G.O.O.D. Music’s Cyhi The Prynce Talks Kanye West & Drake Using “Ghostwriters” (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Cyhi The Prynce may not be the most famous member of the G.O.O.D. Music roster, but the Atlanta native has built a reputation among his followers as being a top-notch lyricist. While Cyhi has yet to release an official solo album under the label, he has worked with G.O.O.D. founder Kanye West on his LPs.

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During a sit down with Montreality, Cyhi was asked about the practice of ghostwriting in Hip Hop. The conversation has been a major topic in the culture since Meek Mill claimed Drake did not write the lyrics for his verse on “R.I.C.O.” and reference tracks of Quentin Miller recording Drizzy’s lines leaked to the internet.

Some Hip Hop fans believe having someone else write your bars eliminates you from the conversation of great emcees. Others argue the final product is all that matters.

“I agree with both sides. But what you have to understand about artists like Drake and Kanye, they’ve already bodied Hip Hop,” stated Cyhi. “They’ve already reached every plateau. Every BET award, every MTV award, every Grammy you get for Hip Hop, they’ve gotten it.”

The rapper/songwriter continued by comparing rap stars to acts from other genres. He made the point that many Pop and R&B artists have multiple people helping them craft records.

“Whitney Houston’s in the studio or Adele’s in the studio with 20 people. And she wins the Grammy. Or Sam Smith wins the Grammy because he had 30 people working on this project, when you feel like as a rapper you can only have yourself,” added Cyhi. “That’s what I think Meek didn’t understand in the cases of Drakes and Kendricks. When you get to competing for those legendary Oscars, Grammys, and American Music Awards – Justin Bieber is not in the studio by himself.”

It should be noted that Meek accused Drake of paying Quentin Miller to write his full verses for him which is different from co-writing, but Miller has denied being a “ghostwriter” for the OVO leader. Also, Kendrick Lamar has never been connected to ghostwriting allegations. The TDE representative actually spoke out against the practice in his song “King Kunta.”

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Watch Cyhi The Prynce’s interview below.

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  • Whodi

    So Kanye use ghost writers but he want people to believe he is the best artist in the 21 first century.

    • Tribe Of Soundz

      Exactly, as well as ghost producers; Kanye’s name should never be metioned in the conversation of top 5 MC

      • Savimbi

        Nobody’s ever considered him top 5 mc, but he’s still in my top 10 insofar as best to ever do it in hip-hop overall, considering both producing and artistry.

    • Eli Pinilla

      You can tell whose writes his shit by who he’s around….and can def tell when it’s his raps cuz they superficial as shit.

    • Keyser Soze

      In Kanye’s defense there’s a difference between being an artist (production, rhyming, performing,clothes,shoes etc) and Just being a rapper singer etc… Nobody can argue Kanye is a better rapper than Hov,Nas,Em.. but when you factor in all the extra he may be the best artist…

  • Obi Won

    So Cyhi basically is a writer for Kanye, and still need the checks coming in.
    I’m no rapper, BUT I thought the basic principles of being a rapper was: Someone gives you a beat, and you think of the right words to go with it. Versus a singer who is mostly being praised for their voice.

  • The difference between Kanye and Drake is that everyone knows what Kanye’s calling card is. He’s known for the beats. He never walked around talking that “I’m the best lyricist” sh*t. Meanwhile, Drake ain’t no producer. He doesn’t have any other calling card to the hip hop game except what he spits (Singing is an R&B trait, it’s not a hip hop calling card). And to top it off, Drake walks around talking that lyricist sh*t. So these comparisons are night and day. Kanye gets a pass like Dr. Dre gets a pass. Kanye has long ago stamped his fingerprints all over the game with his production skills. And a lot of it was before he even had a deal as an artist. Drake doesn’t get that privilege. If you claim to be the dopest MC you gotta stand on that and battle like a real MC.

  • Live Well

    This fool tried to throw Kendrick in there to make his point. SMH

  • ursocalledgod

    I like drakes shyt, well his rap shyt he can miss me with that singing bullshyt. I like kanyes old shyt when he was actually rapping. now for the shyt both of them do I can see writers, but having someone write BARS for you? no way. that’s why neither one of these cats will EVER be considered one of the greats when it comes to emcees. you NEVER heard of nas, jay, black thought, Face, etc being accused of having a ghostwriter.


