Snoop Dogg & Ice Cube Weren’t Fans Of The Grammys

Photos via Snoop Dogg & Ice Cube’s Instagram

While the Hip Hop community could agree on being excited for Kendrick Lamar and his eleven Grammy nominations, most weren’t here for the show as a whole. Many weren’t even in attendance. Snoop Dogg posted a video saying,

“I got seats to the Grammys, but f*ck that. I sitting in my m-f*cking house watching this sh*t.”

He also posted another post with the caption,

“No need to blow smoke up my _ _ _ I’d rather blow some real smoke with my loved ones and count the 17xs I been invited with the same results. Shout out to my family that getting it in winning hosting and just showing up for the cause enjoy the festivities my green room open all night not like there’s.”

Ice Cube wasn’t here for the award show either. After presenting Kendrick Lamar with the award for for Best Rap Album, Ice Cube quickly bounced. Cube said,

“If any of y’all thought I was going to stay through that whole three hour bullsh*t, you out your batty a** mind. I’m back in the car, b*tch.”

Although the Grammy awards is the biggest night in music, many in the Hip Hop & R&B genres feel that the show is incredibly boring, and it lacks true representation for either genre. How did you feel about the show? Were you entertained?

  • Anthony Mason

    Lol! F*** all these award shows. The dudes calling the shots reward the most loyal whitewashed d*** sucking artists and few token black artists. If Kendrick got nothing for his efforts half the crowd would have gotten up and walked out.

    They would have had to lock the theatre doors like in inglorious bastards. Niggas would have been climbing over chairs like the titanic was sinking. Lmaoooo!!!!

    • Celz

      He got some token awards.. Black people aren’t surprised he didn’t win.. It’s the white fans and music publications that are flipping out..


    Shit it’s like a lot of those award shows….I don’t watch all of that bullshit don’t know 75% of the muthafuckas or their music on those shows.

  • Markus

    Since it’s an award show for all genres of music,everybody’s going to feel the same way once their category has gone by.

    • You hit the nail on the head

    • Papi Peligro

      Man I was typing that. Chrisette Michelle has a Grammy. Step ya game up. Freaking IKE Turner got a grammy the year he died. Ninja get grammy they can’t give out a grammy to every rapper that made an album that year.

    • SmittyJ

      Yeah, but Drake got a Grammy over Nas for best Hip Hop/Rap album. I’m still bugging about that shit. The Grammy’s suck. Period.

  • The show just isn’t progressive. And now it’s really starting to show.

  • The Legendary Troll

    its crappy. the voting system is all f’ed up. Kendrick did his thing but they act like no other black rap performers existed that night. wiz and drake should’ve won something

    • wiz doe??

      • RapItUp

        Probably for the see you again joint.. It was a big ass song

  • I’m hoping this trend of talking with a mouth full of food doesn’t take off.

  • Papi Peligro

    If you using Just For Men to color the gray out your hair and beard you need to restrict all TWITTERLITERING to a movie promotion or something positive.


      They have millions of fans. Most of their fans/followers are the same age as them. Just because their not Young Superstars like they once were doesn’t mean they should go jump in a hole.

      • Papi Peligro

        I’m not saying that but by this point in life complaining about your invite to the grammy’s on instagram sound soft.


        These two of the Hardest dudes in Hip-hop history. Nigga you soft.

  • Dan Tebasco

    No one cares about the Grammys… Meghan Trainor winning best new artist, lol

  • Weedras

    Reggae/Dancehall been making waves for years and they don’t even get recognized in the televised show..

    • I_AM_Houston

      in the market as a whole its so niche. way too small. i doubt it generates anywhere near what it would take to really get “noticed”

  • I_AM_Houston

    You big enough to get nominated then you making big money and got fans. That would be award enough for me. You cant control none of any of that anyway so why stress it.

  • Danno

    I thought it was extremely boring. Especially the performances!!

  • ursocalledgod

    niggaz sound mad salty to me lol if you don’t fux with the grammys like most true hip hop/ rap fans than why even mention the shyt? KIM

  • hoeyuno

    i thought Slim Jesus had that ish