Jay Electronica Dear Moleskine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cA010JeecE

Jay Electronica Takes It To Kendrick Lamar, 50 Cent

(AllHipHop News) Jay Electronica has dropped a metaphorical bomb on the night Kendrick Lamar stands to win 11 Grammys. The New Orleans-born rapper minced no words.

The first verse of “The Curse of Mayweather” is classic Jay Electronica, but verse two, he goes directly at Kendrick.

“I gave that little cockroach life and he blasted me / Niggas made all those memes and they laughed at me / Its World War 3 mother f**ker, a catastrophe / Watch the throne, my nigga, watch the throne / How you gonna compare the king to a gnome….He’s got 11 Grammy nominations / Y’all not equal, Man f**k these White people / My grandmom died at 82 scrubbing floors and niggas still running ’round begging for awards/ Is he Jedi or his he Sith / Is he Neo in The Matrix or Mr. Smith / I might be on Periscope getting pissed, talking reckless – contemplating all out war with Fif.”

On verse, three Jay carries on, but he does not name names. Some have speculated that he is also taking jabs at Drake. “Allah sent me to slap fire outta Sambo,” Jay says.

He also refer to a seemingly intoxicated Periscope viral video where he said he would slap 50 Cent.

  • SoulFul Epic

    Dear Jay Elect,
    Drop an album and STFU … BooBoo and KDot are bonafide platinum and still drop music consistently … As much as I love the exhibit series .. your rants are irrelevance like your catalogue of albums (0) … drop a fuckin album already bro!
    A Pissed Off Fan

  • Brindle

    so is this gonna be backed up with an album??? this cat kinda delusional

  • Watever

    Did he really say “Man f**k these White people”?

    Doesn’t Jay E date one of the richest white women in the world? Either drop an album or GTFOH.

    • Papi Peligro

      He lost.

      • PeoplePlease7

        To me he represents that pseudo conscious troll form of pie in the sky-ism. That pyramid architects 3rd eye chakra time traveler beam of light rambling with no schools, no wife (family unit), no farm, no gold mines, no pyramid, no album and no plan to get nothing. It’s that “the revolution is just around the corner ya’ll” technique. These antics seem weird for someone pushing 40, who knows…

      • Papi Peligro


      • Brynn Camacho

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    • Melvin Baby Boy

      You don’t have to like or love a white woman to f*ck em, just like that white slave owner didn’t like or love the black slave women they were raping/f*cking.

    • Q.

      And that’s that double-talk sh!t I DON’T LIKE. No Chief Keef! SMH

  • disqus_wP9qaQP4Hv

    Get em J…. Haaaaaaa! Don’t be getting me hyped and wait another 3 years to smack em around though. Yup! I fucks with this right here about time someone makes y’all rap.

  • Papi Peligro

    Can’t cosign the ignorance. White people like black people all come from Africa. We all shared the same religion Anamism. Racism based on color wasn’t even a thing in the dark ages. Now these 5% dudes is so ignorant they keep repeating this nonsensical BS about white people and black Asiatics. None of you Aborighini and the Aborighini don’t practice Judaism, neither do the Hindu, or the ancient African religions. THIS IGNORANCE man has got to stop. You can diss a dude. But racism towards people outside your race is wack.


    50 won’t go at him but banks a love to get this one if kdot don’t get him first

  • disqus_wP9qaQP4Hv

    Showed up to the game with no plaques like Iverson. Damn J, that’s too much for these kids to digest …… (AI is Forever respected in the ball league, Ask your fav ball player… Nahhh, Ask MJ 🙂

    • Sy

      He said…”no practice like Iverson”. Because Iverson had a press conference where he was defending himself for missing practice, and people were getting on him. When I heard J.E. say “I got the rap game screaming (AT LAST) like Etta James”, I knew he was dope*

  • The Gary Group

    Thank God! Someone making real diss records! Tired of memes and gimmicks

    • Celz

      Shyt was ass..

      • The Gary Group

        It principles my nigga…it’s principalities

      • Celz

        That’s why it was ass he violates them..

  • meanygreene

    Y’all better chill beford jay start dissin’ you.

  • Anthony Mason

    This was a good diss track and was straight up hip hop…these bars are direct and all make sense.

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      i dont care if he coming at 50 but he cant talk about no ni99a that got 5+ albums and went platinum just as many.

      What has he done other than become a bean pie muslim that probably cant even speak arabic nor taken that voyage to mecca and if he did, he was probably just trying to stunt out their at the mall. I know real muslims that would smack up and put JE in the dirt for just saying “shallah”

      • Johnny Boy


      • Anthony Mason

        He reminds me of some of my “muslim” friends who act like dogs doing the most all year and don’t follow any principles… but make sure to wait to eat at night during ramadan then eat some fried pork. Lmao!!!!

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Lollllll I got Moroccan friends out here and they be doing Ramadan faithfully but they won’t do the pork on everything

      • Anthony Mason

        Some of my friends ain’t s***. Lmao! I tell it to their face and clown them until they quit being turds out of guilt…lol!

    • as far as being a diss trac it was meh…more of a bait track to hopefully something better. no where near those bars i killed you with, ya mean? lol

      • Anthony Mason

        those bars you kicked were softer than some cashmere onsey on a baby. Lol!

        I am not downloading tidal. Kanye won’t be getting out of debt at this rate…

      • dude you now you got serves that work!!!

        im not getting tidal either.. got zero interest in kanye and his god dreams aka delusions

      • Anthony Mason

        His God visions and illusions of grandeur have turned me from a fan into someone who just wants him to get a grip.

        He is like a cult leader who is losing his sheep at a fast rate…so he is starting to lose his cool. Pretty soon he will start telling fans to take drastic measures against anyone who finds him lame…

        So he supposedly thanks God and believes in Jesus but calls himself a god and calls himself Yeezus. That is blasphemy of the highest possible degree by definition and he encourages his fans to worship him and follow all of his ideas like a religion…

        That is why I know Kanye is going down and is trying to take idiots with him…

      • Bingo!! Great comment!! couldnt have said it any better myself!! #Respect

  • Celz

    Fucc this nicca bro.. He dissin Kdot for getting white awards with a pro black message when he is one broke condom from having a seed with the real Illuminati. Foh this niccas head is so far up his ass he doesn’t know reality.. And he was shading black women on that Road to Perdition freestyle..

    • white awards tho? plenty of black artists nominated and winning.. so its not the white awards.

      • Celz

        I’m just responding I wouldn’t call it that. The Grammy’s have bias but far less than the Oscars do.

      • sparkchark

        why do you care about what WE think? it’s OUR culture WE MAKE THE RULES NOT YOU WHITEY…

      • its also my culture. what dont you understand of that? you dont make any rules. racist ass racist

      • sparkchark

        once again whitey how can i a BLACK PERSON be racist when i have no system to use to enforce my so called racism on? i would need institutions in order to be racist…i believe i asked you in a previous post what your ethnicity was and you said your irish right?

      • its because a system isnt needed to be a racist, you might want to google the defininition and learn you sumpin.




        a person who believes that a particular race is superior to another.

        synonyms: racial bigot, racialist, xenophobe, chauvinist, supremacist More



        having or showing the belief that a particular race is superior to another.

