Will Smith Discusses His Son Jaden Smith Wearing Women’s Clothes (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Jaden Smith sparked a lot of conversation about gender roles and the image of masculinity when he decided to be a model for Louis Vuitton’s womenswear campaign. His father, Will Smith, discussed the 17-year-old’s fashion choices during an interview with BBC Radio 1Xtra’s A. Dot.

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“I think it may have been a mistake,” joked Will when asked about giving his kids the ability to express themselves freely. “We may have gone too far.”

Both Jaden and his sister Willow Smith have faced heavy scrutiny for their respective gender-bending appearances. Will spoke about having to handle seeing his children chastised and ridiculed for the clothes they choose to wear.

“There’s really a powerful internal quality as an artist that, as parents, we encourage. You got to get out on the edge. You have to try things. You have to be comfortable doing things that people don’t agree with. And you have to be comfortable doing things that you can fail,” Will stated. “Jaden is 100 percent fearless. He will do anything. So, as a parent, it’s scary. It’s really terrifying, but he is completely willing to live and die by his own artistic decisions. He just doesn’t concern himself with what people think.”



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Watch Will Smith’s interview below.

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74 Responses to “Will Smith Discusses His Son Jaden Smith Wearing Women’s Clothes (VIDEO)”

  1. Black Jay Supreme

    Walk in and see my son rocking some female clothing? Ass beatings abound!!! Yeah Will, you done f*cked them kids up. Big time! Kinda makes me wonder what the f*ck kind of parents Will and Jada had. I mean, the grandparents are supposed to be that second tier of protection when it comes to raising those kids. You mean to tell me the grandparents never got heated about that sh*t? I guess Will is the typical Hollywood dad. He has all the money and so the whole family probably is afraid to say anything for fear of losing that loot. But still…. Will and Jada, those kids are fuuuuuucked up!😔😔😔😔

  2. Xxplosive 1

    “They just all mad cause they in the coat section of the hate train & they can’t get off
    Still flaming boy, stand clear of the hatin’ is the best defense Tryin to exceed excellence
    Same way hope comes with fear, yo,
    Greatness lives here, then ‘hateness’ lives here, Trust!” – Will Smith (Wave em Off)

  3. ursocalledgod

    smh the pussification of the modern man continues. I will NEVER understand this but im done trying. im an OG so im going to stay in my lane. these youngins especially these 90s babies yall little mufuckas have to be thee SOFEST most confused generation yet.

    • Brindle

      saying a man shouldn’t look like a women is not judging, it’s guidance, which these kids lack… all that self-expression is overrated and out of hand

      • BeeBeeGun

        bruh, you sound way too bothered by this kid’s decision to live life the way he wants. Getting at everyone in the comments who supports his choice. Hope you’re not a grown man. That’d be the REAL issue here.

      • ZUBU

        Bruh, are you on some gay agenda shiiittt? This is not the societal norm, boys/men don’t wear dresses… Do you get it?

      • Brindle

        it aint about this kid, it’s about yall… lol… if he looked like that and you agreed with me, I wouldn’t say nothing… Grown men need to start being MEN and quit going along with all of todays bullshit, yall trying to create a 3rd human when the 2 we’ve always had are just fine… I hope you not growing into a man, before you do pick a side, new men or real men…

      • Anthony Mason

        They are also trying to make designer babies by mixing 2 men’s sperm with females eggs too so men can have kids that look like both dudes…


      • yomomma

        why tf are ya so worried about jayden smith “this be a man” mentality got ya fucked up,single minded niggas…if my son was gay i wouldnt blame that on me ima supprt my kid and whatever makes him happy,of course ima guide him thru life but decisons like that can only be made up by him,if he makes a mistakes in life that on him,he will stumble and get back up and he will find his way…let this man live

