Stephen Colbert Clowns Kanye West’s Plea For $1 Billion From Mark Zuckerberg (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) The Late Show host Stephen Colbert wants the world to lend a hand to Kanye West. Colbert did a comedic bit on his late night program which called on people to help Kanye overcome his reported $53 million debt and finance his visionary inventions.

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Kanye went on a Twitter spree recently that included the superstar Hip Hop artist asking Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Google co-founder Larry Page to donate $1 billion to fund his creative ideas. Colbert used his show to joke about Ye’s plans such as a “7 Screen Movie Experience” and “Emoticon Auto Correct.”

Colbert also clowned several of Kanye’s tweets. One message from the G.O.O.D. Music leader read, “Ima fix wolves.” The post was most likely about the track “Wolves” off The Life Of Pablo album, but that did not stop Colbert from calling on the audience to help Kanye upgrade actual wolves.

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Watch the clip from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert below.

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  • Q.

    When you have no education, and no knowledge, you shouldn’t be opening your mouth in public. I couldn’t really laugh at this roast, because it just highlights how pathetically naive Kanye is with his thinking. No research, no focus, just ego. How’re you going to save the world through superficiality and needless product?
    If you want to be involved with innovative industries, holler at Nas. He’s a billionaire in the making, via angel investments in a broad range of markets, quietly making power moves, sans b!tchazzness.

    And if we’re talking about making profit while improving the world, then there are a number of worthwhile ventures he could direct capital toward: clean water, clean air, clean energy, zero energy, recycling, indoor farming, waste reduction/cleanup are the wave of the future and are NECESSARY TO SOCIETY. This is what the big money people are doing.

    • disqus_wP9qaQP4Hv

      I do agree wit yah but Nasty Nas is a little too private for his name and ventures to be used on bloggs brat. real go getters and killa’s move in silence.. Let hush on Nas moves pls.

      • Q.

        Shoo, troll.

      • Spijo




    • jacksjus

      You Don’t Have The Answers Q. Lol!

      • Q.

        Give us your answers.

      • jacksjus

        That clearly went over your head.

      • Q.

        Did it?

      • jacksjus

        Yes. Hopefully you’ll figure it out because your concern took the fun out of it.

      • Q.

        I got it the first time. Unconcerned though.

      • Bro, he’s quoting one of kanye’s ridiculous / hilarious quotes on sway in the morning. It’s all in jest bro.

        ( Google ” You aint got the answers sway”) LOL

      • Q.

        Yeah, I knew that. I thought he was trying to be a smartazz though.

      • How Q?

        you ain’t got the answer Q,
        you ain’t got the answers Q.

        I’ve been doing this more than you. LOL

      • LOL, ha ah ha ha ha, LOL

      • jacksjus

        At least you got it. Lol!

  • Markus

    It’s the equivalent of putting a bullseye on his chest every time he talks and tweets. He makes himself fair game to the various media outlets to get at him for his vague outlandish speeches and rants and the music hasn’t equaled the level of genius he tells you he’s on. Take a vacation.

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  • Chris

    Damn. He clowned the sh*t out of Kanye, and rightfully so. Kanye’s whole existence right now is cringeworthy. He’s collecting diamond-encrusted “Ls” these days. ‘Ye might need to go on a 2 to 3-year sabbatical and get his mind right. Smh.

    • Anthony Mason

      I find it hard to listen to a guy who just reeks of frailty. Kanye has fallen all the way off…

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