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Bronchitis Or Bad Gal: What Made Rihanna Ditch The Grammy Awards?

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What does an uncontrolled outburst and crazed screeching have in common? These are cited as reasons why Rihanna actually cancelled her performance at the 58th annual Grammy Awards, this according to TMZ.

The gossip site has elicited information from different people. These insiders are connected to the show, but they weren’t physically present to witness RiRi’s supposed meltdown. Reps for the ANTI artist insist that a medical issue — bronchitis — prevented her from fulfilling her commitment.

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This is where things get interesting. During Grammy rehearsals, and two days prior at Lionel Richie’s charity event, it’s been reported that Ri’s voice was strong and crystal clear. Conflicting reports contend that it was during Grammy rehearsals that some unspecified drama went down.

Described as both “hysterical” and “screaming,” the Roc Nation Princess is said to have become so emotional that she abruptly left the venue. Overwhelmed by raging emotion Rihanna refused to even stay and watch the show.

So, with this new insider information does this bring any doubt to the bronchitis theory?

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  1. Black Jay Supreme

    So….. Bronchitis appears gradually or does it suddenly appear? As far as I know bronchitis attacks can occur at any moment. But seeing how f*cked up the Grammys were and seeing how they sh*tted on Adele this year, I would’ve found an excuse to quit too. 😂😂😂

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