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‘TLOP’ Isn’t Finished: This Happened to Kanye’s Album!

(AllHipHop News) The Life of Pablo isn’t even out yet and it has caused quite the ruckus. An arousing $10 M backdoor plea from — none other than Martin Shkreli — may delay the album’s release, and even prevent the public from hearing it. Earlier today (Feb. 12), Kanye confirmed the album is not finished, this according to Twitter.

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Mr. West issued a quick update. “…added a couple of tracks…,” he wrote. As a man of his word, Kanye claims that the anticipated effort “will be out today.” At press time Kanye had not clarified where the album will be available for purchase nor the number of additional tracks

  • Q.

    **BREAKING NEWS** TLOP will be expanded to a double album, and the remaining track titles have been leaked:

    – I Sorry Taylor
    – Fvck Yall Doe
    – Waaaah!
    – FYL (Fvck Yo Life)
    – Kiss My Yeezys
    – Thongs, Leotards, Oxfords & Petticoats
    – Coons in Milan
    – Picasso Back
    – Fist in the Booty
    – Why Me Lord, Why?
    – Idol Worship
    – Thank Me Now, Fvck You Later
    – Yo Baby My Slave
    – Facts 3

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      • Q.

        Elmo, you stay on my d!ck, n!gga, you love my style, n!gga…

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      • Q.

        KWEENS!! (with the pinky out)

      • In Black America Radio

        that was funny

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        lmao…nigga put -1, -2….imma steal that one.

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    • LOL, ha ha ha ha ha LOL

  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    This is a bad sales move…………………

    • MassConglom

      At least he added more tracks, I hate when these artist be releasing these 10 track albums when you already heard 5 songs off of it already. The more tracks on your album the more room you have to fail, with 10 track LPs, if every song ain’t fire… then the album will suck.

  • NCcatsBALLhard

    Props for adding more tracks. From what I heard, it’s better than Yeezus with potential to be a solid album. If these new tracks are probably str8 bangers then he’s a genius…

  • Freedom Fighter

    What he and Adidas did with the Yeezy brand was genius. Limited release and ridiculously high prices turned it into a sort after luxury brand then he drops the prices and people flock for it. The first releases weren’t intended to sell high volume at a retail level just build the brand up. he is going to make a few hundred mill off clothing. Music is just promo to him


  • Is this promo, or does he not care and simply put it together in 2 weeks ?

    • The Wackness Vs Dope

      he doesn’t care he doesn’t even make the album you see how many people he has in the studio he calls on them to make the album and he just spits some verse q-tip prob wrote Kanye is a myth at this point he just contracts his albums out to like daft punk rick rubin or whoever and just says some outlandish shit on twitter for promo, doesn’t mean the albums are bad though.