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Martin Shkreli On Ghostface Killah’s Video Response: Never Seen Someone Cry To His Momma (POLL)

(AllHipHop News) The back-and-forth between Wu-Tang Clan member Ghostface Killah and indicted pharmaceutical CEO Martin Shkreli is not over. Ghostface dropped a response to Shkreli’s previous video demanding an apology from the “All That I Got Is You” performer, and Shkreli has now fired back at Ghost on Twitter.

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“Never seen someone real cry to his momma to handle his biz. Soft-serve ice cream rappers should shut they mouth before they get told again,” wrote the MSMB Capital Management founder.

Ghostface’s nearly 12 minute video included him bringing out his “goons” which were three older women. One lady even threatened to put Shkreli over her knee for a spanking. Another woman called on Shkreli’s mother to reprimand her son for raising the price of an HIV drug by 5000%.

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Check out Martin Shkreli video & tweets and Ghostface Killah’s video below. Then take our poll.

  • The Legendary Troll

    LOL Martin will say anything to stay in the limelight

    • Anthony Mason

      He called it his “spotlight” lmao! He loves attention more than friends and family…

  • NotTomFromMySpace

    Shkreli keep sonnin him lmao how u 50 and get ya mom involved? smh

    • DickDangles

      Lmao that’s not his moms smh

      • NotTomFromMySpace

        we know its not literally his mother, but he got a bunch of old bitches talking crazy lol

      • DickDangles

        Word they were LMAO

    • MassConglom

      Those women are tumor patients who are benefiting from his Wu Goo, none of them women is his mother.

    • EmmanuelKShannon

      Shkreli brought out “Goons” Ghost brought out grandma’s for a joke and pretty much saying you’re not a serious threat and you think Shkreli sonnin him….really.

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  • Drake’s 3rd best Ghostwriter

    I don’t think this is real at all. This is too bizarre to believe anymore. I bet they already have a date to release the Wu album to the public. That, or they’re still working on it right now. I bet they’re planning something big. I thought about this for a really long time last night. Aside from how he got his money, as a big fan, if I had 2 billion dollars to my name I might throw the Wu 2 million to hear a new album. It’s probably more money than they’d make doing things traditionally and for Martin it’s nothing, like a drop in a bucket. People need to read up on this pharmaceutical shit. Read the article about Martin in the New Yorker.

    • Savimbi

      I agree!

    • Casor_Greener

      He aint worth 2Billion

      • Drake’s 3rd best Ghostwriter

        * 100 million

      • Celz

        Most of that will be gone soon

    • abe lincoln

      I just read that article in the NewYorker… All it says is Marty is an asshat, but since he’s been so vocal it’s showing how terrible pricing is in that industry. Which is true. It’s crazy the regulation and price increases that happen within the meds industry… but he is STILL an asshat.

  • The Wackness Vs Dope

    i kinda like this guy i won’t front, if anything he gave us the term non-prohit rapper which i’m sure will endure through the ages

    • MassConglom

      Pretty sure if you had AIDS you wouldn’t “Kinda” like this guy.

      • Savimbi

        Aids is the result of a personal choice. and i’m speaking from seeing the affects of the disease growing up in Africa. Terrible disease and way to die, yes, but it still boils down to personal decision making.

      • Celz

        Not all the time

      • Savimbi

        majority of, to no one forces two individuals to practice unprotected sex. it is, more often than not a mutual decision between two parties.

      • Anthony Mason

        Drug needle usage too. But people being born with it also…

      • Elayorx El

        Peace, Savimbi. Just curious to know if you were aware of the Polio vaccine campaign in Africa I believe around the mid 20th century, and how there were no aids cases whatsoever before this campaign? Respect.

      • Savimbi

        The polio vaccines was something that was occurring during the colonial era which ended in the 60s, aids didn’t appear until the 80s both in africa and abroad.

      • Elayorx El

        Ok, no doubt, and that lines up nice with the contention that, after the necessary incubation period, all of a sudden cases started to manifest throughout the continent like crazy? It is no coincidence, as there has never been such an outbreak of that type on the continent of Africa in it’s history. The cause came from a man made, premeditated, and calculated source. The exact same way it happened over here in our neighborhoods, via food, drugs(over and under), experimentations, etc. No conspiracy, just reality.

