Ciara: Future Returns The Baby With Dirty Clothes, Smelling Like Smoke & Reeking Of Urine

Things between former couple Ciara and Future are getting even messier. Now the R&B singer is claiming that when she gets their son back from his father the baby is filthy.

According to the Daily Mail, Baby Future comes back to mom with dirty clothes, smelling like smoke and reeking of urine. The site got hold of a January 7th email from Ciara’s lawyer, Tanya Mitchell Graham, where she writes that CiCi “has serious concerns about [Future’s] parenting skills and the child’s safety while in his care.”


Email From Ciara’s Lawyer

Ciara is reportedly set to sue Future for $15 million because she says he ruined her reputation as a good mother by blasting her on social media, in interviews, and on his songs. Future fired back by saying Ciara is being petty and he’s thinking about filing a countersuit.

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58 Responses to “Ciara: Future Returns The Baby With Dirty Clothes, Smelling Like Smoke & Reeking Of Urine”

  1. disqus_wP9qaQP4Hv

    The extent these girls go just to hurt a man sometimes….. This is the same dude she was in love with, they slept together obviously have something in common then right, how come all that has changed that quick. Lets say she’s right, why date him, sleep with him and got impregnated by him, have baby with him… Must have seen the signs that he ain’t no good cause future has other kids that she could have used as examples to judge his parental skills…. How on earth could anyone believe her antics when she’s suing for 15million…. 15 million for what in particular i’m trying to understand… Y’all women need to lay off that ish.. y’all be smoking and don’t let a lawyer psych y’all up. whatever differences y’all have could be resolved amicably and respectably. If it’s for the best interest of the child, that man you are dragging his father through the mud and that will affect the child eventually or the relationship.

    Y’all need some money be straight and upfront with it or call your daddy just like the child can call his daddy if he need some.

    • Hank ReadaturownRisk

      Baby Future is not his first child, with that being said Ciara was with Future before the birth of her child. So if he is that bad she would have seen it first hand with the way he treats his other children. How can someone become unfit to watch a child or just the worst person/father in a matter of months.

      • Hank ReadaturownRisk

        It also States that dirty clothes were returned smelling like urine…… He’s a toddler the clothes were “DIRTY”

      • CuteNice Tobie

        Um, she didn’t always been around with Future while he has the kids in present. If you let child go back to another parent smelling like pee, it sure do tells a lot about you.

  2. Ike's Mood

    Everybody involved with this is on some bullshit. They refer to the child as “baby future”. Where are the grown people around this mess?

  3. TheAfroRican

    Ciara knew what she was getting into dealing with Future. She should have thought about that before having a baby with him. However, the both of them are idiots.

  4. STEPH

    A lot of people say she knew what she was getting into before she had a child with him, but you also expect people to change for the better. Whenever I had my kids by my first BM, I would not smoke anywhere near them or in the house (back patio type shit, even when it was freezing outside or I don’t smoke) upon bringing them back to their mother I would have them throw all their dirty clothes in the own dirty clothes basket and the day of, or before I would wash all their clothes and make sure they were clean. The reason being is because if your not with this woman any longer, they’re pissed thinking the kids are around #1 another bitch(es) and they’re looking for any reason to shit on you. She knows you smoke, and drink that shit so for those 5 days cut that shit out or to a minimum (simple right?) Not this cat smdh. You have to not give her ammunition, or feed into the bullshit. He needs to stop talking shit about her on social media also, even though people will say “he has a right to say this or that”, he’s helping her case.

  5. therealjjohnson

    Clothes being returned smelling like urine is different from your child being returned while wearing said clothes. If you’ve had children before you know they pee themeselves from time to time. If you are out and about then you change the clothes and put the soiled clothes in a bag or away somewhere until you make it home or to your destination.

    I think these things should not be made public because 1) they are private matters and 2) we have no context to actual events or circumstances, just words from lawyers.

      • therealjjohnson

        I’m not resorting to excuses. I’m not a fan of future at all. Point of my post was that context is key and you won’t get that from a press release.

        Side note: being rich has nothing to do with this.

      • Delano Walker

        Should be able to wash the baby clothes tho. Especially if your BM is already questioning your parental skill why give her any ammo.

      • Pope Chuck Paul

        because if you throw em out she may ask why did you throw the clothes out i bought that outfit, i liked that outfit, you didnt pay for that outfit.. then it’s another fight lol


        What I mean is, that you have to explain these things which is genuinely not a good sign.

        It does. Being rich means you have all means to prevent this from happening. For example, he can easily hire a nanny or 5 if he’s too busy smoking, “making music” or doing anything else that keeps his attention away from being a father.

      • therealjjohnson

        My mother has returned my child to me in clean clothes but soiled clothes in a bag. If you’re not coming from home where there is a washer and dryer the what are you supposed to do? This happens all the time. No big deal. Doesn’t mean someone is a bad parent. Either bag the clothes or throw them away. I prefer you not to throw away my child’s clothes.

  6. Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    I dont know either of them but PARENTS do lie about whhen they get their child back and report it to a lawyer. So next time Future gets the child, he should state the same? Would that be fair?

  7. @ShlomiRapper

    I know Future has ghetto tendencies, but I believe her accusations to be false and lawyer driven. If not, then WHY would you allow visitations all the time and not tackle the matter far earlier like a fit mother should do?????! *drops mic

  8. ZUBU

    So essentially he returned dirty clothes that smelled like urine, and she claims the kids coat smelled like smoke….
    If true: the kids coat smelling like smoke is a no-no, second hand smoke is bad for anyone, and even worse for a child.. As far as the dirty clothes maybe he should have washed them, or maybe not.

  9. MLB44

    So dude had a gorgeous, intelligent, successful woman who gave him a beautiful baby and wanted to be with him and be a family. Dude then cheats on her and didn’t want her anymore. She finally decides to move on and finds someone else who is more successful than dude and a much more quality person overall than dude, and who is willing to step up and be a father figure to dude’s baby. And now dude wants to be a punk and disparage her all on social media. I agree with Wendy Williams on this though, this is what Ciara gets because Future “should have been a drive by.” I don’t feel sorry for her.

  10. jacksjus

    She’s just going to put her son out there like that. You know he will grow up one day and see this. “So mom you told the world that I smelled like urine huh?”.

    Save that ish for your lawyer. Smdh!

    • Malik

      Only she didn’t put it out, it was ‘The Daily Mail’ that placed a private correspondence from her lawyer to Future into public space – well, according to this write up anyway.

      • jacksjus

        Ok got you. Well that seems highly illegal and Ciara now should sue her lawyer for not securing the communication. Damn!


    FUCTURE Worst Parent of the Year Award!
    Nuthin’ but Molly, Blunts, Bitches & Booze around HIS world!
    Hardly a place a raise a baby……………..

  12. TheBlackItalian

    Future need to stop fr fr. I mean, I ain’t saying he wrong and she right or vice versa, I’m saying she got the power to take you for all you got bruh. Just stop. She gonna put a mean hole in ya pockets just off the strength that she can. That CS can get deadly bruh. Chill.

  13. Markus

    Russell Wilson is going to curb this chick before this mess gets any dirtier. He doesn’t seem like the type of dude that will dig in with her for this kind of drama.


    he returned dirty clothes………..dirty? am i missing something? the child dirty clothes smelled ……..dirty. yeah im missing something

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