      • Brindle

        I personally have an opinion on dogs that act like cats, cats that act like rats and men that act like women… I personally have a problem with these things promoted to the world… I am not apathetic, I don’t believe in “staying in our lane” and letting everyone else make a fool of themselves. That kid/them kids got issues and were intentionally raised to be weirdos and now it’s back firing, the world has embarrassed them and pulled them into worldly ways… The jackass is wearing womens clothes… quit being so open minded that it makes you stupid and worthless…

      • yomomma

        we cant even say that because we are not them(the smiths)…will did a radio interview with bbc radio check it out for hes explanition,i would want my child to express himself no matter what

      • Brindle

        tired of this “express themselves thing”… Question: what’s the value of his expression? why are you’re emotions (which are a part of you like everything else) anymore valuable than your finger nail (which you clip off when they get too long)? Expression for/of what?

  4. Smashit

    If the kid honestly feels he’s being artistic with displaying his talent so be it – I mean even if he turns out to be gay it’s his life and nobody can live it but him – and until he figure it all out he can keep stacking them dollars

  5. Brindle

    this isn’t art or expression, this isn’t fearless… This is fake individuality in a time where people and politics are so messed up anyone can be comfortable doing this… You want to be different? Speak out against something people won’t… You want to be fearless? Speak out on behalf of someone that people don’t… You want to be different? Quit the faggotry, it’s very common now…

  6. bubbylana

    Will got Beautiful and talented children who at least are trying to mold themselves into something of their own doing instead of living In the shadows of their parents. I assume Jayden and his sister are good kids and don’t get into much trouble , so they probably act out differently. It Could be a lot worse

  7. Kamal the 1st

    Things I would beat the brakes off my son for:

    1.Bringing home a D on his report card (and he’s getting on punishment for a C and a lecture for a B)
    2. Getting some chick pregnant while in school.
    3. Talking back to his teachers, coaches, and any adults in his life.
    4. Consuming alcohol and/or getting high.
    5. Associating with gangs (joining one would warrant me going to jail)
    6. Getting suspended because of behavior

    Dressing up in women’s clothes isn’t one of them. I’d be deeply disappointed and would try to talk him out of it but I wouldn’t force him because I wouldn’t want to drive him away. If he’s dead set on doing it, I guess I’d have to accept it. I’d rather be a great kid who wears women’s clothes then some “manly” kid in a gang.

    But I’m lucky. My kid’s into Jordan’s, Foams, and Timbs

    • Anthony Mason

      Nice list. The point you made about driving your kid away is very valid. Kids go through phases anyways. They usually start to have a much more solid identity around 21 years old….

      If dressing like a fruity skittle in Leopard tights was a thing to punish your kids about…85% of kids in Atlanta would have sore butts and banned from all their devices. Lol!

  8. Sgt. H. Jennings

    Let’s be honest, none of us wants to see our son wearing a dress. Artistic creativity or whatever fancy phrase you want to associate it with. We simply do not want to see it. It immediately kills all mental expectations and wants we at some point had for our son as they are/were growing up. It’s a tough pill to swallow I’m sure but like Kamal the 1st stated below, if I had to choose between the options listed or routes he could have taken I’d rather have the artistic creative and healthy son than the gang related, weed smoking, drunk, stealing, dumb-a**, disrespectful son. At the end of the day we just want our children to be ok when he/she leaves the house for the day or on their venture into adulthood…

  9. Rapfan

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone emasculate themselves worse than this kid, just for some model p***y. What’s next his own line of men’s dildos?

  10. Q.

    Jayden can rock dresses in the confines of Beverly Hills/Hollywood, but he ain’t walking around no real hoods being “fearless” in a skirt so stop the bullsh!t, Mr. Smith. Being a Black man in America is hard enough as it is, why play dress-up in girls clothes?? That’s not revolutionary or groundbreaking. How ’bout the boy get some knowledge in his head, learn a lil’ something before trying to be fearless about bullsh!t. #FRUITYFORNOREASON #WESTPHILLYTOWESTHOLLYWOOD #BLACKHOLLYWEIRD

    • drtybirds5

      He’s a kid you douche! And just because he wouldn’t wear something in the hood doesn’t mean he isn’t fearless. Your ghetto mentality is disturbing at best. And shows you haven’t risen above the bullshit the hood creates. His dad made sure he didn’t grow up in the hood. So why would he care if you or your hood think about him? Grow up get a job and do better for your family and stop thinking like a hood! And get out the hood and never comeback! It’s not a place for a family or kids.