      • Anthony Mason

        Dirty Blood transfusions and Bayer products getting dumped in foreign markets gave people Hiv who did not deserve the disease and they ended up spreading it to their spouses…

      • Savimbi

        Stop w/ the conspiracies, at some point, once there is awareness of the disease, and people are thought about ways 2 prevent it from spreading, personal responsibility comes into play, especially in the 1st world (america) say a prostitute who contracts the disease it is directly a result of her lifestyle which is a personal choice she made, so if shrekli raises the price of a pill she still bares the responsibilty of having contracted the disease due to her wreckless lifestyle. there are other HIV drugs on the market.

      • Anthony Mason

        I am correct about both. Google “Bayer contaminated blood products”. Conspiracy that my nigga. And there are normal people who have had botched transfusions here in the U.S.

        Yeah prostitutes spread it like crazy. What new are you revealing my dude. Lmao! So do gay men and drug users. It is not very prevalent in heterosexual monogamous relationships in the U.S.

        Have you ever heard of the Tuskeegee Syphillis Experiment? Oh you a face value type of cat? Lol!

      • Savimbi

        You are going far off, my point is, yes HIV/Aids is an unfortunate thing but one being infected by it doesn’t necessarily make them an Innocent victim as many people who are protesting shrkeli want to make it seem, there is still an aspect of personal responsibility due to living a wreckless lifestyle and i’m not a face value type cat, but you were on here this past summer spreading the September 23rd end of the world BS, so you know what that makes you right? most of my conclusions come from observations, life experiences, and having lived in different parts of the world (europe, africa, US) not just off some google articles because again just because it’s on the internet does not make it fact!!!!!

      • ZUBU

        Arthur Ashe, blood transfusion…. was a good man, husband, activist, etc..

      • MassConglom

        What if a salty a– dude or dudette chooses LIE to sexual partners about them having AIDS and chooses to spread the disease out of spite to anyone that would sleep with them. Should those people have to suffer because of someone else’s person choice?

      • The Wackness Vs Dope

        no… i’m pretty sure i would, ay can’t knock the hustle.

  • DickDangles

    F this evil ass cracka bastard he is killing ppl

  • Dgrlzmsuga

    Ghost: Them bitches old! Wanted to see some fly mamas. That would sit on that Skhrelli willy and make him cry for his mommy, expose his money. Listen, dude is winning; he owns your album. He done raised the price of the drug. Doesn’t get more gansta than that.

  • I hate to say this but….. Martin is winning. Why? Because Ghostface doesn’t understand this nobody wouldn’t even have shine if Ghost didn’t indulge him. Real men step to you on some grown man sh*t. Boys talk. People are talking about this nobody and because of that, Martin is winning. This isn’t a good look for the Wu.

    Not that Ghost needs it but I guess Raekwon ain’t willing to step in and remind Martin like The Wu did on Joe Budden’s ass when he talked sh*t about Meth. RZA is off doing Hollywood sh*t and telling n*ggas to dress up White to avoid getting shot by the police. Bad couple of years for the Wu. Seriously bad.

    • Celz

      He ain’t winning.. He’s a rich chump who’s miserable.. And he will be in jail and broke soon..

  • disqus_wP9qaQP4Hv

    That white boy is winning no homo. He said ghost calls his mama to a fight 🙂 Thats foul for real! Why Rappers taking “L” most have drunk that Meekrade (not gatorade but MeeKrade) SMH… On the low tho, ghost tryna hustle that oil too 🙂 Thats funny y’all 🙂

  • Celz

    This guy is even faker than Stitches.. Ghost is winning by reverse trolling the troll.. And calling him a fake Batman villain was accurate and hilarious. You can’t call a nicca washed when you just dropped 2mil on his album.

