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T.I. Is Team Beyonce!

Photo via T.I.’s Instagram

Beyoncé made headlines with her both electrifying and controversial Super Bowl halftime performance. Queen Bey delivered an energetic debut performance of her song “Formation”. With her backup dancers dressed as Black Panthers, and some pretty straightforward political lyrics, Beyonce was a force to be reckoned with on the field. Everyone didn’t take too kindly to Bey’s lyrics. Mayor Rudy Giuliani even referred to the performance as an “attack” on police. T.I. actually sides with Beyonce.

“It’s an attack on cops that attack our people. How they gon’ protest against our protest? I don’t think that Beyoncé was being malicious in any way in her demonstration, and I feel that anything that is done to demonstrate against a pure demonstration is gon’ lose in the end.”

T.I. also said,

“Everything that we’re doing as far as the Black Lives Matter movement, it is to speak out and fight against unnecessary, unlawful death of our people, by people who are supposed to be put in a position of authority to protect and serve our people. So if you are against that, then to me, that is un-American.”

Talk to ’em T.I.! Are people overreacting about Beyonce’s lyrics and performance?

  • ZUBU

    Tip is on point totally.
    Having said that Beyoncé took a risk with that move, she possibly takes a chance of being blackballed… Once you upset the power-mongers they are capable of sitting you down. I happens in Hollywood all the time to white and black actors; they set Isiah Washington down for making a gay slur about another actor. He lost his job on a hit show, and couldn’t get any work..

    • Tanman01

      They can’t sit shxt down. Beyonce is a megastar on a whole other level than Isiah Washington. She’s already wealthy with a solid fan base and can do what she wanna do at this point. Not to mention her wealthy megastar husband. Too much power.

      • ZUBU

        Brother, you have not been watching the news huh? There is going to be a huge group of protestors going to the NFL headquarters on Feb. 16th. Also former NYC mayor Rudy Guliani was making scathing remarks about how she was disrespecting all police officers. Its all over Fox News, CNN, The view every news outlet.
        Yes she has money and Jay as well, but a lot of white people were very offended by the show. The Black Panther garb, the fist held high, the signs, etc. They felt like the Super Bowl was no place for a race based statement. Also it is the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Panthers. If they want they will boycott her endorsers, and force them to fire her. Boycott venues that host her, etc.
        They can shut down anyone, they want. They shut down Bill Cosby, he had a national tour playing huge venues and they shut him down even before he was charged. Look how they shut down Mike Vick, all his endorsements, voided his contract, because of public pressure.
        In the 1940’s, 50’s, 60’s they shut down a lot of major entertainers just for being associated with communism, facts…. They build you up then shut you down if they desire….

      • Tanman01

        Yeah probably the same group protesting Janet Jackson’s breast. They’ll march in circles for a couple hours then go home and its business as usual. And lets be real nobody’s dropping beyonce endorsements over this. She generate too much revenue. At worst they’ll activate stealth mode until it blow over and once again its business as usual.

      • ZUBU

        If you think so. Yet Janet’s thing with Justin was about sex, this is deeper than that. This about race and social injustice. Its about whites being reminded of what many of them do. About blatant disperacies in our treatment. Bro you don’t watch the news, or you would have more insight.

      • BeeJayGee

        According to today’s news: “Police showed up to keep an eye on the event, the BeyHive showed up to protest the protesters, and… that’s about it. It appeared that few, if any, came to protest Beyonce’s performance, and the person who organized the rally was nowhere to be seen.” So much for outrage..

  • youngplaya

    Tip!! Preciate you cuz and I agree 100%

  • Dope

    What ”protest”? It was a show, just like any other in her career. Dress up in funny costumes, do some dance moves with backup dances, pick up the check and go home.


      They were dressed EXACTLY like the Female Black Panthers. Everything from the Leather to the Afros. They also held up the Black power fist in Numerous photos while holding signs with the Names of Black people Slain by the Police unjustifiably. It was a Peaceful, entertaining, subliminal Protest.