Kanye West Contacted Taylor Swift & Ray J About Mentioning Them On ‘T.L.O.P.’

(AllHipHop News) It appears Kanye West was looking to avoid another media firestorm like his recent feud with Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose. The Chicago rhymer mentioned both Taylor Swift and Ray J on his new album The Life Of Pablo, but Ye reportedly wanted to make sure neither artist took the lyrics as personal shots against them.

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According to TMZ, Kanye reached out to Swift to inform her that his line “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex, I made that b*tch famous” was just a joke. Apparently, the pop star understood it was all in fun and gave Kanye her blessing to release the song.

A similar situation is said to have taken place between Kanye’s camp and Ray J’s camp. Yeezy responded to Ray’s infamous 2013 song “I Hit It First” by rapping on T.L.O.P., “Me and Ray J would probably be friends if we wasn’t in love with the same b*tch. You might have hit it first, but I’m rich, though.”

TMZ also reports Kanye spoke with Ray’s sister Brandy, and he asked the R&B singer to let her brother know the lyrics were not meant to be disrespectful. A representative for Kanye also connected with Ray’s manager to double down that he was not trying to diss the reality TV personality. Ray J apparently has no hard feelings for Kanye or his wife Kim Kardashian.


Kanye has personally addressed reports he intentionally dissed Taylor Swift on his new album. See what he had to say about the backlash HERE.

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  • Sinbk Legend

    Kanye is a f@g

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  • J Burn

    Yet, Ray J still released a reply… smh

    • John Roberts

      Lol I dont blame Ray J. Hes not taylor swift like cmon why would I give the ok for u to diss me.

      • J Burn

        Apparently, Taylor Swift didn’t ok it either.

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  • The Legendary Troll

    smh Ye that aint what rap is about. speak your mind without giving a f who it offends

    • Dox

      “Hey, is it okay if I diss you in a song?”

  • DrakeDoesn’tWrite


  • Xxplosive 1

    So hip hop artist are asking for permission to diss rivals now…

    • Live Well

      Lol!!! Right!

  • N*ggas are dumb as f*ck. When Kanye was sh*tting on Taylor Swift on stage y’all motherf*ckers were the first ones to yell foul. Now y’all on this dude’s nuts again because he tried to avoid the same media storm???? Y’all n*ggas are stupid. When you have numerous businesses attached to your music, how the f*ck can you really go hard at America’s Favorite White Chick and not feel heat? Sure, Jigga and Nas went at each other. But tell me how many people Jigga is going at now that he has that sports agency? Not a motherf*ckin’ person. Half the b*tches on this thread hating are instigating White boys who harbor deep seated racist views and are mad that a brother is caked up and banging a b*tch tighter than theirs. The other half hating on Kanye flunked out of kindergarten.

    • You know what it is. We damned if we do & damned if we don’t. Black men can’t do nothing right or good enough…

      • RazaBladeKing

        I say this respectfully… are you guys really tryna make Kanye out to be a martyr for discrimination against black men right now? Look at his wife. Look at his ex-GF. Look at his obsession with breakin into the European fashion scene. This is “I don’t listen to rap cuz its too low class for my neighbors to overhear” Kanye. This is “Euro-pop Yeezus” Kanye. “Guest star of Keepin Up With the Kardashians” Kanye. He’s been runnin from his blackness for years with his actions, despite his words. And you can’t claim he’s tryin to avoid a media storm if he’s sendin out over a dozen [public] tweets. I get it. I’m a fan of T.I.; I used too cape for him religiously on this very site, until I got tired of lookin crazy tryin to defend his f*ckery. You’ll get to that point too. Yall have got the right perspective, but you’re capin for the wrong guy.

      • …but you’re capin for the wrong guy.” Wouldn’t go all there tho since I was just talking in general. But under the same breath, I ain’t argue witcha about Koonyetta since he stay putting hisself in these situations expecting us to feel sorry for him (picking & choosing when to be Black)…

      • RazaBladeKing

        And in a general sense, I’m in total agreement. The media/mainstream loves it when one of us rises up because it gives them someone new to skewer.

      • Whatever make em feel better & put $$$ in they pocket, if you ask me.

      • I hear what you’re saying and I agree with some of it. But on some of that other sh*t a part of me respectfully wants people like you to shut the f*ck up. I was always taught that there is only one time you’re allowed to be discriminating. THAT IS WHEN YOU CHOOSE WHO YOU WANNA F*CK. I don’t own Kanye. Neither do you. Do you really expect this man to f*ck chicks based on what you find acceptable? On that subject, Kanye doesn’t give a f*ck what you or I think. Nor should he. Hell, even Malcolm X banged a White b*tch. I ain’t making Kanye out to be a martyr but look through the archives of AHH. They don’t run even remotely favorable stories about dude. Sh*t, even a broken clock is right twice a day. And I’ll keep it even more 100. I don’t live in a gated community, but I have friends that do. And hell-to-the-Naw they don’t like rap music. Play that sh*t at the decibel you like and they’ll throw your ass out with the quickness. You got Millis to waste like that? I know I don’t. So why should Kanye? Hell, I can barely listen to the sh*t that passes as rap my f*cking self. So I see his perspective on that. As far as that Euro fashion sh*t, I roll with you minimally on that. Because truth be told, how many European designers are you wearing right now? Most of them can’t stand Black people but you’re steady wearing that sh*t. Hell, Nike has been playing n*ggas for years. Giving athletes small contracts with no royalties and Nike keeping billions off their name. So they got called out. And Kanye was right to do it. Why can’t a brother get up in that sh*t? Besides, he has an INTERRACIAL marriage. It doesn’t mean he should forget who he is but he can’t afford to not be inclusive. His daughter has the blood of both. Don’t get me wrong… Some of the sh*t he does, I don’t ride for that sh*t. But I am far from anti-Kanye because my parents taught me how to remove myself from my comfortable position and insert myself into another person’s shoes to understand their perspective. Hating on this cat 24/7 is dumb.