  • Shkreli took the W, even though Pretty Tony’s comeback was funny….Shkreli is winning aswell because he’s got enough money to buy ppl’s loyalty even the ones close to Ghost #fact

    • Black Adam


    • D_Ably

      Its not real loyalty if it can be brought tho is it? Thats some fake ass loyalty i dnt fk with

      • I feel you on that, but everyone has a selling point some are just at a lesser cost

  • disqus_wP9qaQP4Hv

    Yo! Anyone see how ghost friend in the background is shaking head like bra! what the fruck you call these bitc..s for wearing that white t. like they finna do something 🙂 LMAO! I swear that boy is winning too much 🙂 Rappers license revoke again 🙂

    • ytgarner

      That’s Killah Preist i

  • Elayorx El

    If this were a chess game between these two, and assuming this is real beef, ain’t no way Shkreli winning this. This move is too ego induced, and comes off more like damage control. I’m in agreeance with LD below that this is probably more than meets the eye, as it seems there is a market share war brewing as well. Given the history of the Pharma industry, I’m not sure how people are even convinced those mark-up drugs are any more effective than the disease producing ones proven to be so, time, and time again. His jab about medical claims to Ghost is a telltale sign. People in the past have been locked up, and even murdered for trying to produce, and distribute the product Dini is pushing now. The game is changing, and we would do well to ride the “new” wave, for humanity’s sake.

  • Damany G

    This is all a game…. Master Marketing for both Ghost and Martin. This sh*t aint real!!

  • WeakSauce

    The WhiteMan is wining
    Ouch, did I say that out loud?

    • Black Adam

      Not for long.

      • WeakSauce

        I guess we will have to wait and see

      • Black Adam

        I guess we will wont we. Current events suggest the end of our white brothers reign is near.

      • WeakSauce

        lol I have no response to this lol

      • Black Adam

        lol yea Im on one today. Dont mind me.

      • WeakSauce

        No biggie, this site been on one lol

      • Black Adam

        You aint lying on that one.

      • Drake’s 3rd best Ghostwriter

        I’m scared. I just wet myself.

      • Black Adam

        Dan last time we tangled (4 months or so ago) you didnt return until now. Go back into your sweatbox.

      • WeakSauce


      • Drake’s 3rd best Ghostwriter

        No idea who you are.

      • Black Adam


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  • Black Adam

    Nah Ghost alrdy won this one. Skreli out here cracking jokes while Ghost hit him with the TRUTH. Stone cold hard facts with people who are going through issues that ppl like Skreli are taking advantage of. Straight killing ppl either way you slice it. Dude needs that fire smacked out his mouth.

    F your poll ahh. get better writers.

    • Bro, it’s what companies do all the time.

      By the way you’ve got some valid points too.

      • Black Adam

        I know its what companies do. Still doesnt make it right and ppl are still dying because of it. I will always side with good over evil. Always.

      • Yeah I agree too.

        Respect to you bro.

      • Black Adam


  • THISIS50

    so corny

  • I love this dude Martin

    • jacksjus

      What he did was truly horrible, however he stands behind it with no excuses so you can only respect that.

  • Obi Won

    I wouldn’t be surprised if them two working together. Ghost is probably one of Martins masked up goons

  • SwagmeansUgay

    I want them to handle this on TV. MMA Style until someone taps out. that will shut all the extra bs down… someone make it happen…. Please!!

    • ZUBU

      You know that boy don’t want to see Ghost…

    • STEPH

      That is the one thing Martin does not want to happen LOL, he want to keep this online so the evidence can be pulled back up if that man comes within arms length of him.

      • ZUBU

        Word: Martin is all reckless online and in radio interviews, but he doesn’t want to go nowhere near GhostFace Killah or any Wu member. Rae will snuff him before he could open his mouth…….
        Challenge @Martin & Martin Stans: If you want to see Ghost or any of the Wu go to one of their shows… We’ll see who gets smacked up…. This Clown Dude… SMH

  • JokeznSmoke

    I mean he has a few valid points, #1. Tha WU Should’ve never let an outsider purchase their album #2. Ghost response was actually as Corny if not more so than Martins intial threat!

  • jacksjus

    He made a damn good point. Lol!

    This is better than any rap beef for some time now. These dudes are funny.

  • dbfromdc


    • Martin is scared of knocking ghostface out, LOL

    • Anthony Mason

      Martin might play him in that old dreamcast cartoon boxing game though. Lmao!!!

  • Dope

    Is this real? I mean, is this really happening in the world today?

    • need2morehands2give4thumbsdown

      “what a time we chose to be born..” lol

  • So if Ghost face feels so strongly about the morals of the dude who bought the album why doesn’t he donate his share of the proceeds from the album to a charitable cause?

