Sway In The Morning, Fetty Wap

Could A Fetty Wap & Kodak Black Collaboration Be On The Way?

Apparently Fetty Wap is a Kodak Black fan. He posted a video of him and @DJBigl4eva dabbin’ and ad libbing it up to Kodak’s “Like Dat.” Perhaps Fetty Wap and Kodak Black will collaborate in the near future? Would you be interested in seeing this collaboration happen? How do you feel about Kodak Black’s music?

  • ursocalledgod

    LMAO I see this got a lot of comments. yet this is the dude that had 2 of the top songs in the country last year. smh fuccing TRASH! that whole camp. I don’t even know who the other dude is.


    Don’t listen to Kodak Black, but the one eyed MC need to stack all the bread he can, 4-5 BM ‘s to be smfh.