      • RazaBladeKing

        Hating on this cat 24/7 is dumb… should we scroll through the 50 Cent article archives? I damn sure skip 3 outta 4 Kanye articles due to my low tolerance for his f*ckery; we can agree that those articles generally have a negative slant, but don’t act like he doesn’t invite that kind of coverage with twitter rampages, cross-dressin, strange moves, etc. Lemme not go there, but you make some good points. I’m not clownin Kanye for the things you mentioned; I’m clownin him for those things in context of tryin to make him a respectable figurehead for what we can agree is the media and mainstream’s unfair treatment of black men. This is a guy who lives in a house full of rich white women in Beverly Hills… what can he possibly offer about issues affecting the black community? He is so far removed from it that I wonder who his real audience is. He goes out of his way to mention Austrian clothing designers that no one in the Hip Hop core audience (you know what I mean by that) has heard of or can afford; he does the same for cars, etc. And I’m not sayin he’s alone in that, but let’s stay on topic. Truth be told? I’m wearin nothin European right now; I’m in a cheap American suit, tie, and some cheap dress shoes from Penney’s cuz I’m at work; I don’t stunt for anybody, but especially not my co-workers. Assume nothing; I’m a minimalist by nature. Coincidentally, I’m cool with him callin out Nike. And I’m not as rich as Kanye, but I damn sure have enough to CHOOSE where I live, and by proxy how I live. I can play loud music, smoke trees, f*ck screamers, etc at my crib all I want; you’re tellin me a guy who constantly brags on his money bought a house where his neighbors dictate his lifestyle? The fact that you have to make this many excuses for duke should be a red flag. Lastly, he (and anybody else) can date white women exclusively all he wants, but again, I refuse to let someone like stand for black issues when he doesn’t even have or want a black household. That simple.

      • Like it or not, if your skin is dark, we are all connected. Nobody’s trying to make dude out to be a civil rights leader. Hell naw! But he’s experiencing racism just like the rest of us brothers. Just look at that Taylor Swift sh*t. And dude wasn’t even wrong for what he went on the stage and said.

        Also, Kanye lives in a house full of White women due to his choice in a mate. The tone of your message is kinda acting like he went out and said, “Hey! I wanna live in a house full of White women. F*ck Black people!” That’s over simplified. And truth be told, as much sh*t as people talk about Kim Kardashian and her ass, let Kanye break up with her and watch how many of my “brothers” will try to scoop that ass up.

        And the clothing thing, you can’t avoid wearing those racist’s threads. It’s part of the system we’re in.

        I just think people need to stop tripping on dude. When he deserves it, roast his ass. But from what I’ve seen, Wiz started sh*t, he joked about Taylor and he got permission first so as to not offend, and Ray J deserves the worst of it with his “I hit it first” bullsh*t. In my opinion, he’s been reactive at best. And ain’t nothing wrong with that in my book.

      • RazaBladeKing

        Fair enough. That was a level-headed, reasonable response. Respect. I wasn’t tryna come at this from an adversarial perspective; we agree on the conceptual issue. All I was sayin is, I was seein myself in your original post; it wasn’t long ago that I was like “Who cares if he signed Iggy; the check still cashed”; “Who cares if he co-signed Young Thug; the check still cashed”; “Who cares if he got locked up over some dumb sh*t; I bet he’ll be spittin some fire when he gets out”… by the 3rd or 4th time that last one happened, I realized that I was just bein a good fan, and findin explanations and excuses for what was, objectively, dumb sh*t. That last paragraph you wrote is the key. People do need to stop trippin on dude… but dude needs to stop givin people reasons to trip on him just the same. I’ll buy your view on the Wiz, Taylor, and especially Ray J stuff, but there’s so much more f*ckery in his portfolio… I’m guessin his fans could find “explanations” for any of it if they tried enough, feel me? And my tone (and obvious bias) might have distorted my message, so I’ll simplify it; I don’t wanna hear a dude married to a white bimbo, among other questionable choices, makin songs like “Black Skinhead”, tryin to play revolutionary, and standin as the (media-influenced) public perception of a black man, when I as a black man have to answer for that perception. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the right to. But when he does? I’m tearin that perception apart, as is my right.

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  • Q.

    Bipolar sh!t:
    “Hey, how you doing?…Umm, is it okay if I diss the sh!t out of you?…Kay, thanks. Luh you.”


    Whatever he does, whatever doesn’t never good enough.

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  • Dan Tebasco