DMX Denies Drug Use Caused Recent Hospital Visit

DMX was recently hospitalized after being found unconscious after suffering from an asthma attack. Although a rep for X confirmed that he does in fact suffer from asthma, it was unclear as to what triggered the recent attack. There have now been allegations that it actually wasn’t asthma that caused DMX to fall unconscious. Allegedly DMX was seen ingesting a powdery white substance that may have triggered a near fatal overdose. A rep for DMX has denied that any such activity took place before DMX’s asthma attack. His rep maintains that DMX fell victim to both his asthma and his bronchitis, as he couldn’t get to his inhaler quick enough. We sure hope DMX is not usually drugs again. What are your thoughts?

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5 Responses to “DMX Denies Drug Use Caused Recent Hospital Visit”

  1. Undertaker316

    my thoughts? well tmz wasn’t getting enough clicks with the asthma attacks story so they decided to call it an overdose to get more of them clicks
    Don’t believe everything you read,
    Don’t believe everything you hear,
    and only half of what you see -DMX

  2. jrredd65

    He needs to drop an album .. I’m tired of these fruit loop azz rappers , studio gangsta’s k.t.o.h… ain’t knw such thing a gangsta’s n this day n age if there is they sur ain’t trying be seen bounce on stages n the idiot box like monkey wit wings..I glad I listen to backspin n swayinthemorning. .most rappers today ain’t rapping bout shit anyway same o same ….BULL💩💩

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