        “we are investigating complaints about racist abuse at the club”

      • sparkchark

        the people who made the definition what was their skin color? i like to look at the why instead of just pulling shit out of my ass…i live in reality i don’t base my life on definitions EUROPEANS MADE…..give me a law that said blacks could oppress whites…the date the law was made, the state said law was written up in, and also the name of the politician who was responsible in getting said law passed… see you want to dictate what racism truly is…ill give an example…i notice alot of white supremacist like to use the plight of irish people as a comparison to black people…but let me break it down for you…first and foremost there is no dispute that there were irish slaves…HOWEVER… they got to keep their culture,native language,religion, and were given rights….and if im not mistaken if an irishman was a slave he was given PAY after he was free…see here’s where the comparison ends…

        BLACK PEOPLE DID NOT GET TO KEEP THEIR CULTURE,RELIGION,LANGUAGE OR GIVEN ANY TYPE OF COMPENSATION AFTER THEY WERE FREED… furthermore in the bible (which was used to enslave them in the first place and also used as a tool to justify why they should be enslaved) if you were a slave you were supposed to labor for 7 YEARS BE FREED AND GIVEN PAY….did you get that? see that’s the difference between black slavery and WHITE SLAVERY… i hope you clam the f**k up now and stop trying to justify your bulls**t because hopefully somebody more thorough comes along and breaks your little heart into pieces with even more info on the subject…and whoever is reading this comment that knows what im talking about PLEASE EXPOUND and add on…because whitey here acts like he knows whats poppin and really don’t know s**t…see your the type of white person who probably is all buddy buddy around black people but sneak disses them behind their backs with your little pink friends…probably speak in ebonics uses slang terminology out of context and most likely tries to say you arent racist because one of your best friends is black right? lol to sum it all up…you act like you came on the slave ship with us and FORGOT YOU WERE THE ONE SAILING THE F**KING SHIP…….

      • Q.

        No need to expound, G. You ethered ol’ boy with the FACTS GUN. Body still jumpin’ on the ground, steam rising out his wounds and sh!t. LOL

        I will offer this lil’ factoid though:

        GINGER is the anagram of N!GGER…Concidence or nah? “Ginger” is the derogatory term whites use to demean red-headed Anglicans (primarily Irish and Scots). Guess where that red hair and freckles gene comes from? Indigenous melaninated people from the continent known as Africa. So yes, you’re right, fam–the Irish are our bastard sons! And Celtic/Druid knowledge and culture was brought to you by the dark-skinned Moors! #FACTS

      • he didnt either shit. he created a strawman argument that had no basis in the argument!! step ya game up Q!!!

      • Q.

        The term is “ether” not “either,” and yes, you got OBLITERATED with FACTS. You have no substantive response to him nor me. Step ya life up!!!

      • obliterated with random facts not pertaining to the argument?? Sure ok

        just like the shit you brought up about irish being the bastards of black people. every one is a descendant from africa!!. also white people have melanin!!! BOOM!! Q you just got obliterated with facts.

        #TooEasy #StepItUp

      • Q.

        LOL You’re funny. Corny replies won’t bring you back to life though. The Celt culture has a more direct connection to Original people, which is you’re the punching bag of Britain. And yes, you have traces of melanin, but you’re melanin deficient my friend, which is why you avoid the sun like vampires.

      • dude you know nothing of celt culture to determine anything.

        do you want to have a pissing match as to who is the biggest pinching bag of the world? oh you dont want that convo doe huh?? lol

        yup, no sun in ireland!! you just got ethered!! you now, using your logic.

      • Q.

        LOL You know nothing about anything to try to debate with anybody. You’re a blind man swinging in the dark. No facts, just empty banter. Goodbye, interloper! #TROLLSAGA

      • says the guy who just brought forth.. empty banter!! ironic Q, ironic!! #StepYaGameUp

      • Q.

        You’re like a chimp, aping everything his trainer does, unable to think for itself. You’re done. Now run along. #TROLLTHIRST

      • youre like a conservative republican denying all logic and science in the name of propping up ones own self just to sniff your own asshole and declare.. “This is one sniff for man, one giant sniff for mankind!” #WhiteBohlOpinionsMakeYouFeelSomeSortOfWay #FixYourself

      • Q.

        Uh huh. I see now, you’re filibustering with me to avoid replying to sparkchark. You’re scared to get THAT WORK. You have no response for that ether. LOL Cool story doe. #TROLLDIVERSIONS

      • dude at least make a point, sparchark has been exposed by me. and he stopped yappin. #GetAClue

      • Q.

        …”exposed?” When, where, how??? You can’t debate me, son. You’re not Hip-Hop. You’re an interloper. Talk to sparkchark, so you can keep getting that work. I love it! #TROLLDELUSIONS

      • he got exposed when he admitted his flaws, he admitted he is prejudiced against whites.. he admitted he made up his definition of racist, thats checkmate right there!! in fact i think you liked that very comment of his!! i replied to every thing sparchark said, and exposed his cognitive dissonance.. #QDelusions #stepYaGameUp

        hell your veiws on the jay e song are spot on.

        my views were damn near the same… said is substantially less words. jay e desperate right now.

        get ya shit together Q

      • Q.

        Incorrect. He said he was prejudiced, not racist…most people have prejudices. And? His prejudice is irrelevant to the facts he gave you. FACTS > FEELINGS He outlined what racism/white supremacy is in practical context. You failed to acknowledge his explanation, which is your problem, not mine. So, you didn’t expose anybody–his last post to you was yesterday and you haven’t responded yet. Get YOUR SH!T together, interloper. Stop typing at me and get at sparkchark. I already know you’re shook! LOL #TROLLDENIAL

      • “he admitted he is prejudiced against whites” – learn to read Q.

        plus he using hiphop as his system to act racist. hence he is a racist by his own definition. he got exposed.

        his explanation wasnt what we were talking about he added that to the argument like these corrupt politicians amend bills and add snake shit. He built that strawman up for you to feed on and get all into your feelings. get a clue.

        like i said every comment he gave got a reply.


      • Q.

        LOL See, this is the reason you get no respect. You telling me learn to read…B!tch, I know he said he was prejudiced against whites–that’s why I SAID it. You don’t know the difference between “prejudice” and “racism” but you’re trying to act like you know something. YOU DON’T KNOW SH!T. You’re done. #FACTSOVERFEELINGS #TROLLLIFE

      • you are lost. MFer i told you he said he was prejudiced and i never said he said that he was racist. lol you acted like i did. you got called out that shit.

        him being prejudice against white exposed him and everything he stands for!! being prejudiced inst a good thing bruh.Furthermore when you are prejuideced against an entire race of people.. might as well be a racist. #exposed #whiteBohlInDatAss

      • Q.

