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Did A Chief Keef Tweet Leaves A Group Of College Students Homeless?

Photo via Chief Keef’s Instagram

Chief Keef is proving more and more to be reckless as ever. Keef took to his twitter to ask fans to throw eggs & sh*t in a bag as well as rocks at a house in Minneapolis. Police quickly caught wind of the tweet and decided to monitor the house for a while. Reportedly fans drove by the house but only took pictures. Allegedly after the police left, is when the fans went nuts. Chief never went into much detail about the tweet, and has since deleted it. Whatever brought about the issue, the college students who resided in the home are said to have moved out as they allegedly fear for their safety. Come on Chief!

  • Papi Peligro

    I would too. GET THAT LAWSUIT.

  • Dope

    So if they have a screenie of that tweet, and police already reacted to an extent, this is an easy lawsuit and money for those guy (if Chief has any), and more jail time for this bum.


    Sounds like internet beef that got out of hand…..To the college kids (playing the victim, as pussies always do…now they’re kids) stop letting your twingers get you amped up on social media. To dumb ass…get ready to subtract some zero’s from your bank account, when they come into court with ties & dress slacks on, parents with them looking innocent. Smfh

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  • El Jeff

    The “writer” who titled this article is dumber than Chief Keef

  • ZUBU

    Keef is obviously not the smartest dude, but he is a GD with paper. My advice to college kids don’t mess with young crazy ass bangers, it can only end up bad for you….. Advice is free, you’re welcome….

  • Controversy Sells

    Who the FAWK wrote the title? Kill yourself