Tinashe’s “Watch Me Work” Hits The Charts Because It Was Mistaken For Rihanna’s “Work”

(AllHipHop News) Tinashe managed to benefit from all the hype surrounding Rihanna’s latest album Anti. The lead single for Ri Ri’s new LP is a track called “Work” featuring Drake. It just so happens Tinashe had a song called “Watch Me Work” on the Best Buy exclusive edition of her 2014 album Aquarius, and Rihanna fans were trolled into listening to the cut.

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According to Pop Crush, fans purposely mislabeled Tinashe’s “Watch Me Work” on YouTube as Rihanna’s “Work.” One of the videos even gained over a 11 million views before it was taken down. Those accidental streams caused “Watch Me Work” to land at #5 on Billboard‘s Bubbling Under 100 Chart. Billboard even wrongfully posted Tinashe’s song as Rihanna’s “Work” in a video (see below).

Tinashe’s record label RCA smartly jumped on the publicity from the confusion by adding “Watch Me Work” to iTunes and Vevo. The Los Angeles bred singer is next set to release her sophomore album Joyride which will likely include the singles “Party Favors” featuring Young Thug and “Player” featuring Chris Brown.

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26 Responses to “Tinashe’s “Watch Me Work” Hits The Charts Because It Was Mistaken For Rihanna’s “Work””

  1. Anthony Mason

    I still can believe you niggas think tinashe is a rhianna ripoff….

    She produces beats, sings, writes and is a classically trained dancer. You seen her videos. She also looks much much much better than Rhiannas washed up a**. Rhianna looks like that nigga from star trek with the big a** forehead. Lmao!!!

  2. Dope

    Just shows the power of stupidity. If you took the same song that somewhat sounds like Rihanna’s voice, played it titled as a Rihanna song, and played it to another group of people titled as the original, but unknown artist, the ”Rihanna” version would be graded as great, a sure hit, the other would be hated or just ignored as nothing new. And this goes for any artist, people just don’t want to judge their artists on a song by song basis or don’t have any critical thinking skills.

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