        You’re corny. You’re wasting your time replying to me. I don’t why you’re talking to me anyway…I told you, you and I have nothing to debate! Stop being a puzzy and talk your BS to sparkchark. He’s the one debating you. IDGAF #TROLLONFIRE #SHOOKONES

      • sparkchark

        and no you don’t make up the rules…hence the simple fact that this culture was made by blacks….so i think we can arrange the furniture in the house however we choose to do so…you think because since hip hop became corporate your pink ass gets to dictate what is and is not hip hop and unfortunately for you that’s just not the case…this culture is based on truth…on telling the truth..furthermore it is from the streets from the have nots, the people whom are your peers view as unworthy to participate in society…so we made up our own shit and you pink folks just had to come take that over because it “looks so cool” but here’s the beauty of hip hop….we make up the rules and trends everyday…any and everything we do IS HIP HOP….and that my friend you can never duplicate…

      • you dont make any rules. who the system was made by means nothing. America was made by whites, but you are welcome, and have the ability to accomplish anything you dream of. Welcome to the white culture started by whites. no need to thank me tho, i didnt create it.

        i dont dictate. i am from the streets fam. CMD. i bet you from the burbs.

        you didnt make shit up. you dont start any trends.

        Now thats some #Truth

      • sparkchark

        lol uh yeah WE DO…no bud americas wealth was BUILT UP BY US…you see put your pink asses at the apex of the economic pyrmaid… we gave you a culture, music, inventions, we MADE YOU WHITEY…YOU ARE OUR BASTARD KIDS we taught you things and you used it against us because you fear us…you fear our power our natural ability to create things unknowingly you have to study us just to get a blueprint …i admit you got genuis little white boys and girls but there are not that many in your racial group like you whites would like to make the world believe….we have more geniuses than you we’re at a disadvantage because we have a lack of resources…and even then we still create things from scratch…lmao but keep it coming guy because i can do this shit all day…

      • if it makes you feel better, keep telling yourself that.

        if anybody fears anyone.. its yall fearing whites.

        culture music inventions lol

        white peeps have contributed more in all of those areas.

      • sparkchark

        i noticed you never ANSWERED MY QUESTIONS…so that’s how i know your a white supremacist or a closeted one…but HISTORY shows what i say to be true…that’s why they teach it…SO IT DOESNT REPEAT ITSELF…unlike you im not braindead…i actually pride myself on learning about who and what i am…and im a proud black man….you are opposite of what i am…you stand for ignorance,chaos,stupidity, death. i stand for learning, understanding, order, and life…american blacks were CONDITIONED TO BE THE WAY THEY CURRENTLY ARE DUE TO ANTEBELLUM SLAVERY which in turned developed a serious of psychological defects imputed within us generationally this in turn created the blacks you see making a fool of themselves on a daily today…although slavery has not been discontinued we can thank that due to the prison industrial complex, the flawed educational system which is used to funnel black men and women directly into the prison system, a flawed healthcare system to keep us sick, a flawed and BIASED judicial system to railroad us into prison…which is legalized slavery…

      • see this i show i now you are racist, you classify me based on me being white. you have exposed yourself times and time again.

        its funny because you have been making a fool of yourself/ why? because a white person has an opinion about hiphop. and a white person cant possibly know anything about and be involved in hiphop.. well they can baby cakes!!

        so its even funnier that you claim to be about all these things and yet you.yourself stand for exactly what you try to pass to the buck to me on.. ignorance.

        i havent asked you any questions about who you are where you are from.. why? because idgaf. none of that is the basis for my opinions. it is for you tho. i new that from the jump when you you were ignorantly qui ing me on who i am.

        step ya game up

        but ayyy get cha feelings out. whats your address ill send you a tissue.

      • sparkchark

        no i didn’t lmao you just wanna play the victim because you have NO ARGUMENT…if im lying on ANYTHING I SAID CALL ME OUT AND TELL ME WHY…but you can’t…the reason? because it’s TRUTH…that’s where im coming from..and that my friend is where you will never be able to fit in…you can know everything there is to know about hip hop but if you don’t INCORPORATE TRUTH a TRUTH THAT EVERYBODY CAN SEE AND AGREE IS TRUTH then you have no argument to what it is your saying…so i don’t know what else to tell ya g…because you just seem upset that the rug got pulled from underneath your feet and now you can’t find something to build on and comeback with…sorry defintely not sorry…

      • dude you have been playing the victim this whole time, getting into all these different topics.. lol

        i already fit it in where you been? i do more than fit in, i run shit. seems like you dont fit in, my brotha

        seems like you trippin on that rug you tryin pull. lmfao

      • sparkchark

        you mean STOLE…and history PROVES MY ARGUMENT…

      • seems like your stealing history from Mesopotamia the Indus Valley civilization Kingdoms of Kush asksum ancient china the maya.. and so on and so on.

        step ya game up

      • Celz

        And the Grammy’s confirmed they are a white show tonight with the Kendrick snub.. TPAB is almost unanimously the best album of last year..

      • lol.. yeah among hip hop fans.. you do know america has a ton of female fans whod say taylor had the best album. and kendrick won 5 grammies and jcole was nominated for best album.

      • Celz

        Bruh hip hop fans don’t watch the Grammy’s. The people complaining are white people who aren’t primarily hip hop fans.

      • they did last night. kendric killed it!!

  • Papi Peligro

    Jay e

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      im ctfu……………… spit my pepsi out.

    • Johnny Boy


    • Victorydejeur

      This shit is beyond hilarious lmao.

    • Q.

      Hell naw! LMOA <– laughing so hard I typed that sh!t wrong LMAO!

  • spanky520

    sumone needs to stick a dick in electronicas mouth.constantly talkin shit but wheres your album after all these years of talk? Kendrick aint worried about him hes busy being successful

  • Man…. Jay Electronica is actually playing a little bit of chess here. If Drake, Kendrick or 50 comes out at him, they automatically give him instant validation in the game. But meanwhile, they all have to take him seriously. Why? Because verbally, he can damage their careers. But as far as hurting him? Jay Electronica doesn’t have millions of fans or even an album to speak of (at least not recently). And a man with nothing to lose is the scariest man on planet earth. He can go at them unrestrained without fear of corporate revenge. Meanwhile all of the aforementioned are a little hindered by their corporate sponsors. Here’s the outcome:

    1. Kendrick: He might respond if only to further solidify his credentials as a real MC who will bring it to anybody. If he wins, Jay Electronica is dead.

    2. Drake: Drake won’t say sh*t. If Drake wouldn’t engage Common or Kendrick, he won’t engage Jay Electronica. The only reason he engaged Meek is because Meek is a spitter; he absolutely is not a lyricist. Drake analyzed that and took advantage. But losing to Jay Electronica will do something no other MC has been able to do: Expose Drake’s lack of lyricism against a real MC and in doing that will force Black people to choose between a Muslim and a Jewish dude, a dark skinned brother against a light skinned brother, a lyricist against a singer, the underground against a popular mainstream artist. The whole thing has too much risk and Drake will run.

    3. 50 Cent: 50 may say a little something but he won’t really go at Jay Electronica. Why? Because anybody that knows 50 knows he’s a popularity vampire. If you don’t have fans that he can take from you, 9 times out of 10 he ain’t gonna engage you. You might see some online sh*t. But overall, 50 won’t say anything. Jay would scalp him lyrically if he did.

    • The Wackness Vs Dope

      playing chess my ass, the salt is real. 11 grammy salt cubes. this guys an idiot. never puts out music. just rants and talks about how dope he is but you listen to his album and its 20 tracks of silence. just crickets. and now he sees someone doing what he wishes he was doing and getting the props he wants and instead of working hard on his own music and competeing with it he is sweating the biggest salt tears i’ve ever seen. man i dont need a salt shaker just get this man to harlem shake around the plate of food and you will get the salt you need.

