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Beanie Sigel Returns – “Top Shotta”

Beanie Sigel is back. The hood veteran has released “Top Shotta,” his first song since being shot and losing a lung. Beanie’s former voice has been replaced by a new, more menacing tone, which is augmented by Jahlil Beats. Time will reveal what more the Broad Street Bully has in store for Hip-Hop and what sort of evolution will be represented in is music. Welcome back!

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  • THE.


  • This sh*t bangs! But….. This sh*t definitely don’t sound like Beans. Beanie is one step above The D.O.C. in terms of having an accident impact his main source of income. I don’t see dude getting that touring money any time soon. Good luck Beans. Nothing but well wishes to you. But losing a lung? You’re going to be forced to adjust more than a little bit.

  • Anthony Mason

    The loss of that lung changed his voice like getting shot in the mouth changed 50 and getting shot in the head gave Montana that slur….

  • Quintin Williams

    This shit is hot!

  • reg joe

    Sounds like he stole that from Grandmaster Caz. Listen to Caz in the Art of Rap DVD and tell me that isn’t the same song. Cmon dude.

  • Quintin Williams