Did Kobe Diss Drake, Or Was Toronto Doing Too Much?

We get it, Toronto. Drake is the top dog in Hip-Hop. WE GET IT! We have a Black president and are proud no matter what. Well, Toronto may not have a Black press, but they have Drake. And guess what? The Drake was paraded all over All-Star weekend, which so happened to go down in his hometown. Drizzy was all over the place. However…do you remember this?

Yeah, that’s what Drake said on “Stay Schemin’” from back a few years ago. Remember, Kobe had some marital issues and Drake road with Kobe…except he called his wife a B-Word. Well. That didn’t work out. Anyway, there was rumor that Kobe gave Drake the cold shoulder when he saw him over the weekend. I was told others did too. Now, it could have been any number of thing, not beef. They could have been focused on the game. Or not there for the pomp and pageantry. Or…maybe, just not messing with Drake in their field of expertise. Who knows. It just seemed weird after he paid homage to Kobe.

To see that, click here.

Drake got honored with the Key to the City of T-Dot! Respect!

Image source: http://s2.quickmeme.com/

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  • Papi Peligro

    Man ya’ll really need an allstar game story.

  • Rozay23

    I noticed when they called each player out at the all star game everyone dapped drake up except Kobe

    • rg2

      and westbrook

    • Casor_Greener

      Kobe’s wife told him “don’t funk with that cat!!” and so Kobe played him. I would have did it too.

    • Lauren

      And Russel Westbrook

  • DrakeDoesn’tWrite

    A rich cornball, is still just a cornball at the end of the day.

    • coach jenkins

      You don’t like Drake we get it. Sheesh

      • DrakeDoesn’tWrite

        Then why bother typing to me? Was I supposed to have some sort of epiphany? lol

      • Nancy Smith

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      • coach jenkins

        Cause I felt like it. Epiphany? You comment on him every article and have his name as your avi seems like we pass the Epiphany stage at this point. Wouldn’t you agree?

      • DrakeDoesn’tWrite

        LOL I bodied you. No need for further comments.

      • coach jenkins

        OK Drakelyn whatever you gotta tell yourself to make yourself feel better. Don’t see how but You bodied me. **Rolls eyes**

      • DrakeDoesn’tWrite

        Rolling eyes is a feminine mannerism…

  • Bobhope

    Kobe from philly don’t tell nobody …

    • lol

    • Boston80sbaby


  • spanky520

    whos drake 4 kobe to get all groupie over? kobe don’t need drake

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  • Misspellings, run on sentences, improper word usage….. Who the f*ck wrote this sh*t, a 5 year old?

  • Knickfan4life

    Kevin hart and drake both were getting on my damn nerves sick of looking at them at all star weekend every year.

    • TheAfroRican

      I hear you. Groupies will always be groupies.

      • therealest1

        That’s exactly what I called Drake because he’s always on the current champions’ dicks like he was with Heat when they had LeBron James until their security rightfully denied his Kike ass entry into their locker room after winning 2013 NBA Finals.

    • therealest1

      Don’t forget Chris Tucker too. Why is he at the NBA All-Star Game annually? I thought they gave tickets to current relevant stars.

  • disqus_wP9qaQP4Hv

    Shouldn’t even mention Kobe in the same realm with Drake… It’s insulting and Y’all need to stop with that crap… Kobe’s name = Grateness, One of the best of all time, achievements for days and accolades should send shivers through spine’s and Drake… simply lukewarm, oh well… i sit tight and to watch

  • Heavy325

    Tired of Drake and Kevin Hart. Did they have to be involved in every damn thing.

    • jeweliano

      Kevin always shucking and jiving smh….I thought I was the only one who peeped this

      • Heavy325

        Word but he makes you laugh so I could put up with him a lil more. Drake is just a groupie. He was killing me with the Kobe jacket.

      • jeweliano

        Sad thing is neither one of these niggas dropping off the radar anytime soon lol

    • M.DOT

      Well if the white people are gonna pay them to be in every damn thing why not be in every damn thing

    • therealest1

      Kevin Hart is basically a diminutive human mascot for the annual NBA All-Star Weekend.

      Drake is a half Canadian Kike emo dick rider who goes wherever the cameras are. He also dick rides the current championship team. Never forget his Kike ass was on Heat’s dicks, but security rightfully denied his Kike ass entry into the locker room after they won 2013 NBA Finals. He’s the light skinned equivalent of that crackhead on Menace II Society.