      • I don’t know dude. You’re not coming with logic on this sh*t. You’re sounding like a disgruntled fan. If you are truly a participator in the culture of hip hop, there is no way you could be so salty. Competition is good for the game. And unlike that weak ass Meek versus Canada Dry Drake bullsh*t, this one record here bodied anything either of those two cats did in their whole weak ass battle. You gotta love this sh*t if you love hip hop. Otherwise you reduce yourself to being a typical fan club member. Nobody’s saying he’s won anything. But this is hip hop. Battle or shut the f*ck up. At least that’s my opinion.

      • what? no. what is jaye even dissing kendric about? lol that he has 11 grammies? thats not a bad thing. theres nothing to diss there.

        he called him a gnome.. woh like cmon now. shit weak!!

      • Xxplosive 1

        It’s hip hop, sometimes the King got to be chin checked.

      • you dont chin check kings, you assassinate them.

        what part of that shit made you go “oh damn!!”

      • Xxplosive 1

        The fact the he actually dropped a name.

      • You might want to go have you hearing checked after today. Lol! If you listen to what he said, the reason he’s dissing Kendrick is because he feels that Kendrick played him on “Control”. That’s what the whole thing is about. White folks are just peripheral.

      • the song mentions grammies. maybe you should listen again.

      • Savimbi

        Crawl back in the hole you cAme from lil boy!!!! You already displayed a lack of knowledge in regards to this culture, remember your ” there is no real essence to hip hop ” comment ? Yea stfu your opinion doesn’t matter here!!!

      • my opinion matter as much as yours, boy

        thats must make you feel some sort of way, boy

        ahhhh.. deal with it boy

        there is no real essence to hip hop. its a melting pot. being added to every day/week/moth/year/


      • sparkchark

        ??? BUT THE FINAL SAY IS STILL THROUGH US….that’s where we disagree…in other words whitey you want control….but due to UNDERGROUND hip hop that aint gonna happen…REAL HIP HOP HEADS like myself know whats up…if krs 1 were to debate you you would be destroyed instantaneously…(security!!!!) somebody get this pink person outta here we come to this site to talk about hip hop and not POPULARITY CONTESTS…that’s what you whites wanna talk about who got this and who got that…we don’t give a shit about that… it’s about if you can rhyme or not…and dude can rhyme…you can’t relate to what he’s saying because dude is on some HIP HOP SHIT…not some dumb white boy party type shit…if that’s your cup of tea than cool..but you can’t expect everybody who really live and breathe this thing called hip hop to be on that fan club shit like homeboy said…it’s about if you can rhyme or if you can’t rhyme…and dude is a CERTIFIED MC…THAT’S WHERE DUDE IS COMING FROM AND I GET THAT…if you don’t then you just don’t but don’t try to interject some mindless bullshit to disrupt the flow of things…because i guarantee people will clash with you on that forever…now run along and go jam your little folk tunes…

      • there is no final say, there is no YOU in US. lol your opinion holds no more weight than mine,

        the underground hiphop scene has damn near the same amount of white peeps.

        if RS would debate you hed destroy you.

        see talking bout “get this pink person outta here”, you exposed yourself. you are a racist. not that i care tho, just man up and admit it already.

        what are you even talking about? who this and who got that? lol

        kendrick is a better rapper, he got the flow AND he got bars. jay e got bars, average flow with no nuance!! his cadence is boring. only MC that can pull that off is nas!! jaye is no nas!! he needs to actually put an album out and put in REAL work!! thats real shit bruh, thats real hip hop opinion. you just cant take it that a white boy know more than you!!

        step ya game up when you step to me!!

        buy ayyyyy talk more about the for-profit prison system and keep deflecting !! lmfao

      • sparkchark

        ok now we’re talking you say k dot got more bars then jay e aight i respect that but once again you can’t just come up in OUR HOUSE and act like you run shit and so what if them white boys are in the underground..how do they get hot? a black person gotta co sign em!!!! so what’s your point?

      • nah, i said kendrick got bars AND flow, see you cant keep up with this convo. you arent built for this shit. once again its not your house. its everyone, white asian arab and black.

        how they get hot? by being able to rhyme. the color of a cosig got nothing to do with anything. see you exposed your racist ass intentions once again!!

        you still trippin on that rug under ya feet!!

      • sparkchark

        but they still needed a black dude to co sign them am i right? look up eminem’s documentary and you’ll see that he needed a black person to cosign him…FACT.

      • em came up in a different time.

      • sparkchark

        and the same tactic is being used today look at that clown game beat up stitches…he has black people all in his videos…why? he needs a co sign to get hot…

      • who cares about stitches?? he wack!!! stitches ant even hot now!!

        seems lie you think black dude in video = cosighn. nah homey!!

        random black dudes ant a cosign!! your ignorance is showing again

      • sparkchark

        it is! tell me im lying… what white rapper blew up WITH JUST WHITE PEOPLE IN THE VIDEO, SONG,ARTWORK, OR EVEN THROUGH GRASSROOTS PROMOTION? name me one!!! give me one white boy who got hot off of just white people alone…which they can because whites already have an economic base to support their artist but i mean to REALLY BLOW UP they need that black co sign to get CERTIFIED… otherwise they won’t be taken serious…..

      • like i said every rapper needs a cosign. you arent saying anything!! expand you lil broad horizons my dude!! you stuck in a corner and cant see your way out!!

      • sparkchark

        hell dude even tried to beef with game (a black dude) to come up!!! lmao too easy keep trying…

      • sparkchark

        and to be specific who co signed em for him to reach the success he’s had? now mind you dude is dope and worked his ass off but my point is who put em on for him to be where he is today? a black person… case closed.

      • the fact you loo at the color tells me the ignorace inside of you.

        who cosigned macklemore??

        em’s cosign from dre brought him to the masses. why did he get that cosign? because he was great at rap!!! lol dre wasnt sitting bac like.. wait im black.. i need to cosign this!! lol

        oh and em cosigned off on obie trice.. em isnt black? did same for 50cent!! oh shit em isnt blac!! oh damn he did it for yellawolf too!! em still isnt black!!

        time for you to log off fam!!

      • sparkchark

        LMAO but em still got co signed by a black dude…and that’s how all those others managed to get helped by em…because of the BLACK DUDE WHO CO SIGNED HIM!!! keep trying im really having fun!

      • all underground rappers need cosigns from established regardless of colors. so you arent saying anything, you jjust digger that hole deeper for yourself.

      • sparkchark

        ok you’ll probably say MC serch discovered NAS right? well who co signed Serch? well he did a tactic you whites like to do called SLUMMING google that…your boy elvis and a host of other white entertainers have done that to get hot… anyways serch used to hang out with some black guys who gave him the game…so he ran with it and got successful…now i gotta admit he could have put on more white boys in the game but he keep it real and got black dudes on and even wanted to f**k up vanilla ice’s ass for faking the funk…so he FOREVER gets my respect…but he got on because he learned the game from some black dudes… so go ahead what else do you have to say?

      • stop building up a straw man up boy!!

        i made no mention of MC search!!

        every single rapper regardless of color has needed has had a cosign!! you arent saying anything!!

        like i said.. step ya game up!!

