Ghostface To Martin Shkreli: Pull Up Your Skirt; Money Don’t Make You A Man! (Video)

Photo Credit: YouTube

(AllHipHop News) Today (Feb. 9), lyrical legend, Ghostface Killah, issued a video response to Martin Shkreli’s series of idle threats. While looking into the camera, Wu-Tang Clan wordsmith stated, “you acting like I’m a washed up rapper.” Last year, Shkreli purchased the only copy of the Wu’s $2 M album, Once Upon A Time In Shaolin.

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Since then, a delusional Shkreli has made several statements about what he’d like to do to Ghostface. The pharmaceutical exec believes that Ghost knowingly disrespected him. Martin has been working to engage Pretty Tony into a Wifi-Beef. “I don’t even know how it came to this,” quips an exasperated Ghost. “Like this, it’s Ghost versus Peter Pan in 2016.”

Before completely dismissing Shkreli, Ghostface, probed deeper into his perceived-character. Pee-wee Herman, fake Batman villians, and Peter Pan were the fanciful people to which Ghost compared Shkreli. “I don’t care how much money you got. Money don’t make you a man, bro,” said  Ghost.

As opposed to goons, Ghostdini, taps these unexpected people to put Martin Shkreli into his place.

  • abe lincoln


  • I_AM_Houston

    one of them should have dropped the 2 mil and problem solved before it started.

  • abe lincoln

    That PeeWee pic made me PISS MYSELF hahaha

  • that dude

    He got the ladies on dude……Hahahahaha, Gangsta…..

    • Anthony Mason

      Martin is going to have a hard time dissing some middle aged women who are this serious….

      I predict Martin will try something similar with some women he pays to do some damage control. Ghost has soccer moms of all races downloading WU music and screaming at Martin on the boards now. LMAAOooo!!!! (Grabs popcorn)….

      • that dude

        Yeah, dude seems to not be able to shut up, so I see this getting real interesting.

  • Brindle


  • Nightmare

    He said that fool got a 12 year old body.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


  • takin over the carter

    that was next level ghost, good job……

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  • bluelight74


  • ZUBU

    Ghost is a beast…. Near the start Ghost sent a Wu message “When you see him” then Ghost just stopped and went on to something else. Those of us in the know, know what Ghost did with that move….

    • NCcatsBALLhard

      Is that Killah Priest?

      • ZUBU

        When You See Him…. Naw I Mean……

      • Black Adam

        Yea thats Priest. He just got back from Nibiru.

      • Anthony Mason


      • Black Adam

        Lol you know Priest be all over in outerbspace. Deep space.

      • Black Adam

        Lol You know Priest be all over in outer space. Deep space.

    • MassConglom

      ETHER!!!!! Ghostface Killah IS Tony Starks… He really out her saving lives. #WuTangForever #WuGoo

  • Black Adam

    Damn Ghost! Hahaha. Hell of a response right there.Get at that clown.

    “Hulk Hogan!…We coming for you N!gga!”

    I dont know why I put that last line in there. It just felt right.

  • THISIS50



    Good Shit boy! Tony Starks/Ghostface Killa…..At this rate Martin don’t know where some violence on his ass is going to come from LOL! Ghost str8 flipped this whole shit on Peter Pans head LOL, that Batman villain shit was hilarious! #thewu

    • ZUBU

      “At this rate Martin don’t know where some violence on his ass is going to come from”
      Exactly, Ghost put the Wu Goons on alert for this dude….

  • Anthony Mason

    He got him. Ghost played this perfectly and is promoting his product well. I fully support the use of oil for medical treatment. It is really saving lives. I can see why our government has been demonizing it for so long over the last century plus…

    Pills kill people super quick and the tolerance built leads to overdose. You don’t overdose on this stuff. You fall asleep and that is the worse that can happen…

    That woman crying was so hard to watch. I felt tears starting to well up for real. This s*** was official as hell…

    • ZUBU

      Yeah bro, Ghost went deep took it back to the essence…. None of that fake I’m gonna do this to you shiittt, he just played dude like he needed to be played…

      • Anthony Mason

        Martin will not be sleeping well after watching this. This is going to crush his spirit and force him to take action to lower the drug price or the whole world is going to turn him into a pariah. He won’t be able to conduct business effectively….

