Lil Wayne Is Getting Sued For Using Woman's Likeness On T-Shirt

Weezy and Baby E Drop Visuals for “Finessin”

Young Money artists, Lil Wayne and Baby E show us how to live fancy in their latest visual for Finessin.  Top down, with cigars in hand, the duo cruise down the hot streets of Miami without a care in the world.  The two talk on money to blow and admiring beautiful women while showing off their lavish lifestyle.

Spending dirty money at the Gucci store/Fucking with the models eating sushi rolls/She think I’m a rapper, get that groupie look/Baby mama mad, she see me moving up,”  raps Baby E, who was signed to Young Money in 2015.  The track debuted on Weezy’s No Ceilings 2 mixtape last year and the visuals match the laid back feeling of the track.

Check out Finessin below.

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  • Anthony Mason

    How many pills it take to make this happen. Dude looks like white jesus in a blue car. Wayne is on them bars hard…not the lyrical ones….those xanex bars where you forgot what you recorded 4 hours later. Cot damn this is a horrible look and this beat is soft as a feather duster…..

    Oh yeah…Waynes next album must be bangin. Guess that is why Satan’s liason put this dudes album on hold. Lmao!!! This must be a joke….

    • Richie_Ochoa

      Naw dude look like the retarded gangsta from South Park that be mimzy

      • Anthony Mason

        Lmao! Yup…

      • Anthony Mason

        That white dude has some girl hair. The way he was tossing it around just looked sus as hell…

        This dude is like white… bootleg Jackie Chain. Chain really sells drugs. This motherf***er is higher maintenence than the hoes in here…

        Wayne looked like he was trying to remember his lines and just looked evil as hell…