      • sparkchark

        i just did and you have yet to blow my brick house of facts down because your breath is either too weak (no facts) or you keep trying to use deflections or half truths to keep your little argument going (mud walls) lmao i came to this shit with bombs and cannons and all you got is a pea shooter…keep on going guy you might actually make a hit…im rootin for ya!!!!

      • yeah you just did build up a straw man.

      • sparkchark

        lmao still aint explained how with FACTS just deflections…you tired yet?

      • says the the stawman builder.

        explain what?/ what are you randomly talking about now!!

      • sparkchark

        and i can admit that im PREJUDICE OF white people but not racist…once again i have no system to use to enforce my so called racism upon white people..furthermore your trying to compare name calling to systematic white supremacy….and for you to call me a racist is being intellectually dishonest…

      • once again you dont need a system to be racist, fam

        but you are using the system of hiphop to try to enforce racism, so even by your very own definition you are a no good racist!! lmfao

        like i said step ya game up when you step to me!!

      • sparkchark

        your being dishonest…you need to explain HOW i am doing that…and so far you haven’t so just take your L like a man and just go about your business…because as far as i can tell NOBODY IS AGREEING WITH YOU…and you need FACTS in order to confirm your accusations..

      • says the guy calling me white supremacist ahahahahaha you talking about facts ahahahahahaha this shit too funny

      • sparkchark

        you are a white supremacist…you don’t mention anything PROGRESSIVE OR UPLIFTING TOWARDS BLACK PEOPLE SPECIFICALLY you use other ethnicites as a deflection or diversionary topic to throw the conversation off…thats how i know your a white supremacist or a closeted one….

      • lmfao i dont need to sing kumbaya up in this MFer. i dont need to pander to people. i dont need to do anything you feel i should do. hell i dont see you talking to blacks on here say in the same shit so once again your prejudiced racist ass is playing yourself.

      • sparkchark

        i didn’t say anything of that nature…i was talking about how this is OUR HOUSE and that you have no authority to say who is hip hop and who is not hip hop….and of course your not going to say or do anything progressive towards black people specifically or do anything in your power to lift them up to prominence for we are your enemy…you feel threatened by us which is why your reading this site to see what we see think feel and like….and your half right i am prejudiced but not racist…and i do try to uplift my people because they are my people…NOT YOURS…i just really wish that white people who think like you would just come out and say what they really are instead of being on some stealth shit trying to snake your way in…just come as you are man…your a white supremacist with nefarious motives because if they were good you would be saying something to your people to stop all this racism…or if your a business owner you would put black people on and help em out so they can empower themselves..BUT…you aint about that…you like seeing us f**ked up in f**ked up predicaments to entertain your sick and twisted warped view of us anyway…am i right?

      • that was the very nature of what you said.

        this isnt your house. this is every ones house. #equality

        im not here to uplift anyone. unless i was, than i would, but im here to give my opinion on the damn wea diss song ya stupid troll!! lmfao and you are a troll!! a racist bigoted prejudice troll!! mad because im not racist!! mad because i dont abide by the definitions of words you make up !!

        i feel threatened? here to see what ya think and feel? thats your paranoia getting the best of you fam. and it cracks me up!!

      • sparkchark

        lol yet you can’t disprove nothing i say which is why your pulling for something to build upon…hey dude aint my fault you can’t pull up facts…

      • sparkchark

        lol white supremacy is saying “i say what is and is not racism” that’s you…that’s what your doing to this very conversation…im telling you what it is because im a black guy im an expert on the subject due to experiencing it DAILY…i tell you my version and you tell me its not so hell i bet more than likely you agree with george zimmerman’s actions with the young man in florida right?

      • there you go again making up definitions up again lol

        you tryna to tell me about white people yet im the white person here.

        oh now i gotta pander to you about the trayvon martin incident lol

      • sparkchark

        lmao nope i can provide SEVERAL INCIDENTS THAT PROVE WHAT I SAY now the question is can you provide an incident that shows a black person mistreating a white person unfairly and getting away with it scott free?

      • so what your saying is a black person has never done anything to a white person and got away with it?? well shit let me just go walk down 6th street in CMD with my new jordans on, beats headphones on, cash in my pocket and a chip on my shoulder!! ahahahahahahahahahahaha

      • sparkchark

        oh come now you know good and well the national guard and the navy would be there in 2.5 seconds if your lilly white ass came up missing come on now…

      • dude, stay in the burbs bro. you know nothing of this life.

      • sparkchark

        actually i stay in louisiana…i stay in lafayette la to be exact…my state is the 2nd most impovershed state in the country next to mississippi….there are NO JOBS HERE most of the people with money here are WHITE the black people who have money here are kissups to the whites…they don’t have many businesses and own nothing TANGIBLE…i stay in the 9th most conservative city in america…which also happens to be RIGHT ON I-10 aka the COCAINE PIPELINE…yup stretches from cali all the way to florida and it goes right through my city….so you wanna talk about “this life” try living where i am…and see if you last a week…you’ll cry to your moms within 2 hours of being here…

      • sparkchark

        can’t use oj cuz they got his ass anyway…

      • sparkchark

        i’ve dealt with you guys for years so i know how you think…and history shows your mindset too…so hey aint my fault your race has the most f**ked up position in history…lmao that’s why you gotta keep lying so you can ABSOLVE yourselves of the shitty things you’ve done to humanity…

      • ant my damn fault for it either lmfao da fuq im lying about MFer??

        my family ant do a damn thing. hjell my family was being shitted on by other whites!! the english!! go learn you sumpin!! dont you get tired of your victimhood mentality?? shit is weak sauce!!

        i bet you steaming that taylor swift won a grammy over j cole!! get on your white supremacy bandwagon n shit!! ahahaha

      • sparkchark

        awwwww now you wanna deflect and say other whites shited on your family but like i said before you got to keep your native language you were given reparations of some kind and above all else a place within society….i already gave you the comparison…unless your actually trying to do some good for black people then you really aint down with us…sorry…and whoever your black friends are should have known better than to let you just say and do whatever around them….i bet they let you call them the n word huh? i bet a 1000 dollars thats the kind of black friends you got…they don’t know shit about themselves they be on that uncle tom shit…take up for white people and make excuses for all the f**ked up shit they’ve done throughout history… that’s you isn’t it? lol it is!

      • woh, i was given.. reparations?? when did i get that shit!! lmfao

        we werent given shit we earned that shit!! plenty of good black peeps doing the same thing!! meanwhile here you on the internet tryna to get me to speak how you want me to.. building up straw men!! gtfoh!! lmfao you are a troll!!

        i bet you are white doe. tryna cat fish debates n shit lol..

      • sparkchark

        nope im black….and yes you did get some kind of reparations…ever hear of FHA loans? hell your skin color allows you access to places my black ass will never bee allowed to go!!! ever hear of a black kid going into barney’s that upscale store in new york? well he got arrested for BUYING A 300 DOLLAR BELT ALL BECAUSE THEY THOUGHT HE COULDN’T AFFORD IT!!! sounds crazy? it is! but guess what? IT’S THE TRUTH!!!!

      • i ant get no damn loan!! keep building that straw man up bruh lol

      • sparkchark

        my point is dude…you can get one and get a cheaper rate than i ever will…that skin of yours has priviledges that you won’t speak of…why? because you would then admit to your racism….

