our opportunities; it wasn’t nothing special that they did.” The respected QB would then cite an array of errors his team committed during its Super Bowl 50 experience.

Eventually, a seemingly agitated Newton would abruptly leave the press conference.

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  • Sgt. H. Jennings

    The young lad will learn how to deal with losses of this magnitude. I’ve never been in his situation so I won’t say what he should or should not have said or done. I just know he’ll learn how to deal with these in a more suitable fashion moving forward..

  • Grandma C

    It also says a lot about reporters who keep asking the same question over and over. He answered the questions. He is young. His time will come again. He was facing a Bronco defense who probably were among the top five defenses of all time.

    • ZUBU

      I agree with most of what you said, except “His Time Will Come Again.” Dan Marino went to a Super Bowl in his second year I believe, and he never got back there again… It’s not easy to get to the big show. I do think Cam will be a very productive player going forward, I was rooting for him last night and I live in Denver…..

      • Grandma C

        Traitor. Ha ha. Yes I remember Dan. I was a HUGE fan of the ’85 Bears. They took the Superbowl but Marino ruined their perfect year. I will never forgive him for that. Well maybe forgive but NEVER forget

  • ZUBU

    Cam answered most of their questions, they were asking him questions that made no fricking sense. What do they want him to say? He didn’t yell at anyone nor curse anyone. Then he bounced…

  • Jaymat_

    Cam had a great year and he should be proud of his accomplishments. Great players learn from these moments and I’m sure Cam will handle this better in the future.

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  • Dark Matters

    He needs to give Lebron a call. I’m sure he’s got plenty of tips on how to deal with this sort of thing.