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Rihanna VS Beyonce: RIAA Crowned Who The Queen Of R&B?

Photo Credit: Instagram

With the recent focus on Beyoncé’s “Formation,” Rihanna, has quietly usurped the crown from Queen B.  ANTI is the crown jewel. RiRi’s creative efforts have earned her a historic distinction. The Bajan-bred beauty has been certified by RIAA as the “first artist in Gold & Platinum history to earn 100 million song awards,” as announced on Twitter.

Yesterday, the ecstatic artist thanked her legion of loyal supporters, “Navy y’all did this i$h!!! FIRST & ONLY certified with 100M song awards & is PLATINUM!!” Note the number of exclamation marks used to demonstrate her joy.

Check out the tweets:

Will  Beyoncé plan a creative coup to take that crown?

  • ZUBU

    Hip Hop?…….. Entertainment-Hop……….. SMH Bossip-Hop……

  • Who is the queen of R&B? My vote goes to Drake. 😂😂😂😂

    • STEPH


    • Saiyan Prince

      Flawless victory!

  • The Legendary Troll

    Im surprised the two havent collaborated on a mega hit by now. You’d think that would’ve been the next move for Beyonce

    • Leonard Tarver

      They will never collaborate because obviously Beyonce don’t like her… lmao

  • josh

    Anti never went platinum streams don’t count for 1 and Samsung buying a million copies and giving it to customers doesn’t count either it’s pure album sales. As for Queens? Queen of pop is easily Janet you can’t take that from her and R&B is Mary J Blidge

    • Anti is 1% of that prize bro. Litereally.

      I agree tho, the “queen” crowning is a bit out of place.

  • jacksjus

    I’d put these two in the pop category because there isn’t much soulful to either’s music.

    Not dissing but you can’t call that R&B.

  • Sean Taylor

    So this is what’s considered R&B these days??

    Damn shame…

  • This chick is GRILLING ish! F the numbers, we know the power in her presence and how felt it is among a specific demographic. Good job RiRi GET EM!

  • Jay Bennett

    Soooo……did she get an award for selling 100 million songs? Really??? They mean she’s the first to get an award for selling 100,000,000 million but clearly is NOT the first to get there…right? And this is just SONGS not even albums. Gotta fan my way through the smoke and make sure i don’t bump into any mirrors!

    • Mikchek

      I don’t think its actual songs bro…I think its like music awards…like from the award shows etc…

    • You can downplay 100 certifications (not neccesarily 100,000,000 sales) but fact is, it’s quite impressive.

  • Eli Pinilla


  • K. Lionheart

    I never really considered Rihanna to be R&B. She’s more of a pop artist.

  • brotha_man

    random thought: keyshia cole fine af

    • Leonard Tarver

      Awesome thought

    • STEPH

      Damn you ain’t never lied.

  • Stop trying to start BEFF!

  • The Gary Group

    Seeing as they’re both pop artists, neither. R&B is dead

    • TheAfroRican

      It’s not dead. It’s alive right along hip-hop in the underground.

  • acb87

    ppl not a genre its just means popular , they both are pop r&b artist

  • Papi Peligro

    She been past Beyonce sales wise

    • Domestically ?
      She IS more popular abroad for sure though.

  • Mary J Blidge

  • DJ7

    Doesn’t really matter to me…both are beautiful black sistas doing the damn thing

  • Lyrics

    It’s our modern day Michael Jackson vs Prince. You can’t lose either way muscially.

    • ursocalledgod

      you should be ashamed of yourself even mentioning these two broads in the same breath as Mike and Prince! BLASPHAMEY.

  • Gayntn97

    Neither one of them is r&b there pop.

    • ursocalledgod


  • That is pretty crazy tho, even tho Anti was a give away

  • The Wackness Vs Dope

    yeah you guys would let the RIAA tell you which one of your kids can live. Rihanna doesn’t even compare to beyonce as an artist. It’s like comparing micheal jackson in his prime (thriller) to the weeknd in his prime (now), lets keep it all the way 100 rihanna can’t even hit those notes like that and at the end of the day it’s about the music not RIAA and their dodgy counting systems. Those cats are clowns trying to tell ppl their album is platinum because it got mentioned in a million tweets.

  • TheAfroRican

    I don’t listen to either one. I like my R&B with quality, not quantity.

  • FerragamoFelz


  • ursocalledgod

    smh think back to the REAL R&B singers. anita, sade, Aretha, Natalie cole, patti, chaka chan. now look at these two ratchet azz ” artists” you telling me these byotches can even compare? they are out classed, out talented, voices don’t compare, it aint even fair. what I hate about byonce is she can actually sing her choices of songs are fuccing HORRIBLE and ratchet. rhianna is just complete TRASH to me. cant sing, looks like an alien, corny azz ratchet songs. yet this is who they say are competing for queen LMAO.

  • baller187

    beyonce been done its her stuck up ass ego that wont let it go, RHIANNA took over years ago


    Shit the winner is Jay…..He got both of them…..Queen of R&B…Mary J. Blige

  • Saiyan Prince

    Beyoncé is past the point of even needing to drop music. Just like her husband. She drops one song along with a video, and the world loses its sh*t. Much like Jay. Let him drop a song tonight and the internet would blow the heck up. Don’t get me wrong, Rih does her thing heavy, but that Hive is much stronger than the Navy.

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