      • ahahahaha admitting my white privilage would be admiting MY racism? ahahahaha you get dumber by the comment fam!!

      • sparkchark

        lmao if my comments are so dumb why haven’t you disproved them?

      • disprove what? the strawman arguments your trying to stick to me?? step ya game up!!

      • sparkchark

        lmao my point exactly!!!! everybody in here knows your full of it…the problem is YOU DON’T…..so go ahead make beleive you won….despite the fact your more crispy then lay’s potato chips lmfao….

      • you didnt make a point fam! what would you like me to prove? let me know!! lol

      • Celz

        I’m siding with you on this topic.. But cut that boy shyt out.. You never address another man as boy, in some contexts that word is a worse racial slur than nigg€r.

      • sparkchark

        he’s a white supremacist he knows the context of the word he’s saying towards another black person….that’s why he deflects and talks shit because he has no argument no facts and nothing to say other than foolishness and stupid shit…im just waiting for him to give up and just admit that he doesn’t know shit about hip hop…and with every response he makes to me only proves me right…lol just look at the lil convo we been having…

      • dude you talking about everything EXCEPT for hiphop!! u dumbass lol

      • The Wackness Vs Dope

        where that album at? kendrick has 2 classics, jay did one dope mixtape 10 years ago

      • Dude…. That’s not the discussion. And anyway, I addressed his weak ass output already. That being said, when Jay Electronica was on social media talking that bullsh*t, I was like you. Shut the f^ck up and drop some hot sh*t. But once he transitioned from social media to actually stepping into the battle ring, it becomes good for the culture. Talk is cheap. But any man or woman that steps into the ring willing to put their proverbial ass on the line with lyrics, they deserve to be judged on the strength of that product. I personally think this won’t be an easy battle for either Kendrick or Electronica. I would say this to you respectfully. Judge on the lyrics. Keep your personal fandom out of it. That’s the only way hip hop stays true to the roots.

      • The Wackness Vs Dope

        salty mc salt its pure salt. i mean why not say young thug is wack or future or big sean, why say the one person who was nomated for 11 grammys for his album? if your repping rap rap, and claim drake is dope who doesnt even pen his own shit and claim kendrick is wack, and walk around talking shit on youtube videos and ranting about wu-tang and other rappers when your drunk (twitter fingers), and then never ever put out music. You claim your so dope but too affraid to drop anything cos your scared. Mr stay off the swine is a junky and claims to be this monk “Jay Electronica Says Drink & Drugs Stopped Him From Focussing on Music” – read the shit here from his own mouth

        in his interview with huhmagazine – look it up

        his a bum and a junkie and a drunk and can’t put out music so he is hating on people he wishes he was, he sees who he could have been if he wasn’t so lazy and it guts like a fish to see kendrick for him.

    • PeoplePlease7

      Respectfully, I would say he’s playing Connect 4 or go fish, damn sure not chess. If this were 1996, yeah, but in 2016 people by and large could care less. A couple meme’s, interview questions, then folks move on to the next trending topic…

      CO’s impersonating drug kingpins (Officer Ricky), Men kissing men on the lips (lil wayne),
      Gangsters filing law suits (50 cent, 40 glocc) , Player’s on couple’s therapy (ghostface killer),
      thugs wearing skirts (young thug), the list goes on. Despite his issues, the brother can rhyme but those who care about lyrics and integrity are in the minority…

      • I don’t think those that care about the culture are in the minority. No. I think what you’re referring to is the corporate takeover of the game. Each person you named (outside of Ghost, but his inclusion is valid based on his participation in that show) is pretty much a sell out. But I don’t think the vast majority of those that participate in the culture don’t care. I think those that the culture has been marketed to don’t care (10 year old White girls, soccer moms, drunk ass college students). What you’re referring to is different than what I’m talking about.

  • Rapfan

    If you listen close enough I think you can actually here Kendrick laughing at how bad this was.

    • therealest1

      Isn’t it supposed to be hear?


      i dont know what brand of crack cocaine you smoke but this was some real diss track straight to the facts .

      • not really doe. he dissed kendricks success… thats flawed.

  • therealest1

    If this guy is disgruntled, should he lash out at Jay Z since he’s signed to Roc Nation and they haven’t pushed him and released an album of his after all these years?

    • Papi Peligro

      That’s his own fault

  • jacksjus

    Nice beat and flow.

  • Hakeem

    Niggas up here writing synopsis’?

  • jeweliano

    I’m Feeling this one right here Jay

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  • Brindle

    I like this dude, but he don’t take the art serious… unfortunately, they will ignore him and he’ll disappear for another 12 months… WHERE’S THE ALBUM NUTTY NICCA???????

  • MrTroyMercy

    This nigga is the laziest rapper ever. He talk shit about white people but is with a white woman. Them white boy drugs have gotten the best of dude. I use to like dude but he is too fukking lazy for… given his resources. He is a major hypocrite

    • jinn & tonic on the rocks

      Not just any white woman….a Rothschild! Lol

      • MrTroyMercy

        Trueee lmaoooo….he still a hypocrite though.

    • Silent_Partner

      I’m sure he’s not lazy, but he probably thinks that Sony and Roc Nation are here to indulge his nonsense. He doesn’t make good music, and they’re not about to put that wack shit out and take a loss. But then again, he might be lazy because I haven’t seen a mix tape from him either. Regardless, he’s wack, so it doesn’t matter.

      • The Ripper

        Dude is probably not even with Roc Nation any longer…lol

      • MrTroyMercy

        He’s dope lyrically and as a producer bit he needs to drop more music and stay off the drugs. Homie relies on features and gives fans two verses a year outside of them features. She he had a buzz, I rocked with him – but now he irritates me. DUDE IS A MAJOR HYPOCRITE. When I hear see Get In tune… I thought “,okay. That’s my one verse” and I was right until I heard this……Dude don’t care about his fans. He Won’t drop a Damn album or mix tape. Fukk him.

  • he confused.. he acting like white people dont scub floors. womp womp

    • ytgarner

      I see that line went over your head.

      • no i got it. it was naive. he think his moms scrubing floors because she black, using that to get sympathy white tryna to attack kdots success.. maybe you dont get it doe. yup!!

      • sparkchark

        he’s a white supremacist he has no credentials within the realm of hip hop…if anything ignore his mindless banter and enjoy this dope ass track cuz dude definitely got my head bobbin to the beat…anybody say something gay about what i just said the head bobbin part can go gobble up 9000 whopper dixs and die…

  • this song was made in desperation.

  • Xxplosive 1

    In the words of the great King James, “it’s about damn time”. It’s been too much hip hop goodie goodie political party networking going on the past 8yrs. We need some str8 up enta da stage lyrical gangbang to shake up the establishment…thx. Jay.

  • its a lame diss. lets just be honest

  • trilltalk1

    this shit was wack, stop hpying this shit

    • cromthelaughinggod7

      What is wack is you dissing and spelling hyping “hpying”.

      • trilltalk1

        thank you so kindly for correcting my spelling. but i was giving my opinion on the song, it is wack. the production subpar and his lyrics had some highlights, but for the most part they were average.

  • Good Dick, M.A.A.D Pussy

    This nigga begging for Kendrick to engage with him in a beef!

    Ole monkey-faced ass nigga if you don’t take yo—!


