Dee-1 Sally Mae

Dee-1 Challenges The Student Loan Crisis

Dee-1 tackles the issue facing all students in higher education! This is likely the anthem of any student trying to get out of debt. Check out “Sallie Mae Back.”

Dee-1 Sally Mae

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  • Celz

    Dope shyt.. Bars was a little superficial though.. But I’ll take some shallow shyt that isn’t about the usual trap lies..

  • Chyze

    The issue in America isn’t student loans….it’s the cost of school. Maybe the best spokesperson would be someone who actually attended an institution of higher learning…J. Cole anyone? And Sallie Mae doesn’t exist….the company is called Navient. It’s the simple things that you should research before you speak on it.

    • DunDadad

      Do YOUR research before speaking…Sallie Mae does exist (google it 😊)…Navient exist too…Navient is like an offspring of Sallie Mae..2 fully functioning companies

      • Chyze

        Homie I do this for a living. There are only 4 TIVAS that service student loans (look it up). Sallie Mae does not exist in that capacity anymore. They changed their name after they were fined for not giving military members their complete benefits. I obviously know what I’m talking about. Hbu

      • DunDadad

        My loans switched from Sallie Mae to Navient, so I’m aware of the change..all I was saying was Sallie Mae as an entity still existed; it’s not a defunct company..there’s also a website up&running that still directs you with student loans..I wasn’t really trying to get intricate with the details.

        And in Dee-1’s defense, the name change occurred, not even 2 years what if he paid his loans off before the name it was Sallie Mae to him and he really wouldn’t care about Navient..he also went to LSU in 2008..isn’t that a higher institution? Just curious #research

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      facts it takes money to make $$$$ ecucation just shouldnt co$t that much … lol @ anyone knocking sallie mae … if it wasnt for her you prob wouldnt have the $$ to go to school … but its like with anything … buying an home or even getting fronted some work in the streets … dont sign up for something you aint planning to or cant or wont payback or deal with the consequences …. SN ive been debt free since 2009 inlcuding my school loans !!!!! however my song would go more like I FINALLY PAID DIRECT LOANS BACK !!!!!! lmao 15yo loan paid it back in less than 8years … and imo it was worth it … my loan was close to 30k and ive made 10x that since graduating and still counting … #truhustla4real #checkcheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        however i suggest anything looking to borrow money to understand interest vs principle first lol … i will say my school loan forced me to learn about that one real fast ….

  • OnlyFaDaReal

    Real music!