TBT Classics: Tupac & Biggie Showcase The Art of Freestyling

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Let’s take a trip back into time. How about the ’90’s? The MCs were golden — well — some of them. Party music was relegated to its proper realm. Here lyricism was not overlooked for leaning bars. Hip-Hop even boasted a more balanced kaleidoscope of artists.

Everything was available. Profound MCs challenged thought and delivered penetrating perspectives, while inane (w)rappers spit Dr. Seuss-rhymes; there was something readily available to satisfy everyone.

During that time, two critically-acclaimed wordsmiths arose to earn a timeless legacy. Tupac and B.I.G., will be forever celebrated for their uncanny ability to use their words to provoke feeling and arouse a startling clear mental picture.

Check out the video as those two showcase the now-archaic art of freestyling.

Will the corporations ever allow Hip-Hop to fully embrace its five core elements?

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16 Responses to “TBT Classics: Tupac & Biggie Showcase The Art of Freestyling”

  1. disqus_wP9qaQP4Hv

    It’s Free-styling right? Biggie didn’t but Pac did. The Genius that Pac was, biggie had a minute to re-up already written and studied Rap. Free styling is the Art of rhyming using things around you like Pac did.

  2. ursocalledgod

    LOVE these two niggaz but that freestyle was wack lol even for back then. I remember seeing it way back and said the same shyt.

  3. pauleyPee

    Pac little freestyle was cool. This is what freestyle is. I’m not a hater, I like current trends in lyricism. Too much of the same would be boring… But again, Pac always had a way with just simple realness.

  4. ZUBU

    That was dope…. Sure it was simplex but it was real. Some of Big’s lines may have been already written…. Pac just went of the Top…..
    Sad both of these brothas are gone……..

  5. Dope

    It has nothing to do with ”corporations”. Today everyone has a home studio and can record good shit, but the audience of today simply wouldn’t buy Pac and Big, even that is too complex for them, they want a simple beat and ever simpler ”rhymes”. The audience makes an artist huge, and there is simply not enough audience, or maybe not enough good lyrical rappers today. Kendrick did it, J Cole did it, so maybe it’s just that most rappers choose to go down the easy money route.

  6. Brindle

    GOOD SHIT… the dumbed down audience doesn’t know what they are missing, and when you try to show them, they run from it…

    • RazaBladeKing

      Damn, bruh, you got the same song every time. Nobody from the east is on because yall have a hater culture and you’ve isolated yourselves. You hated the west in the 90s, and you hate the south now. But French is trash, ASAP mob is replaceable, and the only reason they’re even on is because they bit the south and got the hell out of yalls local markets. Scarface and Cole would body most of your local artists, and nobody cares about the ones that wouldn’t get bodied cuz they can’t even get out of yalls hatin-ass local markets. Keep hatin the south, keep hatin yourselves, and keep gettin ignored by the rest of us

      • Butch Magnus Milosevic

        You sound butthurt, bro. First off, the perception that NY artist hate everyone else is an overblown facade. Realistically, the entire Hip Hop industry pretty much operates out of NYC so any southern or west coast artist who’s achieved any stardom has done so because the city has embraced them to some degree.Even the artist you mentioned would tell you that. The issue is that over here, we’re not just going to embrace an artist because he’s from here. He actually has to be talented. In the South, and on the West, local artist get support simply because they’re local, no matter how bad they suck, that’s why the entire culture has been overrun with Future and Migos soundalikes. You can hold on to the Glory days of Scarface and Outkast if you’d like, but the reality is, southern MC’s and west coast MC’s could never hold a candle to NY or the rest of the east coast, and the only ones that could, only could because they studied us, and they’d be the first to admit it…

    • THE_NikiG

      Don’t blame it on the South. There are dope lyricists from each region. People should be held responsible for endorsing these Pied-Piper rappers.

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