    • The Ripper

      Dude don’t want it with Kendrick!!! Watch what’s going to happen real soon!!!! K Dot gonna lyrically push this dude hairline back!!!!

      • Good Dick, M.A.A.D Pussy

        Oh yeah he can do it, but what can he say about him?!

        I don’t even think jayz talks to that Godzilla face ass boy! 😂😂😂

      • The Ripper

        K Dot gotta lyrically tighten this dude up but gotta watch out for the trap of this dropping diss records…

  • cromthelaughinggod7

    Same dumb niggas on here calling these lyrics wack hype up drake with his no bars or hype up fif. Of course he isn’t as lyrically defined as Kendrick but he has lyrics and intelligence. This was dope. Most of you corn balls are pure dick riders not hiphop heads. Hiphop heads usually are 34 years plus age and love lyrics and content not following garbage radio trend rotation. Speaking non bias again this was dope not wack. It wasn’t mind blowing but good hiphop. For the record it wasn’t a complete diss track because 50 cent didn’t make a diss track.

    • Celz

      Shyt was wack b..

    • Kylo_Len

      Whether or not this track was dope is purely objective. Personally, I thought it was ok, different strokes for different folks. Exhibit C was incredible, but I feel like Jay Elec is a hyped up prospect that never lived up to his potential on the big stage, similar to Billy Beane with the Mets. While Kendrick is on a trajectory to the hall of fame. As I mentioned before, Exhibit C was phenomenal, but then what? He disappeared for all these years, that’s a shame. During that time Kendrick put out two seminal works that will be talked about and heralded with the likes of Midnight Marauders, College Dropout, Lets Be Free…etc. On a night where Kendrick takes home 5 Grammys and gave a performance that would make any hip hop head proud, Jay Elec releases this track? To me, that’s pretty lame. I reiterate, that this is just my opinion and I respect yours. For reference, I am 34 years old and not too fond of Drake, he needs more substance in his lyrics.

  • EMZ

    I like Jay Elec. Unlike most of us he gets to return the favour when getting fucked by a Rothschild.

  • hector2133

    Same dude who was dating a white chick. Drop an album first before you talk slick.

  • WilliePapers

    Basuda. First you get old. Then you get bitter. Then you get lonely and thirsty for attention. Finally, you do some simple 5hit like this. If they ignore him for another week he’ll disappear again for another 5 years. He like a Genie in a 40z bottle who only grant ratchet wishes. Come out every few years catfishin. Foh bruh.

    • Celz

      Damn my G, real comment of the year..

    • Anthony Mason

      “Genie in a 40 oz bottle who only grant rachet wishes”

      LMAOO! That post deserves more attention than the article or the song. HILARIOUS….

      He can give you a video high out of his mind with a gold grill in ranting about everyone… but not an album…


    • Uncle Ruckus

      Man, son needs to drop a diss record on you for what you just did to him! Shit, I bet after that, Erykah love you more than she love Jay E!

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  • Johnny Boy

    Why is he so upset?

    • Silent_Partner

      Yep, because old bitter mad rapper always changes the game. He needs to concentrate on making something that sounds good to my ears and not to my eyes when I read the lyrics on paper. But people are so starve by what the corporate masters have done to hip hop that they embrace this wack shit on the opposite end of the spectrum.


    WHO is Jay Harmonica?! Never heard of this NOBODY!
    ‘Electronica’ was a fad that came & went in 1995, NEVER heard of this LAME!
    With all these GRAMMY Wins, this NOBODY couldn’t be an Uber driver for Kendrick’s third cousin….. GTFOH!!!!!!!!!

  • SwagmeansUgay

    Calculated.. win or lose, I like the competitive move he made.. reminds me of a chess game when it’s too much defense and the game is taking too long and getting boring, so you make one of them moves that forces pieces to start dropping like crazy just to speed up the action… good look, get it over wit…

  • I enjoyed it.

  • SwagmeansUgay

    Watch, before you know it, him and Kendrick gone drop a song together…. people is sleep on the strategy … you thicken the plot, bring in the climax, and then you hit them with the unexpected, it works everytime

  • RespectA


  • Live Well

    No album for the world still but you got diss records? FOH

  • The Legendary Troll

    nigga mad nobody heard his verse on control

  • Celz

    Kendrick at war as we speak fighting for the cause and this salty ass nicca mad cuz he’s not a general when he chooses not to lead.. Watch Kendrick’s Grammy performance if you haven’t yet..

    • Q.

      K.’s Grammy performance was hard AF. (PAUSE) Respect!

  • Wtfcity

    Not his best work but it was cool. Some people mad because he dissed kendrick, get out your feelings. He had something to say and he named names. JE has lyrics and most of your favorite rappers know it. I can guarantee somebody like Drake dont want it with him because he would get exposed. Kendrick does have lyrics, bust also over hyped. He can take care of his self without the lames who love pop dusty non skills having rappers cape for him. Not many of these wack trash bag rappers want it with this dude.

  • Silent_Partner

    Never got why people tried to gas this dude up. He doesn’t make good music. If your version of good music is how it looks on paper as far as bar structure, sure, but the shit doesn’t sound good.

  • Wtfcity

    Cats is salty because they dont really know real hiphop is not about how popular you are, how many strippers you smashed, or how much money you got. Not about your celebrity or who you doin commercials with. Its about skills. Your favorite trash bag rapper has none. Only a few in the game got real skills now a days. Kendric, Jcole. If you get exposed using a ghost writer that says it all.Put a quarter in your a$$ because you played yourself.

  • Nightmare

    This nigga Jay Electronica need to put up or shut up. Lol

  • Q.

    This dude aggravates me. I feel like going off, but I’ll just cut to the FACTS:

    FACT: Kendrick Lamar is the most important Hip-Hop artist RIGHT NOW. His music speaks to the people and issues relevant to Black people. He is a bona fide artist to boot. He happens to be commercially successful and lauded by the industry…Kanye West is NOT the greatest artist alive, no matter how many times he says it. Kanye is on bullsh!t 80% of the time. His superficial personal life isn’t important to the times we’re living in, but he believes it is…

    Meanwhile, Timothy Thedford bka Jay Electronica had maybe the greatest buzz of any unsigned artist in Hip-Hop history, and instead of dropping an album and making a positive impact on the culture and uplifting the youth through rhyme, what he do? He goes on hiatus for 7 years, off to the UK, canoodling with the scion of the one of the most wicked oligarchies in human history, the Rothschilds, and now he beating his chest over it? Maaaaan…WHAT?!

    FACT: In “Curse of Mayweather” he says,

    “…Fvck these white people” ………but in the next verse,

    “‘Cuz they told me that the Rothschilds rule the world/So I went over to England like a Black God and got me one”

    Wait, WHAT? Is this dude double-talking?…Is he speaking with a FORKED TONGUE? Pay attention…

    FACT: He rolls with the rap Freemasons, Jay-Z and Puffy, et al., known black devils who’ve been exploiting Black artists going on 3 DECADES. These n!ggas talk all that new-Negro Obama sh!t, but they don’t give a fvck about Black people! They’re trying to maintain the status quo (i.e., elitism/White Supremacy). Timothy Thedford is obviously a damn mason too, and he’s DOUBLE-TALKING. Look:

    “Is he Jedi or is he Sith?/ Is he Neo in the Matrix or Mr. Smith?”

