Will Kylie Jenner Go Against Kanye West & The Family?

As if beefing with Nike wasn’t enough for Kanye West, he has now called out Puma for allegedly trying to make a shoe deal with Kylie Jenner. Kanye tweeted,

“Puma we gone give you your measly million dollars back. Never try to divide the family. 1000% there will never be a Kylie Puma anything. That’s on my family 1000%. Kylie is on Yeezy team.”

We have to wonder how Kylie feels about this. Is Ye forcing her to be #TeamYeezy? Shouldn’t she be able to have a business deal with any brand that she chooses? Kanye is still telling Kim K what to wear, so we aren’t surprised that Ye might be trying to tell Kylie who she will be doing business with. Is Ye doing too much to stay in the press around the release of his forthcoming album? Kylie’s sister Kendall Jenner seems to be completely over it as she tweeted this “mood” below. Will Kylie go against the family?

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 5.48.55 AM

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 5.49.12 AM

kendall jenner

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28 Responses to “Will Kylie Jenner Go Against Kanye West & The Family?”

      • ZUBU

        He stuck in this family now, she got him for 2 kids…
        Can’t believe this is the same brotha who wrote “Gold-digger…. SMH

      • A.P. Millz-CT

        And when you get on he leave your ass for a white girl… LOL

  1. THE.

    To be fair Kanye never was that creative, he is average but because the game is has been watered down he stood out( the man with one eye in the land of the blind), it’s HOV and most of your fault for gassing him up with ‘oh ye is a genius’ bs, now he is dilluded and big headed.

      • Professor

        I second that. And Him standing out when the game been watered down is
        incorrect. He produced Music for Jay before Like blue print 2. That was
        a high piont in the game. Also when he dropped you had artist like 50
        who also just dropped. Lilwayne realsed Carter 3, some of his best work.
        Hiphop was buzzing. Remeber he droppped like 2003. So the Game wasn’t
        watered down….

    • M.DOT

      Kanye was a producer before he became a rapper and he has made some of the best beats I’ve ever heard in hip hop. Saying he is not that creative asinine and I don’t even like Kanye’s music anymore

      • THE.

        All of Kanye’s best beats he produced are because of the samples, so much for creativity.. He is a good producer but he ain’t no creative genius!! Having the hype beast machine behind you doesn’t equal creative genius.

      • M.DOT

        I never said he was a creative genius. U have to be creative to make those sample soul beats. RZA has done that his whole career. He is creative with the shit

    • STEPH

      Nobody gassed him up, shit he did the “Blueprint” and several other shits for Hov. After the passing of his mother did he become a weirdo. It’s like that one person who you won’t show out in front of leave do you start acting a muthafuckin fool. I highly doubt she would approve of this person we see today.

      • Nervz

        Steph, can you tell me what do you know about Kanyes mom and what she would and wouldn’t approve. Just asking.

      • STEPH

        Seems to me since I didn’t just start following his career, he wasn’t out there like he is now. He was engaged to Alexis Phieffer (who his mother liked very much) who he was with for a long time, although he was an acclaimed producer, and was gaining popularity he never showed his ass, or acted like the dick he is now. Go back on Youtube and look at the events that he attended with his mother and let me know. There are some ways people act in front of their mother, then act a totally different way. It seems after he lost her this muthafucka you see now has emerged……Just saying, didn’t know if you were trying to be a smartass, so I gave you an honest answer.


    My take is this I’ve been saying this for 22 years. If you have a career in anything that’s got to do with entertainment, you have to put all relationships to the side because you get clouded with your creativity. Especially if the relationship is public and serious. You don’t want to say anything to embarrass her in your music or business dealings. Look at Dr Dre he got married then said he didn’t want to do gangter rap ot flopped she had to tell him be yourself and he went back to doing what he used to do. Look at jay z his music has changed since being married to Beyonce. Now look at kanye her mom is into everything so his music has definitely changed. Relationships are tricky in entertainment.

    • Professor

      I think Jay Music changed as he got older.. He’s always been a artist to rap about his life from selling dope to Creating Roc -A -Fella… He’s not that twenty something hussler on the street. He friend with the President, Bankers etc.. He can’t rapa bout selling dope and what not becasue he not doing that anymore!

      I get what you mean about relantionships though. I think Kayne should let her do her thing, Business is business nothing personal…

  3. StephenDedalus

    Headline: Will Kylie Jenner Go Against Kanye West & The Family?

    Yappin’ about these tramps like they the Corleone’s. AHH needs to get a grip.

  4. Dope

    Wow.. just wow. Why am I even reading this. And Kanye keeps disappointing. I know it’s all just album promotion in the last few weeks, but still.

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