        This was a chess move Martin never saw coming because he views Ghost as just a rap nigga….not as a father and a guy who supports people in his community. Martin will be crying alone tonight…

      • Martin already stated if you can’t afford the drug it’s free. He said its the insurance company they make the money from. Doubt he’d be crying over something minuscule as this, he’s definitely not going to lose any sleep

      • Anthony Mason

        It’s not the drug. Martin likes money and had to make money for his investors. A 5000% hike was never needed then or now though… and he is not investing as much into r&d as he is saying. If you believe that….well I can’t help you bruh….

        I need to see the financial sheets myself before I eat that type of horse s***

        It is the fact the world as a whole does not like him for anything positive. Just him f***ing up and burning his bridges and being an opportunist and a liar…

        He is disintegrating into a cartoon…when he really wants to be the heath ledger joker . That is what hurts him deep into his core. It’s his pride of conquering people and making them feel helpless he gets off over. It is a power fetish….


    Once Upon a Time in Shaolin was a fiasco from the start. smh.


      but yeah …Ghost is still the GOAT!

  • Xxplosive 1

    That why I root for the WU.

  • SimonSays

    I bet this will make people want that Wu album even more. Good comeback and way to promote. It’s a win all around.

  • jacksjus

    Wow GFK went serious on him in this reply. All jokes aside.

  • Slapboxyamom

    had me rollin from rice krispy gang

  • New Day Imports

    this was super…super corny Ghost. Damn. You lost this one.

    • ZUBU

      Ghost Lost?… Martin is that you?… SMH……

      • New Day Imports


    • Anthony Mason

      There was nothing corny about this! Real people are seeing this as a moment to come together. What kind of s*** you on?

      • Zodiak Killa

        Nah. This was a L for Ghost in my opinion. I think he handled the situation with a weak strategy and not properly thought out. The beginning was kinda funny (not really actually), and then the 2nd half of video is 3 older women who look like recovering addicts crying about Aids medication prices. Literally Crying! Shkreli is dying laughing when he watches this video I’m sure. I fucks w Ghost,but I think this video was a bad decision.

      • Anthony Mason

        Man those women would whip your butt for that bruh….lmao!

        Jk bruh…. At the end of the day, Ghost was displaying raw humanity. That passion was real. You have to feel that struggle bruh. If Martin laughs at it…that is on him….

        I’m not God…but I will tell you this truth….there is a price to pay for usury and other greed….so every person who can’t afford the drug BETTER be getting it for free or for $13. Otherwise their life is f***ed and their blood is on Martin’s hands. This is life and death drugs bruh not xanex pills for Catholic school girls. Lol!

        Hopefully everything he says is true and nobody is affected….

  • Elayorx El

    Wow. I totally agree with the brothers/sisters on the board that this is indeed an “Ether” like moment. We’ve all lost people to cancer, and so-called aids, reason why the war on plants has been so steadfast. Some Wu-Goo should be picked up by everyone and taken periodically, as the culture we have all adopted is cancer causing by it’s very nature. So-called aids is nothing more than cancer on an acid trip, with a little psychosomatics sprinkled in. A proud Hip-Hop moment right here.

  • New Day Imports

    This is all just one big publicity stunt. Worthless

    • Anthony Mason

      How much Martin Pan pay you to say that? Bruh…if this is on Hillary Clintons radar and Congress is involved you need to realize you are talking out of your a**…

      Peewee Pan is entertaining because he is such a snobby prick…but publicity stunt for what exactly? You think anyone is paying anyone for this train wreck? Ghost is just using the streets to get rid of dude…that’s all.

      • New Day Imports

        just shut up

      • Anthony Mason

        What you going to say to me next? “Bite me”? You are a confused little s***head. Stay off the Web for your own good. This is not a good battle for you…

      • New Day Imports

        JUST SHUT UP

      • Anthony Mason

        PLEASE DON’T JUMP OFF A BRIDGE. There are other options….

