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Guess What Rapper Spent $1.1 Million On Uber?

Have you ever thought your Uber receipts were extremely high? Well, they can’t possibly be as high as Wale’s! Wale claims he spent $1.1 million on Uber. Wale… ummmm where were you going? At this point we are sure it would be cheaper to hire your own driver. When asked how he spent so much on the popular car service, Wale said,

“Goin to @FrencHMonTanA crib and stayin for dumb long while the meter was on a few times.”

If Wale is using Uber that much, he may want to negotiate some kind of deal with ’em.

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  • josh

    The devil? You tell a cab to wait outside and you’ll be out do you expect them to turn the meter off?

  • EniggaMA

    How bout let em go and call em back. Damn that stupid

  • Da fuk?! You know what Wale? Maybe you need to analyze your lifestyle. It seems to me you should try to figure out why your Nigerian American ass has been a part of one of the fakest clicks in recent memory. I guess you’re trying to extract yourself from that situation. But judging from those Uber receipts, you might be lost in the logic department.

    • Nah, he’s just faking like he spent $1.1 mil.

  • jacksjus

    I’m certain that this is a joke. That would be wasteful even if he had billions in the bank.

  • Freedom Fighter

    You gotta be plain old stupid to spend a mill on a car service, and Wale isn’t stupid. Paid endorsement for Lyft , ubers new competitor.

    • Agreed, Wale is a clued up guy and from what I know he’s well versed when it comes to his finances too.

  • Celz

    You spent 1.1 million to chill with a nicca? No pu$$y, no money, no business, not seeing your kids?

    Dude is lying. That’s over $3000 a day.. No way that’s possible..

  • SimonSays

    Damn… if that shit real he could’ve just asked me. I would have done it for half. Lol


    Waste of money but its his shit….It’s your life nigga I can’t be mad.

  • ZUBU

    Wale got an album coming out? Cause ain’t no way he spent that much… I call BS!

    • JerZeBoy


  • Jared

    My guess is the rapper that I clicked on.

  • dbfromdc


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  • ebonyhud

    OMERGERD! You spent 1.1 million on Uber. You are soooooooo rich!

    Anyway Uber is better than a taxi…he might want to think about getting a driver though. I’m sure you could get a traveling one for less that 1.1 million a year

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