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EXCLUSIVE: Playboy Radio Preps Master P’s ‘Doin Tha Most,’ Airs Next Week

(AllHipHop News) Percy “Master P” Miller, an established icon and entrepreneur, continues to increase his revenue streams. Recently, the music mogul announced his new partnership with Playboy Radio. Next Tuesday (Feb. 16), Doin Tha Most will premiere to Playboy Radio’s 85 million subscribers, this exclusively confirmed with AllHipHop.

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Mr. Miller’s cultivated candor and unabashed honesty will serve to bolster Huge Hefner’s legacy. He will navigate the topics of entertainment, sports, news, relationships,  and gossip.  Master P is certain to share his signature insight. In addition to hosting, P has been entrusted to serve as the executive producer for his upcoming radio show.

“Hugh Hefner is a living legend,” reflected the self-made millionaire, “I will bring that classy party-vibe to Playboy Radio. Everyday is a movie and I’m the director.”

21 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: Playboy Radio Preps Master P’s ‘Doin Tha Most,’ Airs Next Week”

    • Chase Money

      I heard he gonna have movie coming out to The Ice Cream Man or was it The King of The South…. One of those but thats an instant purchase, he started that whole South Shit

      • ZUBU

        Yeah I heard about the movie as well, suppose to be based roughly on his life, or the entire No Limit experience

  1. Shaun Thomas

    Master P the Don. Is this going to come out on TV too or only on Radio? #DoinThaMost I see on Twitter with those funny ass post. @dointhamostent

      • Maine Musik

        I thought It was on XM radio but I think they got a Youtube Channel Doin That Most they got some Short Bit*h in heels and everything lol hahaah

      • Merabi Sons

        He got a lot of dope pics of the show on his Instagram @officialMasterP

  2. Merabi Sons

    Did you see Master P instagram thats where all the footage is at plug I think the show got a Instagram as well @Dointhamostent they got @MichaelBlackson with his MuthaSukahhh

  3. Chase Money

    I heard he was going to be in Detroit, with Bun B and 8 Ball & MJG for a Concert, I aint gonna miss that always wanted to see them in the 90’s growin up

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