    Dude is telling you what he’s doing, right there! He’s playing both sides of the checkerboard. Masons play angel and devil at the same time to manipulate the people (Republican/Democrat, Hegelian tactics, etc.). Meanwhile people who appear to be so-called enemies are kicking it behind closed doors, smoking cigars and laughing at you sheeple.

    Going at Kendrick is suspect–he’s the people’s champ right now. And Curtis isn’t even musically relevant anymore, so why is he targeting him? N!gga popping up on Periscope talking reckless with a grill in his mouth and throwing up “666” over his right eye is SUSPECT. IDK about this dude, man…This whole thing might be a stunt between he and Curtis to create a fake beef, or some kind of alley-oop for his master, Lord Jigger. Either way, none of this smells right…Plus, this comes right after the Super Bowl, where ya girl Beyonce, whose mama is also a female “mason,” pretended to be down with Black people for a day, twerking for the revolution…Man, please! Keep a vigilant eye, people. Beware these Negropean idols!

    • Celz

      Agree with most of it..

    • ancientGOD83

      Kendrick is the same as jay and puff…

      • Q.


      • ancientGOD83

        all of its fraternal…its like wrestling….good vs bad…but vince pays both sides….some liked 50, some like kanye…but it was all the same team…meek vs drake was fixed also bro…rap is commercial and people don’t realize it has been since the 80’s minus the few real independent labels….. no difference…. its like people try to put there fav mc in the “heaven” category…and the opposite in the “bad” category..but they all be at the same parties doing the same stuff…. 50 is k dot, k dot is 50..same bosses, same over marketing tactic, same result, they both dominate until they time is up….no one could touch 50 when he signed with interscope..its the same with drake, future, etc…. fake beefs to keep you interested…but they all COOL…hang out, and laugh at dumb fans who don’t know its an inside joke…. and if you cant figure that out by now…cool!!!

      • Q.

        You didn’t answer my question. First, you said Kendrick is like Jay and Puff. I asked you how…now you’re saying he’s like 50? Just because they’re both linked to Dr. Dre? That’s a non sequitur, mydude. And you pretty much repeated what I already said at the end when I said, “This whole thing might be a stunt between [Electronica] and Curtis to create a fake beef” Yeah, this shot from J-E seems manufactured, but how does beef with J-E benefit Kendrick?? You’re talking about wrestling, I’m talking about messaging… Puffy, Jay and 50 represent elitism; Kendrick’s music speaks to the people. Electronica started off repping Black consciousness, but his moves are looking suspect… Is he rocking with THE PEOPLE or the 1%?

      • ancientGOD83

        ok bro..if k dot speaks to you..turn up your headphones

      • Q.

        Who does Jay Electronica speak to?

      • ancientGOD83

        Himself….I thought he was very over rated…he out here tripping…plus my peeps at n.o. said they never heard of him

      • Q.

        “Himself”…Exactly. He’s not speaking to the youth, just being a distraction.

      • Anthony Mason

        Yeah 100% true. I have said that same s*** on here month after month but stupid niggas say I’m full of it….

        Hopefully they finally listen to you…even if they have ignored the truth I have already tried to present in the same way and many other ways I thought possible…


  • Juleo478

    like the joint exhibit c and haven’t heard anything from him since he need to sit down somewhere.

  • Gap Tooth Bruce


  • The Ripper

    Watch K Dot lyrically tighten him up!!!! Just wait… this dude think he’s the king of the rap shit!!! Put out an album and then come to the table!!!!

    • DJ7

      Doubt it seriously

      • The Ripper

        Ha!!! You seriously taking up for Jay Wimptronica. Tell your boy to drop an album…

  • Uncle Ruckus

    This feels so wrong….like a dude who waited until he was 40+ before deciding he wants to be a street n***a. Lyrically,he’s not going to be better than Kendrick. Commercially, he’s not going to out do 50. Sexually, DOC and 3000 put buns in the oven before him…..slow ass n***a (I stay hating for dumb reasons)

    • Soulrebel1

      Suspect, who comments “sexually” kill yourself and that dumbass comment…

      • Uncle Ruckus

        Okay. Bang. I’m dead lol!

      • Soulrebel1

        If you make it to heaven or hell ask.god or the devil why he or she put homosexual thoughts in your brain..

      • Uncle Ruckus

        HAHA! You’re just a loveable swell guy! I don’t know how I can possibly compete with your greater intellect. Please don’t kill my high sir lol

  • Markus

    Dope verse but wasted. Kendrick didn’t ask for any awards and I doubt he flows the way he does for the approval of white people. All this time as talented as he is and no album yet? Jay is getting weird.

  • THISIS50

    not impressed

  • What bombs ? Fk this fool.

    I really thought he was gonna leave a mark 5 years ago.

  • Omniscience

    Damn Jay… First dating the Rothschild heir and now taking shots at Kendrick, who’s better than you at this moment, at political/conscious rapping. This divide-n-conquer strategy won’t rejuvenate your career. It’ll just cause your fans from 5 years ago to question your authenticity and direction in Hip-Hop culture.

  • Omniscience

    Compare the 2 verses (Kendrick’s vs Jay’s) from Big Sean’s “Control” single and you’ll find the source of Jay Electronica’s disdain for Kendrick. SMDH…

  • He’s dissing Kendrick because he was supposed to be where Kendrick is right now. A friend of Jay Elec already put out there what happened to him, his head got too big with all of the praise & glory. I thought he was going to be the 2nd coming of a Hip Hop Messiah but instead he’s just been a guy who’s impregnated Badu, dated/dating a wealthy banker, and riding around Miami drunk. He’s a novelty item nowadays

    • DJ7

      State facts Rome…who is this “friend” that put it out there…sounds like gossip

      • You right, no gossip though it was on a hip hop DX comment section when he put out that periscope video. Believe me if you have the time to check that post you’ll see the comment I think the users name was “the invisible MC” but his sentiments really came off genuine

  • RayStantz

    Is this a late response to the control verse? Either way I’d rather hear a release date more than a on off dis track

  • Black Adam

    Decent track but damn Jay? Going at Kendrick? For what? He’s leading the conscious movement in Hip Hop right now, not you. He’s’ Luke and you out chea looking like Kylo Ren, crying and ish. Nah cant ride with Elect on this one.

  • Brynn Camacho

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  • Damany G

    Jay Elec is all over the place. He is a great emcee that has made some Dope Music but until you officially drop in album, all of this means nothing…..ZZZZZ

    • DJ7

      Why? Because you said so? Who made you the authority Damany? Majority of the cats on here crying about an album can’t process what the brotha already has out there, why keep feeding you ungrateful punks when you’re not hungry?

      • Damany G

        I am no authority but I have the credentials to have an opinion about this thing we call hip-hop music. You are only as good as your last album and he doesn’t have one. Jay elec is definitely the truth but what is this all about???. contrary to your belief, coming out with a couple of songs every year gets people plenty of time to digest. It is what is it, don’t get mad!!

  • KashIsKlay

    You have no classic bro shut the fuk up

  • Rck

    50 calls out Jay a million times – no response. Jay Elecwho calls out 50 with Jay on the track – no response…. “contemplating all out warfare with fif” – would love to see how that plays out.

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  • dbfromdc