    At the end of the day, all of these rappers who consistently drop dope bars get help with they lyrics. very few will admit it. Meek is a subpar rapper so he doesnt understand this

    • Watever

      Getting help with a bar here and there is completely different than paying someone to write your entire verse. A lot of rappers get help with lines, but real emcees don’t just recite entire verses someone else wrote.

      • Black Adam

        Exactly. Case closed.

    • Celz

      Listen to Meeks Ice Cream freestyle.. More bars than Drake ever spit.. And commercial rappers need help. The ones I listen to don’t.

  • Frank Yoster

    Drakes a homo

    • Nana De Baus

      he sucked you?

  • Markus

    Asking a ghostwriter what he thinks about ghostwriting. He was totally unbiased. Smh.

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  • Black Adam

    Cyhi has just entered his name for fuk boy of the year. Go somewhere with that Cyhi. If you dont know the difference between Justin Bieber and an MC in hip hop then you dont belong in Hip Hop. MC’s dont let another writer, write an ENTIRE verse for them and you know this.

  • Celz

    You wrong Cyhi.. It’s simple as this. The act of rapping lyrics is not very hard. It takes minimal practice for most people when compared to singing producing and running a major label. That’s why Puffy, Adele, and Dre can have ghost writers, and no OVO does not count as a major label. Being a producer and having a mid level label and tons of other shyt going on Kanye could use a ghost writer, BUT he needs to be clear about it like Dre and Puffy. Kanye had Kendrick do a reference verse for All Day but his actual verses were way different so we don’t know if he just used inspiration for the song which does happen, or if someone actually wrote his bars.. As long as being rapper isn’t your main contribution to music, you don’t want to be known as a top tier rapper, and you let it be known you have writers then go for it..

    • that dude


  • that dude

    Cyhi bout to get another check for this interview alone.

  • game213

    I think this whole ghost writing shit is stupid and lets call a spade a spade, this whole shit was just brought up to try and tarnish drake’s legacy as an mc. I dont lose any respect for drake as an mc cause he had help with 3 to 6 songs which are not even lyrical songs but just mix tape fillers and for the clubs to turn up to and have fun to. now if it were to come out that drake did not write songs like lord knows, any of his time zone tracks, fear, 30 for 30 freestyle, fear, say whats real, the calm, 0 to 100, dreams money can buy, summer sixteen etc then of course i will say he does not deserve to talk about being the best mc. But to put his whole career as being ghost written cause of a few tracks which are not even tracks that people looked at like thats a crazy lyrical track is stupid. And the people who push this whole thing act like they had drake in their top 5 and then they heard and about quentin miller and then lost all respect for drake.

  • RichFromBX

    in pop-rap you need to keep you current and well, popular… hip hop is the only genre of music where it’s expected that you write 100% of your own material. It’s unrealistic to think a rapper can put years in the game and stay relevant without a ghostwriter.

    Hip hop has always been based in the moment and when that moment has passed, your career is over otherwise get people who can help you stay in the moment.

    • Black Adam

      Everyone else in the game follows that rule and had to sit down or go underground when they ran out of steam and things to say. Its natural and expected at some point. Wheres the integrity in the art? Some of you that say its ok to write for another MC just arent seeing the bigger picture. If anyone can just pen a rappers lyrics then ANYBODY can be a rapper and you will loose the integrity and respect of the art and those that actually have strong minds to maintain a high caliber of lyricism for an extended period of time. If you want to make pop raps then call yourself a pop artist and go over there.

      No cheat codes just because dude happens to be your fav rapper. NO…Motherfukin…CHEAT…Codes!

  • THISIS50

    he made some good points

  • game213

    it is unrealistic for you to think that artist like wayne, jay-z, nas, pac, who all have a huge catalog of music have written every bar of all the songs they had.

    • RazaBladeKing

      No. No one is talkin about “every bar”. If you wrote 14 of your 16 bars and took a couple hot lines, that’s still your verse. We’re talkin whole verses bein written by someone else here. And since we’re talkin rappers, who don’t have a 9 to 5 or a commute, we’re talkin about people with a LOT of free time, so I don’t even think it’s unrealistic to think they write (or in Jay, Wayne, and Pac’s case, freestyle) most of their sh*t with no help at all.

      • Marc Btes

        watch “fade to black” rick ruben scene….2 people rube and jay

      • RazaBladeKing

        Honestly, I’m not a Jay-Z fan, I didn’t even hear the Black Album till last year, and to be frank, I don’t wanna. Summarize it for me.

