Directors Accuse Beyonce Of Stealing Their Footage

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Beyoncé pretty much broke the net when she dropped her new song and music video for her single “Formation”. It seems like every time Bey drops something, there’s someone coming out claiming that she stole something from them. This time, someone is claiming she stole their footage for the video. Documentarians Abteen Bagheri and Chris Black noticed a few shots from their ‘That B.E.A.T.’ documentary and immediately had questions. Their documentary documents New Orleans’ culture and bounce music. According to them, the footage in the “Formation” video was unreleased.

Chris confirmed that Bey’s team did attempt to license the footage last month, however, it was never solidified. Abteen was one of the people who apparently wanted nothing to do with the involvement of the legal footage transfer. A rep for Beyonce said that the documentary footage was actually obtained legally, and that the person was given proper compensation. The rep went on to say the filmmaker provided the footage and is listed in the credits. There are always two sides to each story, so we are sure they will sort things out. Given the directors tweets (see below), ummmmm we are sure they plan to get to the bottom of it. Reportedly the directors don’t own the rights to the footage anymore. It allegedly belongs to the Sundance Channel now.

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    Sundance got the check and they’re salty….case closed. If it was a way for them to keep control of their own product…..They should have ahh bitterness. #toughtitty

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  • RespectA

    Good message in the song and these ni66as still complain.

  • The Legendary Troll

    Some people only complain cause they want bread

    • Yeah, kinda like going to work & not getting your paycheck….you only complain because you want YOUR $$$.

  • Papi Peligro

    its a video its not the song nobody cares if she copied

    • Huh?
      So she can just use Star Wars without George Lucas’s(?) permission?

      Seems like grounds for compensation.

      • Pirate7X

        Well without Disney’s permission now ($4 billion sale). The Mouse even told Lucas to save any new ideas for future Star Wars, like yeah whateva son ha…

        In this case it will depend on who owns the current rights to the film and images.

      • Exactly, the film is one thing, but the unused footage?

      • Pirate7X

        Defnitely have to see. If they own all rights, Sony / Bey peel $$$. If it’s owned by Sundance or whomever produced / funded the doc and they were paid, then it’s a done deal.

  • Myleage

    who to say that the directors even own the copyright to the video? B probably paid for the license to the proper person and these two bums got nothing! so they mad

  • TheCoder

    Music industry people steal shit from people all the time. Them Cash Money cats is famous for that… If it’s someone else’s footage and she used it then they stole it. If not then these guys won’t get jack sh*t. I bet they settle out of court. Translation we stole it but here’s $6500 now GTFOH!!!