      • New Day Imports

        That was cute. But please, SHUT UP!

      • Anthony Mason

        How did you know I was cute? Do you have magical powers?

  • Anthony Mason

    That wu sweatshirt might be flyer if the symbol was smaller on the front and maybe put a bigger patch on the right sleeve and just writing on the left…

    • I can make it for you, email me if interested.

      • Anthony Mason

        Oh you got a print spot?

      • Yeah, check my Instagram to see my work @ artsyblazer

    • Brindle

      agreed, didn’t think about it at 1st but agreed

  • meanygreene

    How do you pronounce dude name?

  • DJ7

    Boy…those retarded 5%ers are trying to heal the world now😏

    • Anthony Mason

      Lol! Ghost has always liked everyone especially asian women…lmao!!!

      All he did was spin this in his favor. He is not about to lose this battle… so he got high and just thought of evey f***ed up thing to do for a new entertaining video…

      In all reality Ghost is doing what anybody who is not a f***ing moron would do…

      • DJ7

        Note: sarcasm emoji champ

        I know how the Gods move my brotha✌🏾️

      • Anthony Mason

        Oh I didn’t peep the emoji. Yeah glad you know what time it is bruh. Don’t scare me like that…lol!

        Martin didn’t do the math right and came up short as a motherf***er. Now he is going to paying Ghost room and board just to have people chill….LMAO!!!

        How funny would it be if Ghost took the album Martin bought and changed the beats a bit and changed the lyrics around so it would be considered a different album and just released that s*** like next week?….I would be on the floor at work rolling around on the floor. Lmao!!!!

  • Brindle


  • Ghost came correct, hilarious comebacks, but I guarantee Shrekli will give 0 f**ksandstill carry on with the e-thuggin

    • Anthony Mason

      Shrekli has that…now how am I supposed to get laid? face in that congressional video….

  • Papi Peligro

    Man this was the BEST RESPONSE TO A BEEF I’VE EVER SEEN. You thought Shkreli was smart GHOST ENDED HIM.

  • TheBlackItalian

    I feel like Bobby Shmurda gave Martin Shkreli his name. Ghost better be easy or else them GS9 boys comin after him. Beware of Shkreli bruh. 😂😂

    • Anthony Mason

      Those lil dudes look at Ghost as a father and Shkreli as someone they will never be able to talk to….

  • Uncle Ruckus

    One wonders if this is promo for an eventual album release

    • Yeah, I thought of that too. Wouldn’t be surprised.

  • Savimbi

    What a comeback!!!!

  • RonRico Jones

    Damn. This is how they finally kill hip hop. Shkreli is gonna catch Ghost at a bodega or some shit and smack the sleeves off his jacket and post that shit on IG like Game. Then the lights go out

  • hoeyuno

    ive been sayin out the gate this geek thinks he’s in a spiderman movie.

  • therealjjohnson

    Can’t believe I watched 2 mins and 27 seconds of this garbage. Both of y’all go away.

  • Leonard Tarver

    I can’t believe Ghostface is making beef response movies…. This crazy…. lmao

  • Q.

    LOL Damn. Starks brought out the real OGs (Old Grandmas) on lil dude. Was that his moms in the middle? That white chick was sounding like a meth-head… I like the fact Ghost didn’t take the bait and get ignorant wit the response. He took a higher path. The cannibis oil promo was clever too. #GROWNMANSH!T

  • I wish someone would shut homeboy up! Glad to see ghost comeback at him. They really need to do something to really stick it to him some how. Best way I can think would be to leak a copy of the album somehow. That douche doesn’t deserve to hold a piece of our heritage. I hate the rza for his shortsightedness on this one…

  • Anthony Mason

    ” You promoting me bruh”….He just made this guy who is about to go to jail for some other s*** a platform to sell his product and fart ox tail stew with plantains on Martin’s entire life…



    A Real OG will NEVER be defeated by a Fabricated Character. The people gonna Ride for Ghostface and Shkreli doesn’t Realize this because he’s in is own Sad little World where he thinks he can Buy the Worlds’ Respect.

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