ANoyd Responds To Macklemore With “Black Privilege”

Connecticut MC, ANoyd drops “Black Privilege” in response to Macklemore’s recent political song, “White Privilege”. Keeping up his recent buzz after dropping a remix to “Liquor Stains” & his “It’s Different Now” video in the last 2 weeks, ANoyd is back with this very powerful & meaningful record touching on very current & real issues that most artists are scared to talk about. His new mixtape ‘ONCE IN A BRGNDI MOON’ drops February 14th! Take a listen to “Black Privilege” below.


  • Another record seeking to capitalize off of the momentum of Macklemore. I wonder why no serious hip hop artists have made a response? Could it be that serious hip hop artists realize that doing so gives them a hand stamp to the D*ck Rider’s club? Could it be that real hip hop artists see more relevance in other real life issues than to insert themselves into a conversation that Macklemore never invited anyone to have? Real recognize real. There are a ton of other problems to be concerned with. Dudes need to stop trying to come up off of lame ass Macklemore’s White guilt and dig into their own souls for Black Pride. This sh*t is so lame…