      • Q.

        Ah shut up, you trolling dirtbag. Fvck you, your cross-dressing friends, your transgender father, and the AIDS-infected cervix you crawled out of. Have a very unpleasant day…sh!thead. #TROLLLIFE

      • drtybirds5

        Mad much? Ha-ha! It’s cool! Your mind is stuck on stupid. Your best rebuttal was that!?!? Good luck in life. Lord knows your fatherless kids need it! Who curses with symbols!? You’re like a child who makes up words because he doesn’t want to get in trouble for saying the real thing! Lmao!! Go play somewhere child. This grown folks business!

      • Q.

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      • drtybirds5

        Pot calling kettle black much!?!? Ha-ha! When you speak you will hear the biggest and dumbest asshole. You are still mad that you suck at being everything in life especially a human! Go back to your dream life in the hood with your poor and broke family who you refuse to help and rise above poverty. Go back to having your and your children’s mind enslaved by the bullshit your hood is so cool for!! Ha-ha! You are too stupid to know what winning and losing really is. I’ll keep raising my kids in a area where they can play outside and get a good education. A area with grass and trees grow. You loser!!! Actually by the way you speak. Loser is too present tense. You are lost and without hope of being found. Don’t write back to me. Write to Jesus. Maybe he can help you. Only thing I can do for you is call you on your bullshit!! Oh and your hastag stuff is quite teenage girlish. And you had the nerve to call out jayden!! Lmao!! Twitter beef. How not hood!!!!

      • Q.

        Zzzzzzz…Who are you? And why do you crave my attention?… You must be a scorned b!tch I wounded trolling under a new account. (shrugs)…don’t know and don’t give a sh!t. I tell you what though…how bout you and Jayden put some skirts on take turns sodomizing each other to the Men In Black soundtrack–ooh, I bet you would love that. LOL Fvck you and your pale Jesus. Now, write me another love letter…ya sh!t-for-brains cockroach. #TROLLSAGA

      • drtybirds5

        Lmao!! Still can’t curse like an adult. And your constant use of a hashtag tells the world what you keep trying to portray on others. That you are the one with the sugar in their tank. It’s cool! Being gay is totally fine and acceptable. The one who yells and screams everyone else is gay tend to be the gay ones. You’re still not ready to come to terms with your sexuality and the world knowing it yet. It’s cool. I don’t hate because of who God made you. So you shouldn’t hate yourself either. And you seem to know a lot of what gay people do. Another classic sign of in the closet. Have fun with that. I see you enjoy hiding from the world in terms of sexuality and your avatar. You’re so fake its disgusting that you try to be apart of the real world. Sorry but I don’t hide who I am ever. And I always say what I mean. Not with symbols and hashtags. But then again your a thug… Homothug I meant 🙂

      • Q.

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      • drtybirds5

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      • Q.

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        Jealousy rears its ugly head. Oh wait that might just be your face!! Pray you look this good one day! Ha-ha!! And I saw that you finally heard me about the hashtag. And went with a p.s. I know its Valentine’s day and all. But keep the sweet sincere shit to yourself. Went from hashtags to post scriptum…yeah your the hardest thug to ever walk any hood!!! Lmao!!!

  11. drtybirds5

    While it wouldn’t be my cup of tea. Kids are different then when we grew up. And largely its a good thing overall. At least he isn’t hating people because of their sexual orientation or gender or religion etc…but as will said sometimes kids will push the envelope a little far. And as parents its our job to at least tell them what we think. But you still have to let them make their own decisions. Nothing worse then forcing your or our beliefs on another person. Even if that person is your child.

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