Black Thought Discusses J Dilla’s Impact On Hip Hop Culture (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Many fans and artists celebrated the late James “J Dilla” Yancey’s birthday on February 10. Before his death in 2006, the acclaimed Hip Hop producer worked with music visionaries such as Slim Village, De La Soul, Busta Rhymes, Common, Erykah Badu, Talib Kweli, and many others.

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Jay Dee was also a regular collaborator with The Roots. In a video posted to the Ambrosia For Heads YouTube channel, the band’s front man, Black Thought, spoke about the impact the Detroit icon had on Hip Hop culture.

“Dilla was the common denominator between Kanye West, Pharrell, The Roots, A Tribe Called Quest, The Pharcyde, Erykah Badu, and D’Angelo. The list goes on and on,” said Black Thought. “Dilla’s influence transcended genres and regions. It was something that we were all willing to fit the bill in order to travel to Detroit and go to this grown man’s mother’s basement to experience.”

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Watch Black Thought’s interview below.

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  • Q.

    FACT CHECK: Dilla was born on the 7th, not the 10th. He passed on the 10th.

    Dilla is Top 5 GOAT producer. And he could spit! #FACTS


      funny how no one said that while he was alive.

      • Q.

        I think we did. He was just under-recognized…the same way he is now. But I NEVER heard a wack Dilla beat.


        For the record I don’t put him in the the top 5 or even top 10. He’s not wack by any means and if I see his name in some credits I don’t expect a wack song but c’mon. No one spoke of him in this manner till AFTER he died.

        But I guess that’s what happens when you hanging out in Cali with the sons and nephews of industry peeps. They have the marketing connects to create this mystique around you.

        And if he’s credited with creating Neo Soul, that was the official softening of the sound of hiphop, why you see Kanye and all these supposed hiphop artists with too much singing on their records. The dulling of the edge is nothing to be proud of imo.

      • Q.

        LOL Dilla not Top 5? You either high or trollin’, B. If not, put together a better Top 5. Just because you weren’t up on the man when he was alive doesn’t mean he wasn’t the truth. Top 40 charts don’t dictate Hip-Hop legends–his catalog speaks for itself. And for the record, Dilla didn’t create neo-soul–matter of fact, the artists they labelled “neo-soul” didn’t even like that term. Dilla produced classics for both Hip-Hop and R&B artists though. Do your homework.


        why would you talk that way? As if I don’t know anything. Alienating the other party isn’t the proper way to build. That Neo Soul ish is something I got from some comments made after Dilla weekend. And whether they like it or not it doesn’t matter, that’s what it’s called and identified as. My top 5:

        1.DJ Premier
        2.Pete Rock
        4.Lord Finesse
        5.El-P(although not a fan of RTJ, yes, it’s true)

      • Q.

        I’m not interested in debating trivia. Do the research on neo-soul, and the artists labelled “neo-soul” and find out what they had to say about it.
        And El-P better than Dilla? LMAO …Even El-P would look at you sideways for that. LMAO


        aw man, you’re just the typical internet bozo. You speak for El-P now . yeah. Oh and:

        Funcrusher Plus
        Little Johnny For the Hospitul
        Cold Vein
        Fantastic Damage
        I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead
        Cancer For Cure
        I Phantom
        Mo Mega
        Run The Jewels 1 & 2

        Plus all the random tracks he did on the Def Jux Presents Comps, for Murs, Sir Menelik, etc.

        This man has had a run comparable to DJ Premier’s Gangstarr Foundation albums and the first batch of WU releases by RZA. All hardcore pure unadulterated HIPHOP. He produces full albums with no sellout ish. You do your homework .

      • Q.

        LOL. We’re calling names now. Cool. You sound like a butthurt whiteboy with that El-P is better than Dilla ish. Poppycock! I’ve heard half those albums you named. El-P is dope, but his beats lack the raw SOUL that J Dilla brought. Dilla’s catalog is more extensive than El-P’s. While El-P was relegated to underground Hip-Hop, Dilla worked with a more diverse range of artists; Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, all before his death at age 32. Even Pete Rock said Dilla is a GOAT!


        lol @ accusing someone of being white then going on to use “Poppycock!” in the next sentence. I’m not white and if you’ve only heard half of the albums I listed then you really shouldn’t be passing judgement on them.

        I didn’t “sh!t” on Dilla, I just don’t think he belongs in a top 5 or 10 hiphop producers of all time list and that all this “dilla is the best” talk only happened after the mystique of his death. I even said I liked his work in my original post. Do you have short term memory loss? Do you have borderline personality disorder? Now do you see why I called you a bozo?


      • Q.

        You must be new to Hip-Hop, like less than 10-15 years a fan–to act like Dilla isn’t a GOAT is asinine. That’s like debating if Kobe Bryant should be in the NBA Hall of Fame or not–it’s a silly discussion. You couldn’t reasonably put 10 producers ahead of Dilla in prolificness, success or esteem amongst Hip-Hop fans. Even the producers on your list give it up to Dilla as one of the all-time greats. If you knew Hip-Hop you would’ve known that… You’re trying to tell me Dilla wasn’t discussed about as a super producer before he died, when he absolutely was, whereas I’ve never heard El-P’s name mentioned in Top 10s PERIOD. You’ve made no case at all why Dilla isn’t a great; you just regurgitated someone else’s safe Top 4, and tacked your caucasian idol on the end. You’re not fooling me! LOL You’re just like the white guys who come on where trying to convince us that Eminem is the greatest emcee of all time, and whining when we tell you he isn’t. LMAO You’re probably the same guy, because he was acting buttsore just like you. If you can’t back your claims with evidence, miss me with the empty insults. Actually, miss me with your opinion. It’s worthless to me.


        Evidence? these are opinions there is no evidence for opinions. Eminem to me is wack as fvck. His albums are wack as fvck. Can’t vibe to his subject matter over the soulless boring bland beats he chooses. I’m an independent thinker. Sorry you can’t handle that. Sorry that you’re racist and can’t accept that El-P is ridiculously nice on the boards. And oh yeah I’m not white Mr.Poppycock.

      • Q.

        “you’re racist”<—LMAO Because I said Dilla is Top 5. Yeah, you're definitely caucasian. Thanks for confirming. Out. LOL #WHITEPOWER


        I thought my opinion was worthless to you? Why you responding? See, you’re a bozo that can’t even honor his word.

        You’re not racist because You think Dilla is a top 5 producer. Does that make sense to you? You’re racist because of how you played the race card with El-P and tried to disparage me on some assumption that I’m white because I think El-P makes dope beats. I guess Killer Mike is white too right?

        I knew you weren’t the sharpest tool in the shed since I first called you a bozo. I’m PUERTO RICAN you b!tch a$$. Righteous intelligence. You wish you could be me. Go read a book. You will get no more responses from me regarding this so have a ball.

      • Q.

        Your opinion IS worthless. I can’t take you seriously. Once you called me racist, I knew you were full of sh!t You’re Puerto Rican now? LMAO And? Be gone, interloper!

    • cricejr

      1) Dr. Dre
      2) Pete Rock
      3) Dilla
      4) Premier
      5) RZA

      • Xxplosive 1

        DJ Quik
        Q Tip
        DJ Uneek

      • cricejr

        I like all those guys, I guess it’s a matter of aesthetics. That list is who I think is best all time, not my favs. Faves go like this:

        1) Dilla
        2) Pete Rock
        3) Q-Tip
        4) Madlib
        5) 9th Wonder OR Thes One

  • Markus

    The music game misses the sound of geniuses like Dilla,Premier, Pete Rock and even vintage Dre for that matter. Not the same anymore and that’s a shame.

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