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The Cast Of “The People vs OJ Simpson” Explain Difficulty Of Playing Roles

We can only imagine what it would have been like to step into the shoes of a reportedly suicidal and crazed man amidst murder accusations. How about being his lawyer or his friend? Cuba Gooding Jr. says it took him a month to get back into a normal state of mind after playing OJ Simpson and that it was one of his most difficult roles. Whether you think OJ did it or not, this made for TV movie is an amazing recreation of the trial roughly 20 years later after the court case of the century.

In this clip we get to see Cuba Gooding Jr, John Travolta and many others speak about getting into their roles for “The People Vs OJ Simpson.” What do you think? Did OJ do it? Tell us what you think in the poll and comments below!

11 Responses to “The Cast Of “The People vs OJ Simpson” Explain Difficulty Of Playing Roles”

  1. EL_BARK

    sit the fence on this
    the blood dna evidence is very damaging,
    yet mark furman being first on the scene
    and him being the cop who showed up in 89
    and the only one that found the blood evidence is suspect or reasonable doubt

    his daughter sydney thinks it was a drug hit
    because she heard argruing down stair and it wasnt not oj voice. and nicole got s colombian neck tie

    • ZUBU

      I think Juice may have had something to do with it, but it didn’t go down like the cops and the DA said. Mark Furman total douche, who would have no problem framing a black man; he is an admitted racist.
      Now from a logical standpoint: how in the hell could Juice be dumb enough to bring the bloody glove back to his own crib and drop it? (Follow Me Now)… Yet Juice is also smart enough to hide the murder weapon, other clothing, etc. so well that it was never found? The best crime experts in the country were searching for the weapon and other clothing, they were searching in Chicago because he flew there… Never found any of it, and of course Mark Furman jumps the fence and planted the glove there…. oops I mean he discovered it there… SMH……… Even the DNA on the sock was suspect, but that’s another story…

      • EL_BARK

        yeah i agree, its just doesnt make sense and i see why he was acquitted… you cant brutually murder two people and with all that blood, then go home and get clean up & leave the house at 11:00
        all in an half hour…. nor could he kill two people by himself with no screams or commotion???? i ruled out the bloody glove, but the blood on the bronco and inside the bronco, with their blood is the only thing that hot thinking like damn
        i never knew that back when it happen or pay it no nevermind lol like most blacks folks did

      • ZUBU

        Bro even the blood on the door handle of the Bronco was such a small amount that you need a microscope to see it. If this was him doing it there would be blood everywhere… Also one person does not kill two people in such a small space. They say Ron put up a struggle so there is no way she stands there and watched OJ, do that and just remains in the same position. There was more than one person, for certain…

  2. J Fuller

    Blame it on concussions. I am joking but serious at the same time. Whether he did it or not….and his subsequent stupidity (kidnapping, robbery, etc) can likely be attributed to concussions sustained during his NFL career. The effects of concussions are only now starting to come to light…which was hidden by the NFL for many decades.

    • ZUBU

      Robbery? That was such a joke lol. How you get charged with robbery for taking back your own shiittt that was stolen from you. They were mad he got off before, so they made sure they nailed him good this time. His codefendants snitched on him… SMh… Railroaded.. Maybe it was all the wacks to the head for him to even put himself in that position…

      • J Fuller

        I agree 100%. Only in America. A black man beats the same court system that has unproportionately imprisoned minorities for decades. Then ‘loses’ a civil case..which was essentially being tried for the same crime. Then gets railroaded and sent to jail for some bs. Perfect way to circumvent double jeopardy laws….

  3. PoloDaKid

    YAWWWWWN.. Case Closed, keep it pushin. Only God and OJ knows who did this. We all have to answer for our actions when it’s our time to go. If he did it, I sure hope he repents, asks for forgiveness and lives out his life. I couldn’t imagine the heartache the parents continue to go through knowing there son/daughter were murdered. The fact it still continues to be sensationalized shows how bored of a people we have become.

  4. Remi Dollars

    Everybody talking about if he did it or not…. shit, all you gotta do is read his book he wrote after the murders… he couldn’t be tried in court twice for the same crime cuz double jeopardy. So he wrote a book and said what happened. In his own words he tells you how shit went down. He did that shit… dont believe then just read the book.

  5. Leonard Tarver

    I don’t watch TV much but every time blacks have an opportunity to play something negative and the ratings go up, white folks get excited when it saves their crappy channel networks… lol

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