    • ZUBU

      WTF: So this guy is price gouging and you want Ghost to give away his share? Maybe RZA should have never sold it to that dude, but what’s done is done…. Your logic: Ghost should give up his paper cause this dude is a douche….
      Ghost need to get you and Martin in the ring at the same time smash you both!… SMH

      • Anthony Mason

        RZA never should have sold that to him. I mentioned that on a rhyme I posted last week. Ghost did the work so it is his bread. He needs it for his family…

        If they had held out…they maybe could have gotten more. In Dubai that is weekend money….

      • Knickfan4life

        It was a auction

      • Anthony Mason

        I would have done it different. What if Subway Jarred had bought that s***. Lmao!!!

      • Bro, they vet buyers at these high level auctions, you’ve got to play due diligence due to money laundering laws.

      • When ghost found out he should have taken a different approach when the media questioned him. I don’t think he expected Martin to respond. LOL

        As much as I like his music I don’t like the fact that’s he’s taking the moral high ground whilst still clutching on to ” blood money”.

        100% agree that RZA shouldn’t have sold it to Martin if they didn’t like his business practices, but I suppose they needed that sale, even though RZA said he didn’t know about Martin’s business practices.

      • Anthony Mason

        RZA made that s*** up. I’m sure he talked to him , asked him what he did for a living and Googled him…..

      • Yeah, I think he did, he’s an intelligent and strategic dude, I’ve just read that he said even before Martin’s business practices came to light he ( RZA) donated some money to charity. But I’m sure that was after he discovered those things about Martin. That was a wise move on RZA’s part though to avoid too much public backlash.

        The contracts were agreed in May, but there was lots of intel about Martin’s business practices since 2014. But I suppose RZA just wanted someone to take the darn album and part with cash.

        Martin is a real funny dude though, looking back on how he / or his team were using a hip hop persona to ramp up stock prices is kind of funny these folks were using ebonics to pump and dump stock via twitter. LOL.

      • Yep you read it right, in layman terms bro, ghost doesn’t like the fact that the guy is making so much off a drug that could save people’s lives. Isn’t it the same money that was used to buy the album?

        If he’s that ethical a person then why not take a stand and donate his portion to a charitable cause? He won’t, and he’s glad the album sold and just wants to distance himself from that dude, as he tends to do when things get controversial.

        Ghost should have just stayed mute or side tracked that question when it was initially asked.

        You think RZA gives a F who purchased the album even though he claimed not to know the business practices of Martin? I’m sure RZA ain’t that green. He just wanted a sale.

        And no ghost does not need to smash anyone he needs to learn how to react to the media.

  • Markus

    In the long run when dude gets thrown in jail and the feds take his money and in his cell the only company he has besides his cell mate that may or may not use him as his personal blanket is that Wu album he bought,that’s when he’ll know he lost.

  • that dude

    He called him Michael Jackson nose…..Hahahahaha

    • Anthony Mason

      Ghost has a knack for calling people out for exactly what they resemble. He has watched so many movies and cartoons he has a funny clip for all his enemies. Dude is a lyrical comedian. ..

  • Slaughtr

    Ghost don’t have to give this clown shyt so fck giving him any proceeds he bought the album so what fckin sense does that make. The biggest problem I see is that some white man bought your shyt and you let that shyt happen. another case of hip hop culture getting controlled by corporate folks., white folks at that. The wu should have carefully selected who was going to buy the album and put contract stipulations as to when albumit would be sold whatever. In a biz sense my fam Ghost if this man bought your product with his money you can’t tell him when to release shyt. In the long run the wu slipped like shyt on this one. Definitely homie talking loose I’ll bing his ass out on some serious action. Punk ass white boy talking to much shyt but yall let this happen.

  • need2morehands2give4thumbsdown

    this some real life tom n jerry shit tho

  • josh

    Ghost shouldn’t even answer this loser, one on one in a room for 5 minutes this Martin guys would get his ass handed to him by anyone

  • JerZeBoy

    this guy willcome up missing eventually

  • Q.

    Karma says Shkreli gets infected with HIV in prison by a Wu fan, and is forced to depend on his own over-priced meds.

  • ApricotNapalm

    this is funny, these guys will hang out when its over