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A New Version Of Friday With O’Shea, Jr. & Dad Ice Cube?

Peep this! Would you want to see a newer, younger version of “Friday” with Ice Cube’s son O’Shea Jackson, Jr.? At first, I thought it would be a good look and then I realized it would probably totally ruin the legacy. Here’s what was poppin’ on the networks….

the last friday

I think DC Young Fly was really driving this to happen. Welp…O’Shea Jackson, Jr. shot it all down.

the last friday

I don’t think it was a good idea anyway. I will say this, let there be a pathway to make money, I bet you see some minds change.

Also, if this guy ain’t down, I’m not down!

  • Chris Tucker is a must

    • and nothing less!!

      • Sean Taylor

        and you know this…maaaaannnnn.

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  • In Black America Radio

    aint deebo arrested for mortgage fraud or some ish?

    • therealest1

      He pleaded guilty. But I believe he was able to work it out where he didn’t have to serve prison time based on no prior criminal history on his end.

      • In Black America Radio

        i was listening to the roll out show and the comedian speedy side way said he was locked up. then Deebo did kinda say he was leaving it up to god and this was in 2016………..but if he aint do no time then i have to question the snitching rumor

  • Executive

    Thank god, I’d rather see the regular cast and Oshea Jr not that other dude.

  • Dope

    A Friday movie in which we follow Ice Cube’s character in a role of dad wouldn’t ruin any legacy. These are not some hollywood classics, but not bad either, just some nice movies to watch on a lazy sunday afternoon. Anyway, showing growth and change, the difference between the nineties when Cube did it, and nowdays when his son is the new generation would make for a good enough setup for this movie.

    • chippc

      Awready! Folks act like these movies are some sort of Shakespearean masterpieces.. Know damn well, that if Cube gets a decent cast and script, they either gonna be at the theatre w/they old lady on opening day, catching it it on Netflix, or bootlegging it. Either way, they gonna wanna see it.

      Edit: As long as it ain’t Belly 2 type bad!!!

  • stephen

    Think it would make a good sitcom rather than a movie…….get to see ice cube playing the father role for some episodes would be cool….and get a chance to warm up to dcyoungfly…..

    • stephen

      or a showtime/hbo series since they gon be smoking…..

  • RayStantz

    That would make absolutely no sense. We gonna just flash forward in time with Cube having a grown ass son and still being harassed by Dibo?

  • TheAfroRican

    Please no!

  • therealest1

    They need to stop with this franchise while they’re far behind. The first one is a classic, but they had to go with the overkill of 2 sequels.

    I just don’t think people will want to see another sequel of redundancy almost 21 years after the first one. All the people who reprise their roles will basically be into the same shits and ordeals. Do we really want to see Deebo terrorizing the neighborhood after over 20 years?