Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre Is Starring In Apple’s First Scripted Series

(AllHipHop News) Dr. Dre and Apple are making a big leap into scripted television.

Dre will star in a 6-episode series called “Vital Signs,” which is semi-autobiographical escape into the rapper’s emotional side.

Apparently, a sex scene was taped on Monday and Tuesday in a Los Angeles mansion with actor Sam Rockwell and Mo McCrae. Paul Hunter, a veteran of the music game, will direct each 30 minute episode.

No premiere date has been set and exactly how “Vital Signs” will be distributed has not been revealed. It is expected to be available on Apple Music, Apple TV and iTunes.

Vital Signs is Apple’s first attempted at scripted TV.

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  • ZUBU

    Get Em’ Dre; Dre like got the midas touch. I predict success…

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      have you heard COMPTON? :

  • THISIS50


  • Dan Tebasco

    A sex scene with Sam Rockwell… Is this his way of finally getting out of the closet? …either way, Dre couldn’t act for shit in Training Day and the lameThe Wash

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      yeah sex scene and all they mention is guys names wtf !! lol smh

  • Dope

    Dre can’t act to save his life, but I guess I’d give it a chance with one episode, just to see what it is.

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  • ancientGOD83

    Puppet on jimmys string for life….

  • Anjali Joti

    Put out a real album already, Compton LP was wack.

    • edeck7

      Dr. Dre album “COMPTON” was dope and is better than a lot of so-called GREAT artists of today best albums

      • ancientGOD83

        It wasn’t good bro. If it wasn’t Dr dre it would be trashed….. U see dre hasn’t mentioned it since.. like it never came out

      • edeck7

        I think the album is #DOPE and like I said, Lol his album is better than a lot of so-called good artists albums today, what are y’all looking for “THE CHRONIC PT 3” it’s not gonna happen times have changed

      • ancientGOD83

        naw the hooks were wack bro..and the new rappers weren’t that dope to me…. bottom line…dre didn’t sound good…it seemed rushed…im not looking for another chronic..i just want a cool album…I know nate dogg passing hurt the album…but the features sucked to me….

  • edeck7

    I wish Dr. Dre could have in the past as well as today give the public albums every two to 3 yrs, but he knows the public is fickle and wouldn’t appreciate it, Lol

  • Wellington Cousins

    GOOGLE wellington cousins …LIAR!!!

    • hoeyuno

      You aint get your billion yet for inventing Beats in 1983!? Damn son I been rootin for you.

      • Wellington Cousins

        …ah ha haha!!! Dr Dre and Jimmy iovene are INTERTWINED with very much FRAUD and COLLUSION. The year we was at Club Glam Slam and Dr Dre was TOLD is 1990 1991 and Jimmy iovene TOLD in 2003 2004 with Dre. 1983 we was wearing GUCCI Sneakers and Tapered Jeans Made Male of Female…YOU ALL call these Skinny Jeans Today …Camera in Pocket and Cell Phone Panasonic….Yall call these Selfies Today…… …..Wanna see a photo of Dr Dre and us as Kids?…..and BILLION is not the measure….a white boy named Luke Wood and Jimmy iovene and Dr Dre received a Donation from a Apple man called a Purchase…..Beats Electronics is ICE COLD FAKE and Dr Dre imitates his Buddy EVERYDAY…and Jimmy iovene imitates our MOMENT in time with Dr Dre to create A NEW STORY …backed ONLY with CONTRACTS which are VOID of Requisite Signatures. S.M.S. Audio also for 50cent was a 2.5 Million Dollar give to Branch Off and were Awarded 17 Million for his FRAUD. Puff Daddy and WiLL I Am and Noel Lee and Steven Lamar and Brunner Pentagram Hinrichs ALL had a GOOD time….and a white boy name Luke Wood a BILLION as a said Founder of Beats Electronics. The Apple Sale is not based on Prior Sales. ALL just got running as contacted where we reach them. This is why Hip Hops said Greatest does NOT speak on The Breakfast Club.

      • hoeyuno

        “YOU ALL call these Skinny Jeans Today “…
        No skinny jeans for this guy…Lets see the photo though.

  • hoeyuno

    One thing I was happy to learn in Straight Outta Compton(if there was truth in it) was that Dre wasn’t a straight bitch and stood up for his own ass.