#RIP Mike Brown: U.S. Department Of Justice Suing City Of Ferguson

After Mike Brown was shot and killed in Ferguson, Missouri the United States Justice Department decided conduct an investigation about the handling of the Mike Brown case. Now after the investigation has been completed the Justice Department is suing the City of Ferguson for violating a host of amendments and civil rights laws. Hopefully this is an example for future rulings and standards of police departments. No Justice, No Peace.

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4 Responses to “#RIP Mike Brown: U.S. Department Of Justice Suing City Of Ferguson”

  1. Markus

    How sad is it that the good people at the Justice Department acknowledges wrongdoing being perpetrated on the residents of Ferguson and instead of bringing the murderer responsible for bringing attention to this town in the first place,they indict the city as a whole. Nice consolation prize if it cleans up the pig department in place and the local government undergoes proper changes,but Darren Wilson is still free on the streets. And as long as he remains that way,then justice will never be truly served.

  2. sparkchark

    I have so much weariness within my heart I feel like enough is enough we have to destroy this white supremacist system! I want to truly be free and as long as this system will remain in place there shall be no freedom or peace…our kids are dying and the conditions set are only going to worsen for us…I got a feeling trump is gonna get in office and we’re going to be targeted as a whole just like how Hitler blamed the Jews for all of their problems… Blacks are beaten at his rallies and no one speaks out…then you have the private corporations targeting us for our f**king organs! We gotta stand up yall we gotta do something!

  3. Lacey Sheridan

    We, too, are weary; why can’t you do more to reduce the violence and become contributing members of society? If we could undo slavery, we would; it was a tragedy whose horrors live with us still. But we can’t undo it. And we can’t pay forever, either.

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