      • Watever

        Rubin didn’t write verses for Jay. In the scene you’re talking about Rubin even says Jay writes all of his own lyrics in his head. So I don’t see your point.

      • Marc Btes

        That was my point, it was in reply to bro saying jay had 20 people in the studio with him. He never did every scene, maybe 5 at the most at 1 time. I was not saying Rubin wrote any of Jay-z lyrics, Im the biggest Jay fan you will ever meet bro

      • Watever

        Ok gotcha.

      • Brindle


  • RazaBladeKing

    Askin “Why can’t MCs use ghostwriters when singers can” is like askin “Why can’t basketball players run 5 steps without dribblin when football players can”… THAT’S JUST THE F*CKIN RULES. That’s what MCin is. It’s not a fair comparison. MCs aren’t expected to hit the right notes, inflect their voices, shift pitch, etc like a singer is expected to. But MCs are supposed to deliver their spoken-word contribution with conviction and authenticity, and you can’t do that if someone else wrote the 16. Not the hook, not the intro, not the outro… the 16. I don’t understand why people wanna change the rules cuz their favorite pop rapper got caught usin PEDs, metaphorically speakin. Baseball didn’t legalize steroids just cuz the Home Run king got caught usin em. We can justify the rule after the fact, but no one should have to. It’s the F*CKIN rule.

  • Q.

    Cyhi’s just running interference for his boss, but if you really pay attention to this rap sh!t, you consistently see superior emcees signed to labels getting used to prop up wack n!ggas or getting pushed to the background. 30 other wack nIggas albums will get released before the dude on the roster who can actually spit–WHY? Because intelligent lyrics stimulate minds. Stimulated minds think more critically. Critical minds question authority. And you see how that follows…This is the deliberate dummification of Hip-Hop lyricism.

    Bottom line: Lyricism is the emcee’s identity. The way he/she writes and delivers his/her thoughts is unique and HAS TO be their own. Period. There’s no way around this. This is why it was always considered a cardinal sin to bite another rapper’s style. Getting help on a hook is one thing, getting inspiration on a bar or two is one thing…but no rapper should sound so generic that any random n!gga can spit their verses and they sound interchangeable–that means you have no or very little style. No style or signature as an emcee is a tell-tale sign that YOU ARE WACK. Just rhyming words and a few clever punchlines in a monotone voice is not clearing the bar. We been there done that 25 years ago. Fvck was y’all at? Oh yeah, on your momma’s titty.


    • YoungZari

      word word word


    i still say, if i ever heard jay z, nas, Andre 3000, scar-face, or biggie used ghost writers, i would never listen to hip hop again….so i don’t know what he talking bout

  • Brindle

    Like this cat but can’t trust his opinion on this topic being that he writes for Kanye…

  • Brindle

    NO MAN CLAIMING EMCEE SHOULD HAVE SOMEONE WRITING THEIR RHYMES… producers such as Dre, P.diddy, is a different matter…

    • TMillz74

      Exactly, I agree

  • Tone215

    Who give a shit

  • josh

    I though Cyhi wasn’t with Good Music anymore? And finding out a hiphop artists doesn’t write his own rhymes is like finding out an athlete used steroids I don’t like it

  • Psyer

    I understand the G.O.O.D. Music artist’s position.

    Bottom line is this. .. you’re not the best if you use PEBs, performance enhancing bars, in hip-hop.

    We don’t give a f*ck about how many trophies they give you

  • James lewis

    Peace. Ghostwriting in “hip hop” is a cardinal sin! Ghostwriting in “rap” may be accepted. Only true hip hop heads know that there is a difference between “hip hop” & rap, but a lot of folks use the terns interchangeably.

  • James lewis

    Ghostwriting is not helping w a line or two. Ghostwriting is basically writing a verse or two or a song. Having said that, one cannot claim to be 1 of the BEST mc’s if he’s using a ghostwriter. He can be 1 of the hottest, cuz that’s refers to time, but not 1 of the best cuz that refers to the art of

  • James lewis

    My bad, I meant he could be 1 of the hottest “rappers “, but definitely not 1 of the best mc’s. Noticed how I differentiate between mc & rapper? MC’s are hip hop while rappers are rap

  • James lewis

    Understanding is the key