      And why the hell does TNT give exposure to played out, redundant ass Chris Tucker annually at NBA All-Star Weekend? He hasn’t been relevant since 2001 when Rush Hour 2 came out. Why do they even give him tickets to the events? I thought they’re reserved for current relevant stars.

  • Sean Power

    the internet make everything to a issue, man had spot light kobe it last game he was just enjoy his time he didnt even notice drake stand with the cheerleader

    • Lou Velazquez

      Nah I watched the introductions and Kobe was the only one that didn’t even look at drake everyone else dapoed him up etc Kobe just walked by him and didn’t even acknowledge that he was there

      • M.DOT

        Westbrook didn’t either

      • TrappinOutDaBando1017 _______/

        But Westbrook did acknowledge him he looked his way and nodded his head

      • Sean Power

        kobe was also the only one that had long of intro and had the night focus on him

  • xdc

    it would have been better if kobe just smacked the shit out of drake in front of his city especially if his sugar daddy norm kelly was standing next to him

  • Lauren

    Kobe just reminding Drake of the fruitcake he really is underneath all the hype lol

  • ursocalledgod


  • RespectA

    One thing Drake is not on top of Hiphop and two y’all kill me with these lame a§ he said she said $hit.

    • Mikchek

      lol what rock you been under?

      • RespectA

        I’m not under no rock nigga. He ain’t running shït or on top of shįt in hiphop. What?

  • baller187

    im black why does the artcle say proud of a black president when its been 8 years of NOTHING, he faild us terribly, OBAMAS BLACK FAILING ASS

    • Damn…. Obama is what you picked up from this story?

      Possible Fox News employee… ^^^

      • therealest1

        You can never take a guy seriously who always votes up his own shits.

      • Mikchek

        whats wrong with voting up your own shit? somebody gotta do it…might as well be you…

    • MidWestFlyest

      U act like congress didn’t block everything he tried to put thru

      • hoeyuno


    • Celz

      He must have been your first election.. Obama got plenty of fucc ups(and plenty of successes), but Bush was so bad he wasn’t fuccin up he was purposely destroying shyt. I’d rather have Obama sometimes fail at doing good than someone else succeed at destroying the country.

    • TheBlackItalian

      Look harder. Obama actually did a good job seeing as how he was left with a bullshit mess.

  • therealest1

    What was the purpose of this article except to waste our times reading it?

    “Kobe had some marital issues and Drake road with Kobe” – And look at how fucked up that sentence was! This way below remedial writer actually spelled it like the road you drive a car on instead of correctly spelling it as the verb rode.

    • Jaymat_

      Don’t you know that’s how hip-hop journalists are forced to write? Part of hip-hop culture includes incorrectly spelling songs and album covers in order to appeal to a largely illiterate fan base. That’s why you have artists named “Ludacris,” “Fabolous,” “Geto Boys,” “Xzibit,” “2 chainz” and others. I won’t even go in on all of the incorrect spelling in song titles. So, if we co-sign all of that nonsense, why get mad at journalists for following suit?

      • that dude

        Damn, never thought of it that way.

  • Jaymat_

    Drake definitely got the cold shoulder and I would have done the same thing. Sorry, but if you call my wife the “B” word and my wife is at the game with our kids, there’s no way I’m even looking in Drake’s direction on or off camera. I always hated that verse and felt like Drake crossed the line when he said it. But hey, I wasn’t in the studio with him.

    • Phillip Fuller

      Wow. Your there next to them when it all happen.

  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Kobe aint worried about Drake and Drake aint worried about Kobe.

    • mmm

      drake is a superfan on the tip of every NBA superstar on every NBA team..

      • Soulrebel1

        Dude went from trying to be in Miami heat locker room, to now at golden state court side dude worse then a female gold digger at all star weekend…

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  • Anjali Joti

    ” We have a Black president and are proud no matter what” really!? Wow wonder if your black president cares about you as much as you do about him….

  • rich

    who wrote this nonsense. madd irrelevant, Sounds like a Toronto hater

  • westbrook didn’t give him a pound either. next…

  • that dude

    Drake is corny. Plain and simple. Nobody, especially NBA players need to give him extra attention. Let them dudes play ball and you do what you do, dudes need to stop being needy.

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